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Louise Loves Art de Kelly Light
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Louise Loves Art (edició 2014)

de Kelly Light (Autor), Kelly Light (Il·lustrador)

Sèrie: Louise (1)

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15019147,315 (3.7)Cap
After drawing a picture of her cat, a young girl searches for the perfect place to hang her masterpiece.
Títol:Louise Loves Art
Autors:Kelly Light (Autor)
Altres autors:Kelly Light (Il·lustrador)
Informació:Balzer Bray (2014), 40 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

Louise Loves Art de Kelly Light

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"I love art! It's my imagination on the outside....To be a great artist, you have to notice everything."

Louise is an enthusiastic artist, but she's so absorbed in her art that she fails to observe her younger brother, Art, who puts his own stamp on her masterpiece. After an initial dismayed reaction, Louise takes a closer look and changes her mind: "Oh, Art. I love it." Plenty of white space on the page gives ample room for Louise's art (and drama), Art's background activities, and the cat's poses.

See also: Olivia; Fancy Nancy ( )
  JennyArch | Sep 1, 2021 |
Louise loves art, which happen to also be the name of her little brother. Louise is engulfed in creating her masterpiece and turning her house into her very own art museum. Her little brother just wants to play with her, but Louise doesn't have time. We see Art making his own pieces in the background of many pictures. Finally, Art takes Louise's masterpiece and cuts it up into his own art, little paper dolls. At first we think Louise will be mad, but then we see her appreciate it and put it right onto their family's fridge. On the final page, we see the brother and sister happily drawing together.
This was a fun read with a cute story. I took away the main idea being that art is different and special for everybody. Louise defines her art by the use of lines and curves, where her brother likes to add color and use scissors. A fun activity would be to read to the class and then create the paper dolls just like the little boy had. ( )
  vviverito | Nov 23, 2019 |
I liked this book for two main reasons. First, I liked the illustrations as the colors on the pages were mostly white and black with accents of red. I thought the accents of red really enhanced the story by drawing the reader’s attention to the little details that were drawn in red. These little details included the main characters, Louise and Art and their glasses and pants as well as little accents in the drawings that Louise made. I also really liked the plot of the book as it revealed a conflict. The conflict was that Art, Louise’s little brother had ruined Louise’s art piece that she was extremely proud of. I think the reason why I enjoyed the conflict was that it shined a light on conflict resolution and seeing the beauty and positivity in everything. At first, Louise was very upset that Art ruined her art piece. However, when she continued to look at her “ruined” artpiece she came to realize that her art piece had now become a new beautiful art piece. When Louise says “It’s your masterpiece. And I know the perfect spot for it” she manages to turn a rather upsetting conflict of having something not go her way (her favorite drawing being cut up by her brother) into something positive (seeing Art’s creativity and being proud of him). ( )
  Mting1 | Sep 10, 2019 |
Louise Loves Art is a clever story told by Kelly Light. A young girl loves art so much it’s her way of expressing herself. As she states in the book, “It’s my imagination on the outside” we know that Louise really enjoys drawing. Louise is on a mission to create a masterpiece. But, Louise runs into one problem, her brother Art. Louise loves her brother Art, but after he ruins her masterpiece she is puzzled by what he has done. After Art has apologized and realized he has done wrong, Louise forgives him and tells him it’s your masterpiece. I loved how the story came together in the end. I felt it was clever after I found out as I was reading that the little brother’s name is also Art. I liked how the author incorporated that into the story. ( )
  HalieL | Mar 4, 2018 |
I loved this book for two reasons. First, I enjoyed the illustrations and the emphasis on the color red. I found that interesting because the rest of the picture would be quite dull in color, but there was always a spark of red in every illustration to emphasize a particular object. For example, when Louise’s brother was drawing over her art, it would be done in red to show the reader what is happening because the text does not mention it in order to show that Louise is not aware of what her brother is up to. Second, the theme of the story was very heart-warming. Louise ended up not being upset with her brother even though he had cut up her masterpiece. I think that is something many children could relate to, especially if they have a sibling. This story is entertaining to read but it also teaches children a good lesson.
  gnam2 | Oct 6, 2017 |
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Louise (1)
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After drawing a picture of her cat, a young girl searches for the perfect place to hang her masterpiece.

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