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My Calamity Jane (The Lady Janies) de…
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My Calamity Jane (The Lady Janies) (edició 2020)

de Cynthia Hand (Autor)

Sèrie: The Lady Janies (3)

MembresRessenyesPopularitatValoració mitjanaMencions
1325164,925 (3.78)3
Títol:My Calamity Jane (The Lady Janies)
Autors:Cynthia Hand (Autor)
Informació:HarperTeen (2020), 544 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Detalls de l'obra

My Calamity Jane de Cynthia Hand

No n'hi ha cap
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I had such a fun time with the previous two books in this series that I’ve been quite eager for this one to release, even though I know nothing about the historical figures this story is based on. And while I did have access to the audiobook, I kept putting it off without even realizing that it was perfect for one of my readathon prompts. Glad I finally figured that out in time, because this book couldn’t have been read at a better time.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about this series is “pure fun”. And at a time when I need some lightheartedness in my life, this was a delight to listen to. The plot is wacky, but I’m assuming atleast some parts of it are based on real incidents involving the characters during the 19th century. And as always, I thoroughly enjoyed the authors breaking the fourth wall to engage with us readers directly. I’ve really found it to be such an interesting way to satirize the story. And I can’t not mention how effectively the authors include some current pop culture stuff in, and one of those Marie Kondo moments really made me giggle endlessly.

I think the humor of the story really comes through in the audiobook. The narrator Sophie Amoss is hilarious and her different tones and accents are pitch perfect, bringing so much life to this story. And however wild a story about the Wild West, gunslingers and werewolves might seem, there was unbelievable depth and emotion here which I really appreciated. The pace was steady throughout, never letting us get bored and I really found it hard to put down.

The characters are a very enjoyable bunch and I found it so easy to get invested in their lives. Jane loves living life on her own terms and has come a long way from the tragedies of her childhood, but sometimes the sadness still lingers and she gets to explore it more when her life takes an unexpected turn. Annie wants to support her family, but her idea to do that is to be impulsive and go on an adventure - she really talks too much but I was awed by her supreme confidence in her abilities and never backing down in the face of unfavorable odds. Frank is the third of their trio, a kind and compassionate young man who loves his show business, his adorable dog George and his whole family. And the leader of this group is Bill, the popular gunslinger and a father figure to all of them - I never thought I would fall in love with a typical old gun toting hero of a western.

We also have an ensemble of side characters, some good and some bad, some mysterious and others just going along with the flow. Amongst all this are some adorable romances, beautiful friendships, necessary second chances, and so many heartfelt moments. And I loved that we have an amazing sapphic couple who are just adorable. And the epilogue with everybody was just perfect.

It’s easy to dismiss this series as just fun, which it unmistakably is - but it also explores so many important and relevant themes. Found family always has a special place in my heart and the bonds that the characters form with each other in this are beautiful and it emphasizes that sharing blood doesn’t make one a family, choosing to love, support and respect one another does. Another major point I felt this book was trying to make was about stereotypes - how harmful it can be if you stereotype/discriminate a whole group of people based on just the actions of a few instead of giving every person an equal chance to live their lives on their own terms and judge them based on their individual character.

And the last point was about the cult of personality; how a single person with enough power or charisma can harm scores of people, especially when they are supported by other folks who love the proximity to power; and how this personality cult can then be used to incite mobs, deny justice, and gaslight the ones who are trying to bring the truth to light - if all of this seems very similar, it’s because it’s the America we are currently living in.

In the end, I had such an amazing time listening to this audiobook. If you’ve already read the previous books in the series, then I hope you’ll continue with this as well. If you are new though, but would love to read a satirical series about historical figures with supernatural elements, and lot of hilarity and hijinks - then this is perfect for you. And do give the audiobooks a try because they really bring out the laughs.
( )
  ksahitya1987 | Aug 20, 2021 |
I didn't like this nearly as much as the first installment of the series. What I *did* like: women who don't need to be rescued/do the rescuing themselves; normalization of a same sex romance; mild soapboxing; George the dog. ( )
  joyblue | Jan 1, 2021 |
After my lackluster reaction to My Plain Jane, I'm happy to report that the Janies are back on track. This is super super fun. There's the title Jane, Wild Bill Hickok, Frank Butler, and Annie Oakley. So basically, some of my faves! And they hunt werewolves. I ate this up. ( )
  wisemetis | Nov 19, 2020 |
Annie, Jane, so fun. I will never forget book 1 and the joy it brought me, so none will ever compare to that one - I preferred this to book #2 though! I want me some kids and meddling dog - the hilarity of this book was just superb - I also wish I could talk to animals, because that would be amazing. ( )
  ashezbookz | Oct 20, 2020 |
Part of the The Lady Janies series, this book intrigued me. As with all of the books, this is set in an alternative history touched by the paranormal. In this case, we are dealing with werewolves and werewolf hunters. The book picks up at the point before the death of Wild Bill Hickok. It also includes Annie Oakley and Frank Butler.

The humor is helped some by familiarity with Annie Get Your Gun. I have to admit to laughing out loud at some of it. And when I check the actual history, it is neatly woven into the alternate history story. Just add werewolves. Historical purists might note that there are some different attitudes toward Native Americans than the original people likely held; to me that is a positive.

I would recommend this for people who like alternate histories with humor and a touch of the paranormal. ( )
  Jean_Sexton | Jun 28, 2020 |
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Hand, Cynthiaautor primaritotes les edicionsconfirmat
Ashton, Brodiautor principaltotes les edicionsconfirmat
Meadows, Jodiautor principaltotes les edicionsconfirmat

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When a man hits a target, they call him a marksman.
When I hit it, they call it a trick.
Never did like that much.

--Annie Oakley
I figure, if a girl wants to be a legend,
she should go ahead and be one.

--Calamity Jane
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Listen up, y'all. We're gonna tell you the story of Calamity Jane.
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For the boat rockers, the rulebreakers, and the troublemakers. No one ever became a legend by blending in.
I don't need a man. I have a gun.
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