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Beyond All Dreams

de Elizabeth Camden

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12017184,794 (4.13)11
"In 1897 Washington, D.C., Anna O'Brien, a librarian at the Library of Congress, assists charismatic young congressman Luke Callahan, but the more political secrets they uncover the more their growing trust is strained"--
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After not being super thrilled with previous Camden books I have read, this one was a delightful treat!

The characters were absolutely fabulous and quirky and so unique. From Anna with her contrasting spunk and mousey voice to Luke, the arrogant but adorable congressman, to Neville, dear sweet Neville.

The historical aspect was very interesting and even taught me some interesting things about that time period that I didn't know - which is always a plus.

Also, can we talk about the coolness of Anna's job? Like, living in the Library of Congress as a librarian??? Sign me up!

Overall, a very enjoyable historical read! The romance was a bit over the top at times for my personal tastes and there were a few times the plot seemed to drag, hence the four stars.

Definitely recommended! ( )
  SarahGraceGrzy | Oct 2, 2018 |
Pleasant, chaste romance novel I'd say it's really a 3.5. I'm not into romance but was drawn into this book for the story: Anna, a map librarian at the US Library of Congress wants to solve the mystery of her father's disappearance after his ship sank when she was a child. She is mostly content with her job and her life, but these niggling questions bother her and she needs answers. Enter Luke, a powerful Congressman who has been brought down by shenanigans and politics and is looking to find a way to climb back up. Initially the two clash but the fate of Anna's father and Luke's political career intertwine in a book of mystery, romance and history.
This is my first book by Camden and while I enjoyed the read, it wasn't something that was a page turner. The historical setting, that the main character is a librarian, that it involves politics and is set in Washington, DC were the draws for me. It seems the author has done her research (the story of Anna's father isn't true but is based on an similar historical event). There are appearances by legitimate historical figures (Theodore Roosevelt) but they are minor or cameo appearances.
So luckily there was an actual story here and the main driver was NOT seeing Anna and Luke get to the altar or tumble into bed. I realize some books are just that, but I thoroughly dislike such plot-driven books and also feel my eyes glaze over when it becomes scene after scene of porn/erotica with a "story" sandwiched in between. This book isn't it. Goodreads has it under "Christian Fiction" as one of its categories and I'd say that's right: a few chaste kisses, some descriptions of violence, child abuse, etc. but they are not detailed or needlessly drawn out. That was something I appreciated for the purposes of the book.
But it isn't thrilling writing. I thought Anna and Luke were a bit shallow in characterization and that this book would make a good Hallmark made for TV movie. There are also some parts that seem too "modern." One character says in conversation close to the end of the book that "Ma nearly bit my head off..." I'm fairly certain the phrase "bit my head off" is a relatively modern saying and not something someone would have said in 1898. I could be wrong but sometimes this was a bit jarring.
Overall I enjoyed reading it. I wish I could have borrowed this from the library instead, but they didn't have it and it just seemed I'd be better off buying it so I could read on my own time. I wouldn't read it again but if you're into historical romance fiction that actually has a PLOT this might not be a bad pickup.
I'm also excited because it's another book out of my continuously growing "to read" pile of books I have in my room. :P I'm crossing this off for the 'Past & Present' entry on the Goodreads Fall challenge (Historical Fiction/Historical Romance) and published within the last year. ( )
  HoldMyBook | Feb 11, 2018 |
This book was a little disappointing. I read Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden and loved it, so decided to try another one of Camden's books.
This book just moved at a slower pace. It repeated itself frequently. The characters were fine, but I felt like the plot just went around in circles for at least 3/4ths of he book. The big reveal was probably more exciting for the author because she is such a big history buff, and it was an actual event- but I was kind of underwhelmed.
I recommended it to someone before I finished it- and now I am going to have to tell them not to bother. ( )
  mollypitchermary | Oct 11, 2017 |
"3 out of 5 stars! A young up-and-coming Congressman from Maine and a female Library of Congress map librarian's path cross. One dreams of things being peaceful everywhere and hopes to be the one to make it happen. The other hopes to uncover what truly happened to her father after finding a false report. Together they should be able to get through anything but will they be able to trust each other enough to see their dreams through to the end?

This novel is for Ancestry and Historical Romance lovers! Because it follows historical events really well, while throwing enough flirtation between Luke & Anna in the mix to keep you intrigued. In addition, because of Anna being a map librarian she is determined to get to the truth of everything no matter the consequences because she feels that the documents in the Library of Congress should be completely accurate as possible since you never know how future generations will look at that document and do with it later. Since Anna feels that way it made me really like her as a character, as I've been a genealogist for my family since 1999 and I completely understand where she was coming from. To top off my love for the characters I find out that Luke is a Congressman from Maine and I'm originally from Maine so yeah I found that pretty cool too."

Read more of my review and THREE teasers here: ( )
  fromjesstoyou | Mar 21, 2016 |
This is a lovely story. Though it stay on history and what is going on with senate. It about woman named Anna who wants finds a mistake and want to correct it. Though when she goes to font the Navy. She hit roadblocks along the way. She wants to know the truth.

Anna want to find out what happen to a ship that disappeared at sea. Luke is also struggling with his spot in Congress. Anna and Luke run into each other. Anna wants the information on this ship. Everyone around her is in the cover up. What could be the real reason of the ship disappearance? There is twist and turn each time you turn the page. What are the secrets that got Anna and Luke are in embroiled in. Will the truth put the nation at risk.

What will happen to Luke and Anna. Luke is dealing with many problems of his own. Can he raise this nephew Philip. What is going on in Luke hometown that he repentant in Congress in Maine. Luke deal with the loss of another family member. Can Luke control his temper? ( )
  Lindz2012 | Jan 19, 2016 |
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"In 1897 Washington, D.C., Anna O'Brien, a librarian at the Library of Congress, assists charismatic young congressman Luke Callahan, but the more political secrets they uncover the more their growing trust is strained"--

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