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Someone to Hold (A Westcott Novel) de Mary…
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Someone to Hold (A Westcott Novel) (edició 2017)

de Mary Balogh (Autor)

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21417100,455 (3.69)9
Camille Westcott, who has been declared illegitimate and without a title, moves to Bath to teach at an orphanage, where she meets artist Joel Cunningham, for whom she feels a mutual contempt until things take a passionate turn.
Títol:Someone to Hold (A Westcott Novel)
Autors:Mary Balogh (Autor)
Informació:Berkley (2017), 396 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:books-read-in-2017, historical, library-book, want-to-read-next-in-series

Informació de l'obra

Someone to Hold de Mary Balogh

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Well, I'm a little concerned. I quite enjoyed the Bedwyn Saga, and then the Simply Quartet a bit less, but still overall quite good. And now I'm two books into this series and haven't really enjoyed either one very much. Usually writers improve as they go and we have a book history together and I like each later series more than the ones before. But this is going in reverse! I hope this is just a two book trend, or at least that it's specific to this particular series and I'll love the next one. I really hate to lose any author I enjoy!
I tend to like side characters decently when they're introduced, but then appreciate them more when they later star in their own book, but, though I suppose I do like the heroine more in this book (only because she was absolutely horrid in the first one!), I actually had liked the hero more in his side role as friend in the first book than I did here. During their first time together I sat aghast thinking 'do you care *nothing* for her??' I don't expect to see a 'slam-bam-thank you ma'm' from the hero in a **romance**! lol. And maybe end your two year hookup relationship *before* casually deflowering someone new? Just a thought! And as with the first book, the entire romance seemed sort of wishy-washy. It's fine if they have to grow on each other a bit of course, but surely by 3/4 in they should at least admit their feelings to themselves! Not be questioning 'do I have feelings for this person?? Should I do anything about it? Maybe at least mention something about my feelings to the other person? Meh!'. And, like the first book, all events were super convenient! The very first time they mentioned he had no idea of his parentage I knew he would inherit a fortune. What are the chances that the only two adult orphans we know in the series each inherit huge fortunes you ask? Gee! That's a good question! Just don't think about it! And, like a dolt he tosses the offer of the fortune back in their face of course 'he has his dignity!' (ignore the fact that he's lived off their dime from birth to adulthood, as well as being put through art school, all without batting an eye.), but, don't worry, he won't suffer any consequences for that action or anything! It'll be forced on him even against his will. Magically good fortune finds them at every turn, no character growth required! Nothing really keeps these two from having a relationship, no great hurdle to challenge their true feelings and ultimately overcome. They pretty much just drag their feet through hundreds of pages. =/ One small good thing- I did like that they adopt! ( )
  JorgeousJotts | Dec 3, 2021 |
This was amazing and what a journey for Camille. I haven’t been reading this series in order so started with the later ones and knew Camille was happy, but when I finally read the first book she seemed pretty irredeemable. I loved reading about her new life and really figuring herself out. Joel had quite a journey too, and I truly adored their HEA. Mary Balogh is going on my faves list right now. ( )
  spinsterrevival | Nov 17, 2020 |
gostei tanto deste. já sabia que ia gostar da Camille, mesmo ela sendo inicialmente má para a Anna, mas ela é uma personagem fantástica - e não havia ninguém melhor que o Joel para a amar e a fazer aprender a aceitar esse amor ❤ ( )
  Joana_v_v | Apr 6, 2020 |
Someone to Hold - Balogh
Audio performance by Rosalyn Landors
3 stars

The second book of Balogh’s Westcott series which tells the individual stories of Westcott family members after the death of Humphrey Westcott, Earl of Riverdale, reveals his secret first marriage and his bigamy. In an instant Camille Westcott plunges from her position as eldest legitimate daughter, engaged to an aristocrat. She becomes the jilted and disgraced daughter of a bigamist. Not to worry. Humble pie improves her character and frees her to enjoy the passion of an illegitimate but very good looking, portrait artist. Very likable characters, especially the children in the orphanage. Easy listening for stressful driving. ( )
  msjudy | Feb 27, 2020 |
Please see all of my reviews on my blog at

If you have read Someone to Love by Mary Balogh you will remember a bit about Camille Wescott. Camille is the half sister to Anna Snow. We met Anna in the first book of the Wescott series after she discovered that she was the daughter of the Earl of Riverdale, who recently passed away. When Anna was introduced to her family and was able to claim the wealth left to her, this is when Camille and her family were permanently displaced. As it turned out, Camille and her siblings were illegitimate children of the Earl. Just as Anna had to find her a place in the new world that she was living in, it is now Camille’s turn. Unfortunately, she must now work for a living. She takes a temporary job at an orphanage. This is the very same orphanage where Anna grew up. Almost immediately, Camille learned that she is very good with young children and at teaching.

Joel Cunningham is an accomplished artist and is trying to adjust to the fact that the woman that he thought he was in love with is now married. Joel grew up in the same orphanage as Anna and the two were lifelong friends. He also teaches at the very same orphanage. When Joel meets Camille, he does not like her. Although she is the half sister to Anna, she is nothing like her and he doesn’t even find her beautiful. Not at first. But things happen in Joel’s life that make him need a friend. This friend is none other than Camille. He begins to sense a deep beauty in her, both inside and out. This does not happen until he is able to stop comparing the two.

It is no surprise that Camille did not like Anna when they first met. After all, she lost everything due to Anna. But now she is becoming a better woman. This is thankful because Joel does not like the fact that she does not treat Anna with respect. The question is whether or not Camille and Anna will ever come around to being friends. Meanwhile, the romance between Camille and Joel was difficult. After all, at one time he had strong feelings for Anna. Things evolve, however, as they begin spending time together.

One almost spoiler that I will add to this review is how wonderful Camille was with the young children. It was very touching. This clearly illustrates the growth in her character. If you remember Camille from the first story you may know why this is something worth mentioning. There were some teary-eyed moments that I experienced while reading Someone to Hold. There is so much to offer in this book that I am pleased to have given it a high rating. One example of this is Camille's and Joel's love for children. This was truly endearing and several times I was left with a lump in my throat while reading this story.

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least discuss Joel. I really liked him from the very first story. As a matter of fact I really wished that it was him who found love in the next in the series. What a delight it was to discover that he does have his chance here. He is a fine man, a wonderful artist, and a perfect counterpart to Camille. As the story reveals, they share a similar illegitimate past, which goes a long way towards their compatibility.

Mary Balogh has given us a couple that we got to know on several levels. This made for a very easy to read book, one that I was able to enjoy in just a few settings. Someone to Hold is appropriately titled with regard to the content of this story. It is utterly endearing and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. When I received the title Someone to Trust for review for November, I then discovered that this was the fifth book in a series. I am glad that there was a gap in the time and it’s upcoming release date because it gave me the opportunity to obtain the first four titles in order to read them as well. I recently read Someone to Love and found it to be quite enjoyable. I very much look forward to continuing the series as soon as possible.

There is enough of a backstory in this book so that it could serve as a standalone. However if you want to enjoy the whole experience as well as getting to know the entire Wescott family, I do encourage you to read it in order.

I was thrilled to learn that Mary Balogh has written over 150 books with 16 series!

Series list:
*Someone to Love (2016)
- review link:
*Someone to Hold (2017)
*Someone to Wed (2017)
*Someone to Care (2018)
*Someone to Trust (2018) ( )
  RobinLovesReading | Oct 25, 2019 |
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After several months of hiding away, wallowing in misery and denial, anger and shame, and any other negative emotion anyone care to name, Camille Westcott finally took charge of her life on a sunny, blustery morning in July.
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Camille Westcott, who has been declared illegitimate and without a title, moves to Bath to teach at an orphanage, where she meets artist Joel Cunningham, for whom she feels a mutual contempt until things take a passionate turn.

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