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All That Remains Box Set

de S.M. Shade

Sèrie: All That Remains (1-3)

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214,411,890 (4)No n'hi ha cap
Afegit fa poc perktomp17, gsc55
No n'hi ha cap
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I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

The Last Woman
A plague has wiped out pretty much all of the population. Abby and her son, Carson, have been the only people they have seen for a few months. There is no electricity, they only have what they can find in stores that hasn't gone bad (food wise), and no clean water. They come across Airen (a former model/actor) and a young girl, Jayla, he found alone while traveling. The 4 of them decide to stay together and become very close. Abby has self-esteem issues, so while she is completely attracted to Airen, she doesn't believe he would want anything to do with her. Their relationship builds very slowly and they become friends first, which is wonderful. A gentleman, Joseph, and his son, Walker, show up one day and they become friends as well. They begin to grow their own small community as they find other survivors. They become self sufficient and work really well together.
There were some scary, freaky scenes in this book and there were some real bad guys in this book. It was nice to see both the humanity and lack of humanity in this type of situation (I can imagine how real it would be), and the story featured kidnapping, murder, fear, happiness, and love. In this book, Airen and Abby come together and become a family together with Carson and Jayla.

Falling Together
In the last book, Abby and Airen got married. Life is going pretty well for them. Joseph is dating Troy but is in complete love with Abby and Airen. Airen goes on a trip with Eric that is only supposed to be 2 weeks, but the trip goes longer than expected...weeks longer. There is no way to communicate with each other and Joseph and Abby fear that Airen is dead. Joseph made a promise to Airen that he would take care of Abby if anything happened to him. Joseph and Abby get together in this book. Then when Airen returns, the three of them have a conversation and decide to be in a relationship together. This made the book 1000 times better. They were SO good together. It was so clear that Joseph wasn't just a third. He was a part of them and they were a part of him, both together and separate. Joseph wasn't joining Abby and Airen. He was with Abby, he was with Airen, and he was with them together. It was much stronger.

Infinite Ties
Holy smokes. I absolutely LOVE Joseph, Abby, and Airen. They have had to fight for a lot and to fight for each other, but the love they have is so clear and genuine. One plot line in the middle really bothered me and set me from bumping this to a 5 star, but beyond that very annoying story, this book was brilliant. I loved seeing Abby fight for her son and fight for her guys. I loved seeing the guys stick up for Abby and show her how much she is truly worth. Nothing could come between them, even though many forces tried. The first ending (not counting the special epilogue) was fabulous. You really felt like they were able to find a true HEA despite it being like it was the end of the world. We got a great glimpse into their lives a few years later. The second "don't read if you don't like sadness" ending was absolutely beautiful. I don't tend to like sadness and tears in my books, but I have to tell you...I am so glad I read this. It proved there truly was an HEA, not just one that you could assume was there years later. Abby, Joseph, and Airen were amazing. I am so glad I went out of my comfort zone and read this series. ( )
  ktomp17 | Mar 21, 2021 |
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