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WHAT WE DO NOW: Standing Up for Your Values…
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WHAT WE DO NOW: Standing Up for Your Values in Trump's America (edició 2017)

de Dennis Johnson (Editor), Valerie Merians (Editor)

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This collection of essays by progressive leaders suggest actual strategies on how to move forward in resistance to a Trump administration.
Títol:WHAT WE DO NOW: Standing Up for Your Values in Trump's America
Autors:Dennis Johnson (Editor)
Altres autors:Valerie Merians (Editor)
Informació:Melville House (2017), 224 pages
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WHAT WE DO NOW: Standing Up for Your Values in Trump's America de Dennis Johnson

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read bits, but it's pretty sad to read it after he has been freed from following ANY rules/laws ( )
  c_why | Feb 24, 2020 |
I received this as an ARC/eGalley from the publisher.

This collection is comprised of easily digestible speeches, essays, and letters from prominent figures imploring the progressive public to resist complacency and depression in the next Presidential administration. The theme is clear: We are the majority, you are not alone, and we need to stick together.

While this is geared towards the general "liberal" demographic, much of this reads as a primer for the dismayed white voter who has been jolted into grassroots activism as a result of the 2016 US Election. To that aim, it's an excellent way to focus one's thoughts without getting overwhelmed by the onslaught of social media commentary, blogs, and editorials. I would caution against this being the ONLY read on the subject, though. I suggest interested readers and community members combine this with reading many other writings from POC and LGBTQ activists over the past several decades.

(Review was originally posted on Edelweiss on January 4, 2017.) ( )
  jess_reads | Jan 25, 2018 |
A little lighter on actual, practical next steps than I was hoping, but contains some quite inspirational essays by some pretty big names. It did inspire me to start donating to the Sierra Club, so I suppose that's something. ( )
  EmScape | Jan 6, 2018 |
This book was crash published by Melville House - born as an idea right after the election and printed and available by the inauguration - and I love them for that. It is a diverse collection of essays from American progressive leaders of all stripes - ranging from policy specific to reassurance and calls to self-care, focusing on the role of the arts, the Democratic party, the media, and individual citizens. There is history and rage and perspective and strategy and hope.

The rush to publish shows only in the repetitiveness of some of the essays, but the collection here is quite impressive. Reading this book in the days leading up to the inauguration was a balm. I love all the different approaches in this book. The essays in the Religious Freedom section filled me with moral purpose, then there's Robert Reich's scattershot list of possible action ideas.

I also need to take a moment to say ow much I like the design of this book, particularly the black back cover with its large block quote: "If you make yourself a sheep, the wolves will eat you." - Benjamin Franklin. I want to spend lots more time in public reading this book.

I praise this book highly. Whether you're looking for action, inspiration, leaders to support, or just not to feel alone in your despair and concern -- I highly recommend it. ( )
  greeniezona | Dec 6, 2017 |
I might have given this book 5 stars had I read it between November 9, 2016 and the end of 2016, perhaps even until January 19, 2017. But I read it after the inauguration. And all I could think of as I read was What would you all say now?!!! It’s so, so much worse than most thought it would be.

So I give it 3 stars. 3 ½ I guess. It was hard to read during this administration because I was so upset. I have been since November 8, 2016 but even my imagination didn’t envision all that’s happened in the last less than 3 months.

All the contributors are great and there was some solace reading essays from such brilliant and passionate and caring people. They are all experts in their topics and I appreciated that.

Recommended for reading before 1/20/17. Now, it’s sadly dated. There are still cogent points and plans and arguments, and hopefully most (including the earth) will survive long enough to find them useful after 2018 and/or 2020.

Most individual essays are really worth 5 or at least 4 stars but reading the book in its entirety at this point I found too depressing to rate it with more than 3 stars. ( )
  Lisa2013 | Apr 9, 2017 |
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This collection of essays by progressive leaders suggest actual strategies on how to move forward in resistance to a Trump administration.

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