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Last Year's Resolution

de Robert Lampros

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15101,087,122 (3.5)No n'hi ha cap
Last Year's Resolution is a novella about Edmund Stovender, a famous author who falls in love with Marie, a journalist who calls him for an interview just before the performance of his hit play. Their lives accelerate through an epic adventure testing their faith, strength, and love for each other, as they discover that their story might pivotally influence the fate of the world.… (més)
No n'hi ha cap
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An enjoyable read that makes me think what I would do and how my own faith would play out during the Biblical Apocalypse. A story about one mans unwavering faith and how it brings him through the worst of times. He doesn't let his fame or fortune come in the way of his faith. A wonderful book that deserves a spot on my shelf. ( )
  JacobDecker | Nov 29, 2016 |
I received this book from the author through library thing. I thought it was an awesome story. Though the characters were young, they had an unwavering faith that brought them together, and helped them through everything as the story unfolds. Although it is a fictional account of the Apocalypse, it could very well happen as stated in the Bible. After all, God said a fire not a flood next time! ( )
  croknot1 | Nov 28, 2016 |
Review: Last Years Resolution by Robert Lampros.

I read this to write a review for the author. This story is about a couple in love and a fiction version of how the biblical apocalypse unfolds. I want to be honest to help the author without being a harsh critic but I’m not sure if I am the one that’s right to give a review. The story was short and I thought the characters dialogue was written in a childish manner. The author developed the two main characters as a young couple but I felt they were too immature.

However, Eddie’s character is a blooming writer with several novels already highly published and a play written that’s a smash hit on Broadway. Plus, his girlfriend, later his wife is a young literary reporter and their both living in New York City at the start of the story until they decide to move to a small community after to Apocalypse begins. They both have the gift of words but I felt like they were young teens in an immature conversation. Eddie I assumed was wealthy so I believe he should have been developed with more maturity. The fact that he keeps his fame and riches to himself, not sharing with the needy, animals, or charities is fine. Maybe if he did contribute to something it would have upgraded his character. I vision Eddie as a spiritual stick figure who needs personal grooming and a better personality. Eddie’s friend Salem had more character then the leading man.

Marie’s character could have used more maturity too. The scene where they get married on the flat roof of an establishment with young children and other adults even if the roof edges had some protection but it wasn’t a solid wall, it sounded like Eddie just had some kind of flimsy barrier put in place just for the wedding.

When the Apocalypse happens it doesn’t feel believable. I know the story is based on Christianity and the author has written plenty about what is happening around the people and describing what they were feeling but there were too many gaps. I think the story could be stronger if there were more scenes described and added more information to make them longer and finished to create more substance within the story. There’s two many scenes unfinished and not much is described to enhance the story. The story needs emotions, description, to fill in the gaps because as a reader I was doing too much assuming between the lines. That’s okay sometimes but not throughout the whole story.

I did like the Christian influence the story formed. Who knows the younger generation might love the novel because I would class it as, “Young Adult”. I will rate the story a three because I feel it might have an influence towards the younger generation. ( )
  Juan-banjo | Nov 5, 2016 |
Great title leads readers into thinking about what their own last year's resolution(s) were and how they will contrast with the characters.

Main character Eddie has a quick advance to fame and riches with his writing in New York City.
Unfortunately, he keeps it all to himself, sharing nothing with poor people, animals, or charities.

He falls in love and ends up sharing a life after the "abyss" or wall of fire nearly consumes the city.
His girlfriend Marie has an oddly dispassionate reaction to this horrific event
which is the first of the terrifying biblical apocalyptic prophecies which unfold throughout the rest of the book.

She doesn't even wonder where Eddie is while he frantically searches to find her.

Eddie's friend Salem is the most developed and realistic person.

The President of the U.S. tells the multi-religious diverse people of his country
that only people truly believing in Jesus will be saved.

That this means that Jewish people, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Native Americans...
and more will be totally exterminated is seconded by Eddie and Marie who also believe
"in sins my mother bore me" and in restoring brutal animal sacrifices.

At this point, I finally realized that I am not the audience for this genre since
I believe in the DO UNTO OTHERS Jesus.

What I had expected from the description of a Christian romance was a fairly
chaste love story dealing in some deep way with the impending end of the world.

It is hard to envision Christians who believe that they are the NEW Chosen People
and that only they will be saved by a God who is supposed to love ALL of us.

Rabbi Jesus would be amazed.

He might also be surprised that the life of a Christian murderer was more valued
than the rest of humanity.

Parts of the plot are also hard to understand: why would you have a wedding on a roof
where kids and adults might fall off? in 2017, would a WOMAN still CRY to get her way?
hard to believe Spanish people would not know where their iglesia was located and
why didn't they make it to their own cellar? and, if any portion of a STAR like Rigel
hit the earth, what would remain except stardust? and, what were their resolutions?

And, "God Bless" always seems like we are TELLING God what to do... ( )
  m.belljackson | Nov 1, 2016 |
This is a human interest story about a couple who fall in love as the cartoon version of the biblical apocalypse unfolds. Eddie is an emerging literary star with several well received novels and a smash hit Broadway play to his credit. He falls in love with a young literary reporter just as the first horrific events of the apocalypse begin in NYC. He and his fiancé escape to the Midwest and evolve into devotedly religious people. Eddie takes on the task of inspirational writing to help mankind prepare for the coming trials. His initiatives have a truly positive effect on those who listen and he is led by God into the desert to escape the worst of the final plagues.

This is as someone suggested, is a short story, with brief chapters, lots of white space and blank pages. The story is extremely disjointed, literally bouncing all about the place. There are a number of dead-end tangents, one where his book rights are purchased by Hollywood and another where he is unceremoniously thrown in prison. The reader is given little insight into what Eddie actually writes, only that everyone loves it. Eddie is a one dimensional, TV version of a man coming to grips with the potential demise of the world, who goes around randomly spouting religious platitudes. Although the author's version of the end times could make for strong storyline and high drama, the text here just fails to use the opportunity in any meaningful way. Overall the characters are thin and the story lacks substance. No one seems to have any serious responses to the coming end of the world. Just as the final doom is about to commence, the couple stops for Mexican food. Everyone is free to interpret the third epistle as they choose, but the author seems to ignore the reams of scholarly work about the root goals of apocalyptic literature, e.g. protecting the writer from contemporary retribution. Some attempt to reconcile these views for the sake of the story would seen in order. Overall, I would have difficulty recommending this one. ( )
1 vota Texjim | Nov 1, 2016 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 10 (següent | mostra-les totes)
Great book! Very well written with a story line that keeps you reading until the end. Highly recommend!
afegit per MaryAnn12 |, MaryAnn Koopmann (Sep 17, 2016)
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No n'hi ha cap

Last Year's Resolution is a novella about Edmund Stovender, a famous author who falls in love with Marie, a journalist who calls him for an interview just before the performance of his hit play. Their lives accelerate through an epic adventure testing their faith, strength, and love for each other, as they discover that their story might pivotally influence the fate of the world.

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