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Geez Louise! de Susan Middleton Elya
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Geez Louise! (edició 2003)

de Susan Middleton Elya

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2210833,756 (4.14)No n'hi ha cap
Louise the stinkbug must face the bullying cockroach Kiki in a skating contest.
Títol:Geez Louise!
Autors:Susan Middleton Elya
Informació:Putnam Juvenile (2003), Hardcover, 32 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:Home Coffee Table

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Geez Louise! de Susan Middleton Elya

No n'hi ha cap
S'està carregant…

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Louise is a stink bug, who only had one friend, termite Tara. Louise heard about an ice skating competition coming up and wanted to compete, but she knew Kiki the roach, the town bully, was also going to be competing. Tara convinced Louise to compete and helped her practice. When competition day came, Kiki started to bully Louise about competing against her. Louise still decided to compete with Kiki. Everyone thought Kiki was going to win until she fell and the announcer announced Louise as the winner. Then Louise had friends galore thanks to Tara convincing Louise to compete and helping her practice.

I think this is a great book for students that have been bullied or even a book to read to your class to be open about bullying. Bullying is an everyday problem in schools, so I love that this book addressed that issue in a funny and cute story. ( )
  m.curtis | Feb 14, 2020 |
Louise is a stink bug that no one wants to be friends with because she smells so bad. She only has one friend that can put up with the smell and teaches her how to overcome being bullied. She wants to win a skating championship to show the bully that she is not scared to challenge her. With help and support from her friend she beats the bully and everyone looks over the smell an becomes her friend. Her confidence is through the roof now and she feels better about herself. Great book to share with all readers because there are many things being taught in this book. ( )
  Gsmith0930 | Nov 19, 2017 |
Louise was a stinkbug who couldn't help the way she smelled. Her bestfriend, Tara the termite, went ice skating with Louise everyday. One bug, Kiki the cockroach, was mean to everyone, especially the one who smelled the worst, Louise! When Louise and Tara found out about an upcoming contest, Tara begged Louise to enter. Louise was nervous since she thought that Kiki could beat her. Kiki heard that Louise had entered the contest, so she gave her a hard time about entering and told her that she had guts. Although Louise didn't think she'd win, she went first in the ice skating contest. When it was Kiki's turn, she fell on her rump while she was doing her triple jump. The announcer announced that Louise had won and everyone lifted her up around the rink. To Louise's surprise, the other bugs liked her even though she stunk. They were all proud of her for standing up to the mean bully, Kiki. Louise realized that there was more to her than her stench.
This book provides young children with the issues and challenges that they may face in life with bullies. It's a shame, but a lot of children are forced to face this issue one day in life. As a child, my mother has always told me that people sometimes bully other's because they are jealous. She taught me to stand up for myself if I was ever bullied. Sadly, bullying is an issue in many school and its beginning to happen to children as early as Pre-k. Thankfully, my daughter has not had to deal with any bullying issues in school yet, but I have taught my daughter to stand up for herself if ever bullied. I believe she should not let anyone else push her around or allow anyone else to put her down. On disney channel, they go nationwide with a program to try and prevent bullying and I believe this is a great and successful accomplishment. ( )
  baucoin | Oct 31, 2017 |
From looking at the cover of this book, "Geez Louise!" I knew this would be a fun and silly read. The young stink bug, Louise, "could count all her friends on her little pinky." Because she was so stinky, no one wanted to be her friend, until Tara the termite came along. Tara encouraged Louise to beat a bully, Kiki the cockroach, in a skating tournament. When Louise won, she also won a lot of new friends. I especially like this book because Tara became her friend before she won the tournament. She was a great friend and believed that Louise could beat Kiki. This book has the underlying message of bullying. I enjoyed watching the "little guy" stand up to the "bigger guy" and win in the end. This teachers young readers to stand up for themselves and have a little faith in their abilities. ( )
  rmwinter | Feb 21, 2017 |
Everyone loves a good story about an underdog succeeding against the odds. That's what "Geez Louise!" is. Louise isn't popular at all. In fact, she is constantly made fun of, but one day, she decides to stand up for herself and challenge a bully. In this classic good vs. evil story, readers see the importance of standing against bullying and believing in themselves. ( )
  tmoore3 | May 3, 2016 |
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No n'hi ha cap

Louise the stinkbug must face the bullying cockroach Kiki in a skating contest.

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