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Sunset Limited de James Lee Burke
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Sunset Limited (1998 original; edició 1999)

de James Lee Burke (Autor)

Sèrie: Dave Robicheaux (10)

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1,0741014,134 (3.73)15
The Louisiana deputy sheriff, Dave Robicheaux, reopens a probe into the slaying, 40 years earlier, of a labor organizer whose killers were never brought to justice. The man was crucified to a barn.
Títol:Sunset Limited
Autors:James Lee Burke (Autor)
Informació:Orion Pub Co (1999), Edition: First Edition, 344 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Detalls de l'obra

Sunset Limited de James Lee Burke (1998)

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The townspeople of New Iberia, LA, didn't crucify Megan Flynn's father. They just didn't catch whoever pinned him to a barn wall with sixteen-penny nails. Decades later, Megan, now a world-famous photojournalist, has come back to the bayou, looking for cop Dave Robicheaux. It was Dave who found the body of labor leader Jack Flynn. The sight changed the boy, shaped him as a man. And after forty years, Robicheaux is still haunted by the bizarre unsolved slaying. Now Megan's return has stirred up the ghosts of the long-buried past, igniting a storm of violence that will rip apart lives of blacks and whites in this bayou county. ( )
  jepeters333 | Jan 3, 2018 |
When I first read a Dave Robicheaux novel, I thought Burke was a fantastic writer. Now, after a hiatus of maybe 10 yrs, I am disappointed in this book. Robicheaux is a man with a lot of submerged anger that is definitely coming out in this book. He goes around beating up petty criminals, accusing people he doesn't like of crimes, and it all seems pretty random. There is no clear line of discovery for the reader, we don't get inside his mind to see why he keeps changing who he suspects of a 40 yr old murder. He keeps trying to tie it in to current events, but it doesn't come across well. I actually haven't finished the last 40 pages, as I write this review, but don't expect my opinion to change. ( )
  juniperSun | Aug 30, 2016 |
### Review

Imagine Philip Marlowe sans the cigarettes and in AA. Put him in Louisiana and jump forward 50 years or so and you've got David Robicheaux, a tough-talking detective with the same soft spot as his prototype for troublesome women and for delving into places into which he probably has no business. New Iberia, Louisiana, perfectly rivals Marlowe's L.A. for its grit and corruption and dames who'll turn a good guy bad.

James Lee Burke's 11th Robicheaux book, *Sunset Limited*, is a twisted mystery that at times becomes almost byzantine in its attempt to keep disparate characters and narratives wound in a cohesive story line. But Burke's writing is so stunning that all is forgiven as you become immersed in the tale, which meshes past and present to uncover the secret of a decades-old murder.

Forty years ago, a local labor leader was crucified in a crime that remains unsolved. Now, his daughter--Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Megan Flynn--returns to New Iberia. With a seemingly insignificant remark to Robicheaux, she begins a chain of events that lead right back to her father's death. New Iberia, in some sense, is frozen in time as the age-old problems of race and class weave their way into the mystery, complicating Robicheaux's discovery of not only the original crime, but the wealth of murders that spring up along the way. Add in the Chinese mob, corrupt policemen, and a Hollywood film shoot, and the stage is set.

Burke's forte is his ability to create characters so evil they're liable to get you up in the night to check in your closet and under your bed. The players--both good and bad--are characterized more by their flaws than their attributes, giving everyone a wicked sheen. The book isn't overly gory (although short descriptions can be rather graphic), but *everyone* has a dark side, emphasizing the *noir*-ish tones of the novel. His writing is powerful, mixing tender landscapes ("[W]e dropped through clouds that were pooled with fire in the sunrise and came in over biscuit-colored hills dotted with juniper and pine and pinyon trees...") with dead-on, cutting descriptions ("His face was tentacled with a huge purple-and-strawberry birthmark, so that his eyes looked squeezed inside a mask") and the camp dialogue of Chandler ("Evil doesn't have a zip code"). Oddly, these sundry elements blend seamlessly, allowing you to overlook tenuous connections and occasionally confusing turns.

Don't pick this up expecting a happy ending. But for those who long for a modern-day Chandler, you'll find *Sunset Limited* a gripping and satisfying read. *--Jenny Brown*

### From Publishers Weekly

After stepping into stand-alone territory with Cimmaron Rose (1997), Burke choreographs a masterful return to the lush and brooding world of volatile New Iberia Sheriff's Deputy Dave Robicheaux (Cadillac Jukebox, 1996). This tale's strength lies in breathtaking, moody descriptive passages and incisive vignettes that set time, place and character. Burke's major themes, that the past is key to the present and that money buys power, pervade this mystery. The narrative, with more twists and bounces than a fish fighting a hook, rises from the violent, unsolved murder 40 years ago of union organizer Jack Flynn. The story encompasses at least eight disparate but interlocking subplots: the crooked money behind a movie directed by Flynn's son Cisco; the hold that ex-con Swede Boxleiter has on Cisco's photojournalist sister, Megan; Willie "Cool Breeze" Broussard's theft of a mob warehouse; his wife Ida's suicide 20 years ago; the shooting of two white brothers who raped a black woman; alcoholic Lisa Terrebonne's haunted childhood; her wealthy, arrogant father's ties to Harpo Scruggs, a vicious murderer; the post-Civil War killing by freed slaves of a Terrebonne servant. Hired assassins, snitches, lawmen and FBI agents weave through the novel. Dave and his partner Detective Helen Soileau find the connections, but Dave knows that in the ongoing class war, the worst criminals wield too much influence to pay for their crimes. In rich, dense prose, Burke conjures up bizarre, believable characters who inhabit vivid, spellbinding scenes in a multifaceted, engrossing plot. $300,000 ad/promo; author tour.
Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc.
  Hans.Michel | Sep 13, 2013 |
I always enjoy reading Dave Robicheaux books. This one is no exception. ( )
  EctopicBrain | Jul 31, 2012 |
Aus der
Der brutale Mord an zwei Farbigen im Mississippi-Delta bringt Detective Robicheaux einen ungeklärten Fall in Erinnerung, der bereits vierzig Jahre zurückliegt. Die Spur führt zu dem Rassisten Guidry, der mit beiden Verbrechen in Verbindung zu stehen scheint. Doch Guidry wird selbst umgebracht. Sumpffieber ist der Titel des überaus spannenden und atmosphärischen Südstaatenkrimis aus der Feder des Edgar-Allan-Poe-Preisträgers James Lee Burke. --Ulrich Deurer
Schauplatz dieses Thrillers ist eine Kleinstadt im Süden der USA. Als Dave Robicheaux erfährt, daß Megan Flynn und ihr Bruder wieder in die Stadt zurückgekehrt sind, sagt ihm sein untrüglicher Instinkt sofort, daß dies nur Ärger bedeuten kann. Der Vater der Geschwister Flynn wurde vor Jahren brutal vom Klan ermordet, die Täter aber nie zu Rechenschaft gezogen. Was die beiden sich von ihrer Rückkehr versprechen, fragt sich nicht nur Dave...

3.0 von 5 Sternen James Lee Burke's neunter Roman mit Dave Robicheaux, 26. März 2000
Von Ein Kunde
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Sumpffieber. (Broschiert)
Nach "Neonregen" (The Neon Rain, 1987), "Blut in den Bayous" (Heaven's Prisoners, 1988), "Black Cherry Blues" (Black Cherry Blues, 1989), "Flamingo" (A Morning for Flamingos, 1990), "Weißes Leuchten" (A Stained White Radiance, 1992), "Im Schatten der Mangroven" (In the Electric Dust with Confederate Dead, 1993), "Im Dunkel des Deltas" (Burning Angel, 1995) und "Nacht über dem Bayou" (Cadillac Jukebox, 1996) liegt mit "Sumpffieber" (Goldmann 44509 - Sunset Limited, 1998) ein neuer Roman von James Lee Burke mit seinem Detektiv Dave Robicheaux vor. Wie in den vorangegangenen Romanen spielt auch dieser im Süden der USA. Als Junge hat Dave Robicheaux zusammen mit seinem Vater den gekreuzigten Bürgerrechtler James Flynn aufgefunden, dessen Tod nie aufgeklärt werden konnte. Nach 40 Jahren wird dieser Fall wieder aus dem Archiv geholt, als zwei Schwarze ermordet wurden und ein Verdächtiger von damals wieder verdächtigt wird. Die Ermittlungen von Dave Robicheaux führen ihn in ein Labyrinth von Beziehungen im Sumpf des Südens. Nach Durchackern dieses Geflechts gelingt es ihm, die beiden Fälle zu lösen. Weniger wäre dabei mehr gewesen. Mit einer geradlinigeren Story ohne so - wie in diesem Buch - in die Breite zu gehen, hätte "Sumpffieber" deutlich gewonnen.
  JAAKonTEXT1 | Apr 6, 2012 |
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Michalski, FreddyTraductorautor secundarialgunes edicionsconfirmat
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I had seen a dawn like this one only twice in my life: once in Vietnam, after a Bouncing Betty had risen from the earth on a night trail and twisted its tentacles of light around my thighs, and years earlier outside of Franklin, Louisiana, when my father and I discovered the body of a labor organizer who had been crucified with sixteen-penny nails, ankle and wrist, against a barn wall.
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Danish title (1999): Solnedgangsekspressen; Finnish title: Varjojen maa; German title: Sumpffieber; Norwegian title (2005): Sunset-ekspressen
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The Louisiana deputy sheriff, Dave Robicheaux, reopens a probe into the slaying, 40 years earlier, of a labor organizer whose killers were never brought to justice. The man was crucified to a barn.

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