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Forever with You (2014)

de Laurelin Paige

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1178179,122 (4.21)2
Alayna's relationship with Hudson is tested when he keeps secrets from her. When she finally learns the truth, the results are devastating.
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3.5 stars ( )
  mitabird | Jun 10, 2018 |
I really liked this series a lot. This last book did not disappoint. I couldn't put it down. Alyana was very much insecure in this book and I was getting tired of it, but her past had a lot to do with how she was acting. I especially liked Hudson's character. I liked that he stayed true to his personality and his changes were big but not over done. I look forward to reading more books from this author. ( )
  Hanneri | Oct 1, 2017 |
Oh my goodness, we finally got some resolution to the weird beginning of this series! I was really starting to think that it was just going to be the singular dropped plot-line of the series but Ms. Paige circled us all the way back again and brought it home! Seriously, I was happy to see that the entire series was solid writing and not just the last two books.

But in other news, Hudson screwed up big time and was forgiven way too quickly considering what he had done. I felt like he probably needed to grovel a bit more, and that presents weren't the way to do it. But I didn't have a major problem with the way it turned out. Laynie is still working through her issues, and even fell off the wagon for a moment, but worked through it. She is one of my favorite characters I've read in a while.

The epilogue was great. It gave some insight into Hudson that was lacking since Laynie is the only perspective you see throughout the series. I especially liked how realistic it was about their relationship after he proposed. They still have issues to work through, and it didn't stop just because of that. Good to see, because a fairy tale ending was not in the cards for these two.

I really liked this series, and am looking forward to reading more from this author. I might even read the "Hudson" POV book since I think that would round out understanding some of his actions. ( )
  GoldenDarter | Sep 15, 2016 |
So I had to wait just a week for this book and my fingernails were grateful it wasn't longer.

I'd loved the series thus far but as will all trilogies the concern is always there that book 3 is just on step too far - not the case with this one.

It continues where book 2 left off and the newly formed relationship between Hudson and Laynie. Laynie suffers from what a lot of people suffer from in that she's paranoid that he's not what he seems and he kind of plays to that by being a tad sneaky and shady at time.

There were times in this book where I felt sure tissues would be required, I felt the need to give Hudson a shake and say get a grip and also times when I wanted to do the same with Laynie and say don't keep pushing because you'll lose! I also cheered when she let out her inner ninja!

I loved the surrounding characters, Jack intrigues me, Mira and Liesl are the best friends us girls should have. I really hope we find out more about these characters with maybe a little continuing insight into Hudson and Laynie. BTW he just gets more precious... distressed jeans and a t-shirt oh my yum!

I have only one complaint about this book and that the last two words because this can't be the end!

If you loved book one and two don't forego book three, Laurelin Paige has definitely not let us down with this one! ( )
  VictoriaJ1707 | Jul 2, 2016 |
4 stars

This was my face the moment I found out the man I had been crushing on for two books was a lying a-hole!

Damn you, Hudson! I never say it coming but in retrospect it was inevitable! I was crushed for both him and Alayna!

My favorite thing about this series was the fact that both people had issues. The ones that can't be completely cured with counselling and medication. The ugly urges buried deep into the subconscious of all of us. The tendencies to stalk and obsess, although most of us stop ourselves before we ever go through with it. Hudson and Alayna don't because they can't. They know this about each other and there is something comforting about being with someone who understands you and accepts you. Hell, Hudson likes it when Alayna stalks and obsesses over him. Don't we all? Just a tiny bit?

"Meanwhile, you should know that I hate you a little."
"You do not. You love me."
I shrugged. "Same thing."
Alayna speaking to Hudson.

Oh, yes there is a thin line between love and hate. There is even a thinner line between love and obsession. I found myself wanting Alayna to stop obsessing but at the same time agreeing with her! Her mind would travel to dangerous places but damn if I couldn't fault a lot of her feelings. Now would I have gotten on to a crowded elevator at Hudson's office building with the strategy of not pushing the button and deciding that if the elevator lands on his floor it was meant to be. And because I was feeling insecure about our relationship and couldn't stay away from him I keep riding it for while until it actually does go to his floor. No but I understand why. Also, would I have gone to his apartment and snooped around, rolled on his bed, smelled his pillows and body wash because this time we were broken up and I missed him. No but I can understand the urge. What separates me from her is that I would have stopped myself. She knew it was wrong but she didn't care enough to stop. The urge to go was stronger.

A really entertaining story that all somehow worked out in the end. Two imperfect people merging their issues and sharing some of the hottest sex I've read in a while! Whew!

Favorite line:
"Have you thought about children of your own?"
"I'd probably fuck them up."
"Would you like to fuck them up with me?"
"Yes. I'd love too."
Hudson speaking to Alayna.

And that sounds like another trilogy waiting to happen in twenty years! LOL! Good series although book 3 was a bit slow at first. Overall, I'm a fan and can't wait for the spin off with Gwen! ( )
  GwendolynGrace | Jul 15, 2015 |
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Alayna's relationship with Hudson is tested when he keeps secrets from her. When she finally learns the truth, the results are devastating.

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