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History Is All You Left Me de Adam Silvera
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History Is All You Left Me (edició 2017)

de Adam Silvera (Autor)

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6983224,954 (3.94)2
Secrets are revealed as OCD-afflicted Griffin grieves for his first love, Theo, who died in a drowning accident.
Títol:History Is All You Left Me
Autors:Adam Silvera (Autor)
Informació:Soho Teen (2017), 305 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:favorites, lgbtq, too-many-tears

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History Is All You Left Me de Adam Silvera

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When Griffin's first love and ex-boyfriend, Theo, left for California for college, Griffin knew they would get back together some day. After all, Theo was the one who made Griffin's world okay, and he just knew Theo would return after he finished school and they would pick up where they left off. Even though Theo found a new boyfriend, Jackson, Griffin and Theo were meant to be. So when Griffin gets a call that Theo drowned in the ocean, his world shatters around him. How can he go on when Theo is gone? How could Theo leave him? How could Theo break the promises they made to each other? What is left in this world for Griffin? And while grieving isn't easy, Griffin must learn to make sense of a world that has suddenly changed. In the process, though, he just might realize that things haven't changed quite as much as he thinks...

Wow. This is a book that made me want to cry on the first page. I don't know that I've ever encountered that before. I connect with Griffin so quickly as a reader, and I flipped page after page as he told his story, the story of Theo, the story of Jackson, the story of Wade... There is so much that Griffin needs to sort through that Theo's loss has left unresolved for him and new things that have unraveled in the wake of his best friend and ex-boyfriend's death. And he needs to sort through it all as a teenager trying to complete his senior year of high school. It's heavy. But it's also cathartic. This book will put you through the ringer, but it is soooo worth it. So worth it. ( )
  crtsjffrsn | Aug 27, 2021 |
teen fiction (realistic fiction for mature teens; gay teen mourns ex-boyfriend, finds common ground with his ex's new boyfriend). I got to page 137--almost halfway through and liked it ok, but found Griffin to be awfully self-assured for his age--spending lots of time opining and expressing his thoughts matter-of-factly. He's funny and clever and I get that he's grieving and deserves time to be self-absorbed, but his voice eventually loses its refreshing quality and grows tiresome--it eventually got so I could never read more than 4-10 pages at a time. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, since there are many books I enjoy consuming slowly, a little at a time, but right now I just don't care to pick this book up again.

Parental/content note: Griff and Theo (and I guess Jackson) are sexually active (responsibly using condoms), though the author doesn't go into detail for those parts. ( )
  reader1009 | Jul 3, 2021 |
I cry at every book and was completely unmoved by this one. Theo was so smug and such an annoying know-it-all dork who was so insensitive to his friends and boyfriends that it was hard to feel sad that he died and hard not to be like, 'Just move on already.' But even though the book spends chapter after chapter repeating itself about how in love Griffin was with Theo and how sad he is and how Theo isn't there anymore and blah blah, when Griffin does decide to get over it, it takes like... a month? Also the Wade stuff came out of nowhere, and Wade was a way more interesting character than Griffin, Theo, or Jackson. ( )
  prunetracy | May 6, 2021 |
This book was incredibly affecting. Normally, that's a good thing. But in this case, much of it hurt (empathy-wise), Further, I did not really like the characters. Griffin, whose narrates the story, is so completely self-absorbed. And I cannot tell whether this is a reflection of his OCD, his relentless self-consciousness, or just teenage-brain stupidity. And the lying and self-delusions don't make me like him more.

"History Is All You Left Me" begins just after Griffin's best friend and ex-boyfriend (Theo) dies suddenly in an accident. Griffin is lost, untethered, adrift. Thus he begins to tell two stories in parallel. One is the "now" story that tells us what happens in Griffin's world after Theo's death. The other is the origin story that tells us Griffin's view on how his relationship with Theo was born, grew, and changed. Because we know that Theo is with Jackson when he dies, we know that the "before" story will not end with Griffin and Theo together. At the same time, we don't know any of what came between, so the "now" story is also a mystery. It was those unknowns that kept me listening when I thought that I could not take any more sadness.

None of what we learn about Theo and Jackson is all that endearing either. I think I dislike them more than Griffin. Theo was horribly selfish, displaying hurtful disregard for Griffin a number of times. And yet, there were times when it seemed Theo was making an opening for Griffin to shed the lies and be open. Ultimately, Theo's death removed the possibility that these characters could reconcile and heal the fractured Theo-Griffin relationship.

It is not until very late in the book that we see how (misplaced) guilt is clinging to Griffin and is playing a big part of his overwhelming sadness and malaise. Through much of the book, Griffin is lying to himself and us, the readers. It is heartbreaking the way Griffin feels responsible for Theo's death.

As you might expect, the "history" part of the story ends the day Theo dies. At which point, the pieces start falling together. We find out that just before Theo's death, Griffin was starting to move on with Wade. And that he felt disloyal to Theo - who was already his ex-boyfriend. Hiding his truths from Theo and himself. And then, the day he decides to come clean, Theo dies.

The "now" part of the story ends when Griffin is finally grappling with truth and lies and trying to move forward with living.

Without a doubt, Mr. Silvera knows how to craft a story and set a mood. Audiobook narrator was very good as well. ( )
  sbecon | Mar 5, 2021 |
TWs: loss of a loved one, grief, OCD,
Rating: 3 to 3.5/5

While I haven't read this novel as high as I expected, I actually enjoyed it. I expected the characters to be a bit older for some reason, so this might have something to do with why I didn't resonate with the writing as much. I can't pinpoint an exact reason as to why this book is just okay for me, but I really didn't relate to the characters as much as I wished.

Please, don't think that me giving this book 3 stars means it's not good - I've always considered 3 stars to be for those books that I did enjoy, even if they weren't ones I loved. The thing that made this book for me was the portrayal of greif. Some scenes in this novel reminded me of moments from my life when I had to process loss. It was a topic quite close to home, especially during this time of the year. I'll definitely be checking out Silvera's other books in the future. ( )
  1readersdiary | Feb 7, 2021 |
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For those with history stuck un their heads and hearts.

Shout-outs to Daniel Ehrenhaft, who discovered me, and Meredith Barnes, who helps everyone find me. Best tag team ever.
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Secrets are revealed as OCD-afflicted Griffin grieves for his first love, Theo, who died in a drowning accident.

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