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D is for Dragon Dance de Ying Chang…
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D is for Dragon Dance (2006 original; edició 2018)

de Ying Chang Compestine (Autor)

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See how kids greet the Chinese New Year by writing characters, getting haircuts, eating noodles, and honoring their families.
Títol:D is for Dragon Dance
Autors:Ying Chang Compestine (Autor)
Informació:Holiday House (2018), Edition: Bilingual, 32 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

D Is for Dragon Dance de Ying Chang Compestine (2006)

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Author Ying Chang Compestine and illustrator YoungSheng Xuan join forces in this alphabetical celebration of the customs and beliefs associated with Chinese (Lunar) New Year. From acrobats tossing balls to the zodiac animals associated with each year, the entries here highlight culturally significant ideas, objects and activities. An afterword gives more detailed information, as well as a recipe for New Year's Dumpling Delight...

D Is For Dragon Dance is the third picture-book I have read from Compestine, and like the other two - The Runaway Rice Cake and The Runaway Wok: A Chinese New Year Tale - it is a Chinese New Year title. Like most alphabet books, it is short on story and long on concept, which is just fine, given its purpose. It is engaging enough, and introduces a number of ideas that can be elaborated upon by parents and teachers, should they so desire, making it a good introduction to the holiday for younger children. The illustrations from Xuan, whose work I know from such titles as Eric A. Kimmel's Ten Suns: A Chinese Legend, were colorful and appealing, emphasizing the fun and excitement of each scene. Recommended to picture-book readers seeking titles for Chinese/Lunar New Year. ( )
  AbigailAdams26 | Jan 29, 2021 |
IB Learner Profile: Thinkers, Communicators, Balanced, Reflective. IB Attitudes: Appreciation, Commitment, Enthusiasm, Independence, Cooperation, Creativity, Curiosity.
  margothere.library | Aug 8, 2015 |
I really enjoyed this book for several reasons. I really enjoyed how it was not an actual story with a plot but a book that taught about the Chinese new year through the alphabet, so I really enjoyed the writing. Each letter of the alphabet stood for something different that related the Chinese New Year. For example, A for acrobats, and H for haircut and how for the New Year children get their hair but for a fresh start to the New Year. I also really liked the pictures because they were so abstract and matched with whatever was being talked about. I liked the picture of the dragon dance, and how it showed the illustration of a big red dragon. I think this really helps readers that do not celebrate the Chinese New Year visualize what it is like to celebrate it and see the different aspects that take place during the celebration. I think the overall message of the book is just to teach readers about the Chinese New Year through the alphabet. It shows different aspects that deal with the New Year in a fun and knowledgeable way. ( )
  jobend2 | Apr 8, 2014 |
This book is an alphabet book with all the letters coming from elements/traditions of Chinese New Year. For most of the letters, the author includes some sort of explanation of the word used - for instance: "C is for Calligraphy. Let's write the characters for 'good luck.' (Don't get ink on your new clothes!)." Some of the letters are a bit of a stretch (i.e., "U is for Unity. Chinese families unite for the New Year's feast.") or include words that are beyond the grasp of the intended young audience (i.e., "V is for Veneration. Families venerate their ancestors at New Year's."). However, this format works really well overall, and it's fun to see a Chinese New Year book using the alphabet as a launching pad to explore the holiday's customs. The illustrations are a bit muted in terms of color and style but they are still engaging in their own way - especially with all the details included on each page. No doubt children will love pointing out the little things like a pet cat, butterfly wall hangings, stars in the night sky, etc. The book ends with some notes on Chinese New Year and elucidates certain customs with more details. It also includes a recipe for dumplings should you feel inclined to cook after reading this book! ( )
  sweetiegherkin | Feb 5, 2014 |
This book starts out with how the Chinese celebrate their New Year Festival by using the letters in the English alphabet such as presenting the customs, traditions, and foods they have as a family.

Personal Reaction:
I really liked how the drawings were colorful and also explained the different things the family does to prepare for the New Year Festival which lets the students be familiar with the knowledge of culture in other parts of the world.

Classroom Extension:
1. The students can write about how their family celebrates the New Year.
2. They can also choose a country and present it in class explaining the traditions and customs as a group project.
  blossomfairy | Mar 31, 2013 |
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Ying Chang Compestineautor primaritotes les edicionscalculat
Xuan, YongshengIl·lustradorautor secundaritotes les edicionsconfirmat
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To my Dragons, Greg and Vinson
Y. C. C.
To my little friend Li Rui Jun.
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A is for Acrobats.
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See how kids greet the Chinese New Year by writing characters, getting haircuts, eating noodles, and honoring their families.

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