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A Place in His Heart: A Novel (The Southold…
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A Place in His Heart: A Novel (The Southold Chronicles) (Volume 1) (edició 2014)

de Rebecca DeMarino (Autor)

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Fiction. Romance. Christian Fiction. Historical Fiction. Early American history comes to life in this epic love story of a heartbroken widower and the woman determined to win his heart.
Títol:A Place in His Heart: A Novel (The Southold Chronicles) (Volume 1)
Autors:Rebecca DeMarino (Autor)
Informació:Revell (2014), 336 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

A Place in His Heart: A Novel (The Southold Chronicles) (Volume 1) de Rebecca DeMarino

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I've got to confess, Colonial America is not my favourite setting. I just find it hard to get on with and identify with, its not really my favourite period either. To be honest, I've yet to find a book set in this time that has been really immersive.
It was interesting that this book was based on the author's family history, who included some of the earliest settlers on Long Island. I do appreciate stories about real people and their real lives. In that regard, it was not a bad book, and it was in interesting story. It just lagged a bit towards the end.

Some of the historical details were also interesting, such as the interactions with Native Americans, and the the practices and customs that crossed between the cultures.

Personally, I did not find Barnabas convincing as a 17th century puritan. I don't hold to the incorrect view that they were all dour, miserable and solemn, but I think Barnabas seemed to be lacking in real convictions.
All he does is complain about the oppression of the wicked government in the manner one might hear about in a schoolroom- but he does not hold to many of the ideas common to puritanism. Indeed, his ideas are very modern and accomodating.

The langauge is also that strange, eclectic mixture of Archaic and modern American English with 'Prithee' used alongside terms like the modern American 'Bakeshop'- British people would not usually call it that. We would say Bakery, or Baker's shop.

Overall this was a good read, and since I have the third book as a review copy I will read it. For the reader interested in the period of the American founding fathers, and speculative fiction on what the lives of the women of the time would have been like, its a good choice

( )
  Medievalgirl | Oct 4, 2016 |
This book finds a place in your heart! Mary Langton, the main character will take you through every emotion possible. Facing an unbearable marriage to a childhood friend Mary is torn apart. How can she avoid this inevitable tragedy? With her mother gone, she has no allies. She desires love, true love. Will Barnabas Horton be the man of her dreams? What develops over the pages keeps one glued to discover Mary's reality. Her trust in God keeps her hoping and longing. Her eventual marriage reminds me of the way Leah in the Bible must have felt as she watched Jacob grieve Rebecca. As the account moves to the New World I really enjoyed how they made their way in a new colony learning how to live off the land from the Indians. Another move causes them to start all over again. Her new friendships add a deep dimension there yet she still misses the true love she lacks. The way Rebecca DeMarino writes this story each character comes to life . Her words compel you to keep reading until the end. Mary is my favorite and I long with her in her hope for true love. This read has much to offer and I highly recommend it. ( )
  sh2rose | Sep 6, 2016 |
Mending a Broken Heart

A Place in His Heart is a very good read. It is set in the 1600's, which is a time period I have not often read much about. The story begins in England. Mary Langton is seeking love. Barnabas Horton, a Puritan, is living each day with the memory of a love tragically lost. He is a baker whose wife died, leaving him to raise two sons alone.

Barnabas realizes that his sons need a mother, yet he can't love another as long as he carries the pain of losing the love of his life. Mary Langton visits the bakery with her sister, sees Barnabas, and senses that this is the man she must marry. Her father is not pleased, as he has another man in mind for Mary. Barnabas is attracted to Mary and begins to court her. He also longs to travel to America...a dream which he keeps from Mary until after they are married. Mary is heartbroken over leaving her family and following her husband to the new world, but she is devoted to Barnabas and his children, so she crosses the ocean, leaving her father and sister behind.

As Mary and Barnabas journey to a new life together, Mary realizes that Barnabas is so heartbroken over the death of his first wife that he cannot truly love her. Two hears which are broken struggle to find love. The couple faces many difficult times and many tests of faith in America. Will Barnabas ever be able to leave the past behind? Will Mary remain by his side, or will his lack of love drive her away?

I truly enjoyed this book and kept turning the pages to find out how the story would end. Rebecca DeMarino has written a very touching novel, Book One of The Southold Chronicles. After reading A Place in His Heart, I am looking forward to Book Two. I highly recommend this novel.

I received a review copy of the book from the publisher, through The Book Club Network ( in exchange for my honest review. ( )
  PamelaJo | Jul 19, 2014 |
Those who love novels by Lauraine Snelling and Debbie Macomber will adore this charming new debut author. A story of normal day to day happenings from the towns of England to Long Shore in New England this kept me enthralled even when she wrote about what they served at the elaborate feasts. Most women will be able to relate quite well to Mary, full of doubts and second guesses both in relationships and in her labours, while what we learn of Anne made me thankful that Mary was more like me! And though I wanted to dislike Barnabas I grew fond of him long before the end of the story. Both the hero and heroine have enough flaws and make mistakes that we often see in,ourselves, but as both learn more about each other we can see how they change. All characters were very well developed and true to the character the author gave them. This book will keep you reading into the night just to see what happens next. A Place in His Heart is not a thriller or suspense, but written in such a way to keep you turning pages.

I received this book free from Emily at Graf-Martins through their Nuts about Books program in exchange for an honest review. A positive critique was not required. The opinions stated are my own. ( )
  mbarkman | Jun 30, 2014 |
A PLACE IN HIS HEART by Rebecca DeMarino is a wonderful inspirational Historical Romance set in 1630 London and Long Island. A debut for this author. #1 in "The Southold Chronicles" and what a beginning.

"Based on the author's ancestors, who came to Long Island in the mid 1600's to establish a life and a legacy in the New World". To learn on this visit her website.

Follow, Anglican Mary Langton and Barnabas Horton, as they embark on a journey that will test their faith and love. Mary is left at the altar, disgraced and disheartened. Barnabas, a Puritan widower, and father of two young sons, embark on a leap of faith and marry. But when Mary learns her new husband plans to take them across the sea to the New World to escape persecution, her life is turned upside down. For she will be leaving her beloved father and sister and all she has known.

With secrets, faith, hope, and a wish to heal a broken heart, Barnabas and Mary embark to a New World, in more ways than one. Ms. DeMarino is an author to watch for in the future. Well written story of love, trust, secrets and faith. From England to Long Island, the characters are strong, faced challenges head on, to leave behind a legacy. This story spans over a few years. A compelling story of romance,and love, that weaves an old and new world together and love thrives. An enjoyable read! I can hardly wait for the next installment in this interesting series.
Received for an honest review from the publisher.

*Coming in June from Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group*

Rating: 4

Heat Rating: Sweet

Reviewed By: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More ( )
  MyBookAddiction | Jun 18, 2014 |
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Fiction. Romance. Christian Fiction. Historical Fiction. Early American history comes to life in this epic love story of a heartbroken widower and the woman determined to win his heart.

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