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Bud and Gabby de Anne Davis
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Bud and Gabby (edició 2006)

de Anne Davis

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253747,709 (3.8)No n'hi ha cap
Bud the cat becomes very worried when his feline friend Gabby gets sick and finds a special way to show his friendship when she returns from a visit to the veterinarian.
No n'hi ha cap
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Primary school age, Bud and Gabby are best friends but Gabby has to go to the vet and Bud misses his friend and shows Gabby how much he loves her when she comes back the next day, This would be a strong book in the classroom when you possibly notice friendship strains with your class. ( )
  Gabi154 | Feb 1, 2021 |
This is a modern fantasy book. The book is about a pair of cats that are best friends. Bud and Gabby do everything together, like play, nap, watch TV, and knit! One day Gabby gets sick and has to go to the vet. Bud is sad now because he has nothing to do without his friend and is lonely. Gabby is gone for a long time but then finally returns and Bud has found a new appreciation for Gabby. ( )
  kfrost32 | Mar 27, 2015 |
Bud and Gabby are best friends - two cats who share the same home, although not, unfortunately, the same comfy chair, which bossy Bud keeps for himself. But otherwise, these two felines are inseparable: they groom together, nap together, read together - they even knit together! When Gabby falls ill, and is taken away in a box (cat carrier), Bud misses his little friend terribly, recalling her many good qualities. Will he ever see her again...?

Simple, straightforward prose, and colorful, humorous illustrations, make this an endearing little book, ideal for young cat-lovers. I can't honestly say it's one of the most brilliant picture-books I've stumbled across of late, but as someone who has lived with more than one cat at a time, I was genuinely touched by this tale of feline friendship. I was particularly reminded of my sister's cats, Lucifer and Sweetpea, and when the narrative reached the point at which Gabby is removed from the home, I started to tear up, recalling Lucifer's death earlier this month. Anyone who has known a cat "couple," knows that the loss of one deeply effects the other - something Davis has really captured with her sweet story. I'm just glad Bud and Gabby had a happy ending, otherwise, given my current state, I'd probably have been bawling right there on the train, as I read it. ( )
  AbigailAdams26 | Jul 22, 2013 |
Es mostren totes 3
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No n'hi ha cap

Bud the cat becomes very worried when his feline friend Gabby gets sick and finds a special way to show his friendship when she returns from a visit to the veterinarian.

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