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The Dragon Queen (The Dragon #2) de William…
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The Dragon Queen (The Dragon #2) (edició 2018)

de William Andrews

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13712159,796 (4.25)3
During World War II the Japanese forced 200,000 young Korean women to be sex slaves or "comfort women" for their soldiers. This is one woman's riveting story of strength, courage and promises kept.
Títol:The Dragon Queen (The Dragon #2)
Autors:William Andrews
Informació:Lake Union Publishing, Kindle Edition, 316 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

Daughters of the Dragon de William Andrews

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Gone With The Kimchi. This book has the depth and emotion of Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind, but it is set beginning in 1930s Korea and continuing through the major events of the Korean people from then to now. Never overly graphic, yet conveying the appropriate gravitas regardless, this book highlights so many of the horrors of the Imperial Japanese government during this period - and how being a part of it came to haunt one (fictional) man. Ultimately a story of undying love and an undying belief that we are all truly one people, this is a book that cannot be missed. And if you happen to read Jeremy Robinson's Island 731 before or after, you'll have an even better sense of the true tragedy conveyed in this tale. Very much recommended. ( )
  BookAnonJeff | Jul 11, 2021 |
Twenty years ago, Anna was born in Korea and adopted by an American couple. Upon the death of her adoptive mother, Anna travels to Korea to meet her birth mother. Instead, she meets her maternal grandmother, who tells Anna her own difficult story as well as the story of Anna's birth mother's life and death.

When the book starts, Anna is the narrator, and she speaks to the audience in a young, conversational tone. Then the flashback begins, and the past is revealed through Anna's grandmother's voice, which gives the writing a smoother, more formal tone that made it easier for me to lose myself in the story.

This isn't a book for the faint of heart. These girls were called "comfort women"--a euphemism for sex slaves, and they suffered horribly at the hands of their captors. I felt my stomach knot up at times, and I wanted to reach into the book and pull them out of their pain. However, I do think the author was a bit heavy-handed at times when it just wasn't necessary to be that detailed. Truly, though, it's amazing how cruel humans can be, but also what humans can survive, as well.

At any rate, if you're looking for a book that's going to make you feel strong emotions, Daughters of the Dragon definitely will. This is a terrible piece of history being repeated right now in lands under ISIS control, and as hard as it to read about, it must be unimaginable to survive. Rape is still a weapon of war. I guess, no matter how terrible they are, some things never change. ( )
  MadMaudie | Sep 5, 2020 |
I quite liked this. The subject was horrible (of course), and some of the story was... questionable (I wasn't keen on the whole comb idea and how it played out). It was better than I expected considering it's written by a man with no personal experience. This isn't a subject I know a huge amount about, but this made me determined to watch the 2016 documentary "The Apology" - I had planned to, but hadn't had the courage to start it.

This book made me angry, at America and Japan. It made me furious on behalf of those women, abused and discarded, forced to hide their past as if they did something shameful.

I got it free on kindle, and I probably won't read it again. I don't think this is The Book you need to read to get to grips with what the Japanese did to these women, but it's not a bad place to start (fairly easy read aside from the actual events depicted). Overall I'd probably say it's worthy (in what it's trying to achieve) but not compelling. ( )
  RFellows | Apr 29, 2020 |
This is a wonderful book. I recommend it to anyone who isn't going to be triggered or upset by a story containing violence against women. ( )
  LittleMummyMe | Apr 3, 2018 |
I loved this historical fiction tale about the Korean comfort women of WWII. It was heartbreaking, but I learned a lot. The characters were ones I cared about, and so I would recommend this for anyone interested in a tale about a strong woman. That said, be warned - it is not easy to read about rape and abuse, which did take place, and continues to take place in conflict zones. So if they are triggers, you might not want to read this book. ( )
  ptkpepe98 | Mar 19, 2018 |
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During World War II the Japanese forced 200,000 young Korean women to be sex slaves or "comfort women" for their soldiers. This is one woman's riveting story of strength, courage and promises kept.

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