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Dog Days of School de Kelly DiPucchio
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Dog Days of School (edició 2015)

de Kelly DiPucchio (Autor)

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955227,280 (3.95)No n'hi ha cap
Tired of school, Charlie envies his dog and wishes he could be a dog, too, but when his wish comes true he discovers that his life was not all bad.
Títol:Dog Days of School
Autors:Kelly DiPucchio (Autor)
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Detalls de l'obra

Dog Days of School de Kelly DiPucchio

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No hi ha cap discussió a Converses sobre aquesta obra.

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It's the story of Norman and Charlie... or is that Charlie and Norman? Hmm... well, it's the story of a boy wishing to be a dog and a dog being granted the chance of a lifetime. Why be a dog? Because... they have it SO GOOD and there's none of that school or hygiene or chore nonsense to worry about. Just long days to wile away with nothing to do, nothing to do... NOTHING TO DO. Charlie learns rather quickly that while careful and unattached can be fun in the present, in the long run... it's much better to be a boy.

Sort of a Freaky Friday for the kiddo set (or the young at heart!) with charming illustrations to draw a smile or a laugh. The added stickers will please little ones... though I was a bit off put by the toilet lapping one ... BLECH! ( )
  GRgenius | Sep 15, 2019 |
When Charlie, a young boy who doesn't relish the idea of going to school Monday morning, wishes he were a dog one Sunday night, he wakes up curled up on his pet pooch Norman's bed, and finds that he has switched places with his canine companion. While Norman goes to school in Charlie's place, learning lots of new things in the process, Charlie has an unexpectedly challenging week as a dog, finding that it isn't all naps and relaxation. Grooming time is especially irksome...

Although I wouldn't describe Dog Days of School as a picture-book destined to become one of my favorites, I do think it will prove very entertaining for the target audience, who will find the boy/dog switch quite amusing. I thought it was interesting that illustrator Brian Biggs, creator of the Tinyville picture and board-book series, chose to keep Charlie and Norman in their own bodies, visually speaking, even though they have switched places in the story. I guess we are meant to understand that although they have switched roles, they have not switched bodies? However that may be, although not particularly to my taste, the colorful, cartoon-style artwork emphasizes the humor of Kelly DiPucchio's tale. Recommended to younger children who enjoy silly humor, or who wonder what life would be like if they could switch places with their pet. ( )
  AbigailAdams26 | Apr 5, 2017 |
This book is not what I expected at all and I think students would be surprised by it as well. The boy thinks that his dog has the easy life and one day wishes he could be a dog. He turns into a dog and realizes that life is harder than he expected. This book definitely teachers a lesson about being careful of what you wish for. This a refreshing book for young readers to read and teaches a valuable lesson. ( )
  Katelyn.Armatys | Nov 3, 2016 |
(23) ( )
  activelearning | Jan 10, 2015 |
I really enjoyed this book. I think that students would too. It has a good lesson behind it "be careful what you wish for." It is a well done book and a fresh take on the children's picture book. ( )
  Andymcclellan_93 | Oct 6, 2014 |
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Kelly DiPucchioautor primaritotes les edicionscalculat
Biggs, BrianIl·lustradorautor secundaritotes les edicionsconfirmat
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Tired of school, Charlie envies his dog and wishes he could be a dog, too, but when his wish comes true he discovers that his life was not all bad.

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