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To the Top of the World: Adventures With…
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To the Top of the World: Adventures With Arctic Wolves (edició 1993)

de Jim Brandenburg (Autor)

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1495141,670 (3.83)No n'hi ha cap
A wildlife photographer records in text and photographs two visits to Ellesmere Island, Northwest Territories, where he filmed a pack of Arctic wolves over several months.
Títol:To the Top of the World: Adventures With Arctic Wolves
Autors:Jim Brandenburg (Autor)
Informació:Walker & Co (1993), Edition: First Edition, 44 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:science, arctic animals, mammals, wolves

Detalls de l'obra

To the Top of the World: Adventures with Arctic Wolves de Jim Brandenburg

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Es mostren totes 5
  OakGrove-KFA | Mar 28, 2020 |
This book teaches about animal communication, wolf social hierarchy and pack organization, along with the ecological significance of wolves. This book also carries messages about conservation, with resources listed on the end. The book could also be used in a classroom to discuss the power of photography in capturing images from the natural world and promoting species conservation. The book contains end resources for wolf conservation and protection.
  Kathrin.McCoy | Nov 9, 2017 |
This book combines a mixture of both narrative and straight informational style, and has great photos. There are some pictures that might be disturbing to younger readers, so that would have to be dealt with carefully. This book is based on more than just observing the wolves, brining in also different ways we can learn about wolves, like from their bones. This might be a great way to introduce a little bit of forensic science, that is what we can know about something besides just watching it, like with learning about a wolf through it's skull.
  rwild13 | Sep 2, 2017 |
Excellent information and illustrations about the lives and adventures of arctic wolves.
  kimawat | Apr 30, 2009 |
Genre: Informational
Age Appropriateness: Intermediate
Review: This informational book did a great job of intertwining text and pictures to help the readers truly learn what arctic wolves are like. It incorporated a lot of the photographers observations to get a real-life account. It was centered around a specific wolf pack and the dynamic pictures allowed the reader to sense the setting of the book.

Media: Photographs ( )
  hsenseney05 | Nov 24, 2008 |
Es mostren totes 5
"Noted wildlife photographer Brandenburg journeys to Ellesmere Island to observe an Arctic wolf pack for two months. ... He respects their intellect and perception while never forgetting the danger.... While the text is well done, it is the photos that make this an exceptional book. ... Though it looks like a picture book. the text is sophisticated enough for adults while appealing to students' love of wild creatures. ... This would be an excellent choice for a younger student looking for report material or an older student studying photography. Recommended.
afegit per CourtyardSchool | editaBook Report, Vol. 12, Issue 5, Page 51, Kathy Fredrick (Mar 1, 1994)
In this compelling photo essay, the author tells of his personal experiences living with a pack of wolves in the Arctic. Brandenburg is a wildlife photographer by trade, and his talent is abundantly evident in both the content and clarity of the photographs. The text is equally engaging.... His opinions about such nonobservable attributes such as the animals' emotions and thought processes add richness to the telling as does his attempt to explain and debunk the "big bad wolf" myths.
afegit per CourtyardSchool | editaHorn Book Magazine, Vol. 70, Issue 1, Elizabeth S. Watson (Jan 1, 1994)
[starred review] Gr 3-6 - A brief text and incredible full-color photographs tell the story of Brandenburg's Arctic summer excursion, during which he took pictures of a pack of wolves who seemed to accept his presence and allow him to approach them closely. On the day of his departure, the entire pack appeared at the airstrip to witness his leaving, as if to say good-bye. ... He clearly wants to communicate his awe for these wild creatures, and hopes to dispel any negative stereotypes that exist in readers' minds. His enthusiasm is evident in every well-chosen word. ... [Compared with three other books about wolves,] To the Top of the World is clearly the most captivating.
afegit per CourtyardSchool | editaSchool Library Journal, Vol. 39, Issue 12, Page 120, Ellen Fader (Dec 1, 1993)
Beautiful, almost unbelievable color photos of an Arctic wolf pack by a man who, like Farley Mowat in Never Cry Wolf (1963), describes the months he spent in the wild with them.... In the end, the photographer became almost an honorary pack member, though far down in the pecking order. Altogether, a fascinating firsthand account, with some interesting observations about not anthropomorphizing wolves....
afegit per CourtyardSchool | editaKirkus Reviews (Sep 1, 1993)
Wildlife photographer Brandenburg's account of a summer he spent near the Arctic Circle with a pack of white wolves is spirited by wildness, discovery and danger, yet also gentled by awe, mutual respect and profound emotion. ... Although wary of anthropomorphism, Brandenburg writes that "animals undoubtedly have more feelings than we give them credit for." This subtle, underlying persuasion, while never overwrought, gives the book a magnetic appeal. Ages 8-up.
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A wildlife photographer records in text and photographs two visits to Ellesmere Island, Northwest Territories, where he filmed a pack of Arctic wolves over several months.

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