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Turkey Trick or Treat (Turkey Trouble) de…
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Turkey Trick or Treat (Turkey Trouble) (edició 2015)

de Wendi Silvano (Autor), Harper Lee (Il·lustrador)

Sèrie: Turkey Trouble (3)

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304586,024 (4.17)Cap
"Everyone loves Halloween candy --even Turkey. But how can he and his barnyard friends get any when the farmers only give it out to children? With a costume, of course! As his pals look on, Turkey comes up with one clever costume after another. Each trick gets better and better...but will Turkey and his friends end up with any treats?"--Jacket.… (més)
Títol:Turkey Trick or Treat (Turkey Trouble)
Autors:Wendi Silvano (Autor)
Altres autors:Harper Lee (Il·lustrador)
Informació:Two Lions (2015), 40 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

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Turkey Trick or Treat de Wendi Silvano

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There are many reasons I enjoyed this book. For starters, the plot was very organized, and kept a very quick pace. For example, the storyline did not drag on too long, it was the perfect length. The characters were farm animals, as the setting took place on a farm. I loved this piece of writing because the characters portrayed what kids go through all of the time. The characters included a turkey, cow, sheep, and a few other farm animals. For example, when the turkey attempted to trick-or-treat and came back without candy, the other animals looked so upset. The characters were extremely believable as they represented the idea of being left out. The animals would watch as children went trick-or-treating and every time the turkey attempted to trick-or-treat he was denied because he was an animal (not a kid). Another reason I enjoyed the book was because the illustrations directly aligned with the characters and the plot of the story. As I was reading, I was able to understand what the animals must have felt like as they watched the turkey walk up to the door each time dressed in a new costume, in an attempt to retrieve candy. Lastly, the setting was extremely realistic, as it took place in a neighborhood, where houses were on one side, with a farm in the distance.

This book allows the reader to walk away with the idea that sometimes people are treated unfairly based on their appearance. Although it is not right, that doesn’t mean it does not happen. In the story, the turkey really wanted Halloween candy. He wanted to be like all of the children on Halloween. He would dress up in different costumes in attempt to deceive the person at the door handing out candy. Each time, the person would deny the turkey due to the fact that he was an animal, not a child. ( )
  LaurieIrons | Sep 15, 2018 |
Great picture book showing how the farm animals try to get some of the trick or treat candy.....Turkey does.
  CECC9 | Jun 18, 2018 |
In this halloween fiction, the turkey wanted to get candy just like the other kids! Since Turkey was very good at making costumes he made many costumes and went to each door saying "ding-dong & trick or treat." At each house the owner said "Halloween treats aren't for turkeys." Turkey would get upset and gobble, gobble. All the animals rushed to think of more costumes because the night of Halloween was coming to an end. Soon, Turkey went to the house of Mable Mayberry and she gave him ALL of her treats. "Treats are for everyone!" Turkey said. I would love to read this to a class someday for Halloween because it is such a funny and enjoyable book for children and adults! It does discuss how "treats" are only for children and not turkeys, pigs, cows, or anyone else. This shows that Turkey is trying to be someone else that he is not because of what others are saying about Turkey and how he isn't as special as a child so he cannot have treats. I think this teaches a valuable lesson to children to not listen to what others are saying and continue to do what you believe in. Even though this story is just about Halloween treats it comes down to something meaningful because it shows that you do not have to be like everyone else to be able to fit in or be special. ( )
  BrittanyBr | Aug 28, 2017 |
This is a good example of a picture book/fantasy because it is about a turkey and other farm animals who love Halloween and really want to go trick or treating but when they do the farmer only gives the treats to the children. They have to come up with a way to trick the farmer to think they are children by dressing up in costumes. This is such a fun Halloween book for children to read and look at all the detailed illustrations throughout the book.
Media: Watercolor and pencil ( )
  kschindler | Apr 6, 2016 |
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Nom de l'autorCàrrecTipus d'autorObra?Estat
Wendi Silvanoautor primaritotes les edicionscalculat
Harper, LeeIl·lustradorautor secundaritotes les edicionsconfirmat

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"Everyone loves Halloween candy --even Turkey. But how can he and his barnyard friends get any when the farmers only give it out to children? With a costume, of course! As his pals look on, Turkey comes up with one clever costume after another. Each trick gets better and better...but will Turkey and his friends end up with any treats?"--Jacket.

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