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The Illusionist's Apprentice de Kristy…
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The Illusionist's Apprentice (edició 2017)

de Kristy Cambron (Autor)

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9110250,381 (3.73)5
"Harry Houdni's one-time apprentice holds fantastic secrets about the greatest illusionist in the world. But someone wants to claim them . . . or silence her before she can reveal them on her own"--
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Once the apprentice to the amazing Harry Houdini, Wren Lockhart now performs her illusions on the vaudeville stage. She is talented, but eccentric...shutting nearly everyone out of her life, dressing in men's clothing and ignoring most social conventions. She relies only on herself. Her past taught her that. The past she keeps secret. After a man is supposedly raised from the dead by another illusionist, Horace Stapleton, the resurrected man promptly drops dead. Stapleton was previously debunked as a fraud by Houdini and Wren knows he didn't raise anyone from the dead. So, what did happen? She is approached by FBI agent Elliot Matthews to help with the investigation. Stapleton is a fraud, but Wren knows he isn't a murderer.

Set in the Vaudeville and flapper era of the 1920's, this book has much historical color amid the vibrant backdrop of stage performers, illusionists and all the magic of the Jazz Age. The mystery is engaging and the characters are believable. I loved Wren's strength and independence. Elliot is intelligent, patient and determined. The action is great, and the story perfectly paced to build tension. I found myself carrying my Kindle with me everywhere so I wouldn't have to stop reading!

Kristy Cambron is the author of several novels including The Butterfly and the Violin. To find out more about the author and her books, check out her website at

**I volunarily read an Advance Readers Copy of this book via NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.** ( )
  JuliW | Nov 22, 2020 |
An intrigue into vaudeville and early entertainment performers led me to this book. I felt that the characters could be stronger but the story kept them going so if you are looking for more plot driven book this would be it. ( )
  untitled841 | Jul 24, 2019 |
I have to admit that it was the mentioning of Harry Houdini that got me interested in this book. And, I'm glad I read the book, despite, the story taking place after Houdini's death. I found the story to be interesting and engaging, although the obvious romantic side story really didn't interest me that much.

Still, I was charmed by Wren Lockhart, and I found her to be a fabulous character. I especially liked the flashbacks to when she was younger, where we see what a terrible upbringing she had and how she came to work for Harry Houdini when she turned 16. I found the writing to be very good, and the characters came to life.

I quite liked the case. The mysterious "death" of a man raised from the dead with a note in his pocket with both Wren and Harry's real name that hinted that the "killer" wanted Wren involved. But why? This aspect of the book was great, I just wish the romantic part had been a bit toned down. Not that I disliked the romantic part, I just felt that I was more interested in the case, and Wren's part with Houdini. Still, it's a good book, and I wouldn't mind reading more books about Wren (and Houdini).

3.5 stars

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review! ( )
  MaraBlaise | May 19, 2019 |
Wren is an illusionist who worked with Houdini before his death.
Now Wren winds up at the scene of an unusual performance. A magician claims he will bring a man back from the dead. At the cemetery, a man does indeed rise from the coffin. But quickly dies.
Soon the scene turns into a murder investigation.

The cop questioning Wren begins to develop feels for her. Because of her own history she is reluctant to let anyone close to her.
She needs to show she is not connected to the case without uncovering any of a magician's secrets.

I was expecting more focus on magic in this story. It was really more of a mystery.
For my own tastes, I wish it focused more on the magic. ( )
  Mishale1 | Dec 29, 2018 |
I was intrigued with this book from the beginning. It was eerie to read about a dead man that was alive and coming out of a coffin. The crowd was awestruck until the man feel down. Was he really alive the whole time? Was it an illusion to get an audience to come to the show? Magicians have always fascinated me and the author does a masterful job of taking us into a world very few people get a glimpse of.

The references to Houdini and his secrets were so intriguing that I was captivated by the authors superb knowledge of him. Can you imagine working beside Houdini? What would you do with all the secrets you knew about him? Wren is a great character and I found her to be sly, steady, aware of her surroundings and guarded with secrets many would want to know. Why has the FBI asked her to help solve a crime? Wren is very well know among the illusionists and she is very suspicious of anyone who wants to expose them.

I loved the beautiful writing and the way the author swept us to a time period that many don't talk about. Houdini was very smart and taking on Wren as his apprentice was everything she had hoped for. Secrets and mystery take this story to back alleys and unsavory characters. The author has written another story that takes figures from history and mixes them with fictional characters . The end result is a masterpiece of intrigue , exciting characters, secrets that must be kept hidden and danger that lurks in the darkness. This is another outstounding book by an author that mixes reality and fiction and gives readers an exciting look into the past.

I received this book from The Fiction Guid. The review is my own opinion . ( )
  Harley0326 | May 1, 2017 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 10 (següent | mostra-les totes)
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"Harry Houdni's one-time apprentice holds fantastic secrets about the greatest illusionist in the world. But someone wants to claim them . . . or silence her before she can reveal them on her own"--

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