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A Weed Is a Flower: The Life of George…
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A Weed Is a Flower: The Life of George Washington Carver (edició 1988)

de Aliki (Autor)

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451740,933 (4.18)5
Brief text and pictures present the life of the man, born a slave, who became a scientist and devoted his entire life to helping the South improve its agriculture.
Títol:A Weed Is a Flower: The Life of George Washington Carver
Autors:Aliki (Autor)
Informació:Aladdin (1988), Edition: Reprint, 32 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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A Weed Is a Flower : The Life of George Washington Carver de Aliki

No n'hi ha cap
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Genre: Historical Fiction

This is about the life of George Washington Carver. This book goes through all the adventures and trials through his life. It would be great to use in the classroom to learn about agriculture and peanuts. It could also be used to learn about George Washington Carver. The book can be used to talk about how working hard and trying can make life more successful and fulfilling.
  Emmerie | Apr 25, 2017 |
This book It is a great story and introduction to another great American scientist and historical figure. The book could be used when talking about African American figures in history, use it during units on slavery and the reconstruction, and touches on the Tuskegee institute, another important American institution - so it could also be worked into units on the great depression and WWII. The character personalities can help with determination and perseverance, hardworking spirit, scientific investigation, helpful personality, and many others. Age Range: 4 - 8 years
Grade Level: Preschool - 3
  RosaJuarez | Apr 2, 2017 |
The story of Dr. George Washington Carver. This is an awesome book that tells about Dr. Carver’s suggestions on crop rotation, among other farming ideas, to help the farming poor of Alabama. It is an awe-inspiring story of one of America’s greatest inventors. ( )
  Donna.Hice | Jul 21, 2015 |
The book discusses the life of George Washington Carver. It starts out with his birth as a sick child and goes through the loss of his parents and being raised by Moses and Susan Carver. He was a naturally curious child who had an early fascination with plants. He was determined to get an education during a time when education, especially higher education, was nearly off limits for African Americans. While he was very talented at many different things he decided to dedicate his life to agriculture and hoped that he could use his passion to help people. He taught about crop rotation with sweet potatoes and peanuts, and found many different uses for these plants. His expertise was sought by many including the President of the United States. This book is an excellent introduction to George Washington Carver. It is filled with good information, and I even learned a couple facts about him that I didn't know, such as the fact that he was a talented painter and piano player. The book does a wonderful job of humanizing a historical figure. The illustrations are about average but they do a good job of making George Washington Carver look like a kind and sympathetic man.

This book would be good to teach children about history. It also is a story of overcoming great adversity and making something of yourself. It shows that anyone can accomplish great things when they put their mind to it. The story also gives children of color a role model to look up to. The story is a bit long to read-aloud, it may be better to read in parts or read aloud the beginning and then have children split into groups to finish. ( )
  rfary1 | Nov 11, 2012 |
Retelling: This is the story of the life of George Washington Carver. He was born into slavery but grew up to become a scientist. He experimented to help farmers protect their plants from insects and disease.

Thoughts and Feelings: I am fascinated by the moment this man had two parent peas, and four uniform baby peas and decided... let's bread again and see what happens. Did he have any idea what he would discover?! It's hard to believe there was ever a time we didn't know.
  Ms.Penniman | Aug 18, 2011 |
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Brief text and pictures present the life of the man, born a slave, who became a scientist and devoted his entire life to helping the South improve its agriculture.

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