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This Is Really Happening

de Erin Chack

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The Buzzfeed senior editor reflects on the highs and lows of the millennial experience, sharing such stories as escaping a bear attack and her battle with cancer at nineteen.
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Maybe a good fit for older teens looking for a memoir that deals with illness but also college life and growing up? It's got a really companionable voice and plenty of shenanigans, but there's also a zillion fbombs. I've seen this shelved as YA all over, and while the story is about a teen/twenty-something I'm not positive that it reads as YA. Maybe? I might also be having some trouble because it's not really my kind of story. Ymmv. ( )
  bookbrig | Aug 5, 2020 |
*I received access to the galley for free through the First to Read program, in compliance with FTC guidelines.*

I knew a few lines in that this book would be panned.

On one side you have your millennials, your Buzzfeed generation. For those who enjoy short quips and articles, those preferably labeled tl;dr, then this book is for you. It is funny, light-hearted, and is a small peek into Chack's life thus far.

On the other side, you will have everyone else. Those who say Chack hasn't lived long enough, experienced enough to write a memoir. But everyone has a right to share their story.

It's a story of triumph along the small fissure between life and death. It isn't meant to bend genre or make a strong impact, but it is the story of a woman who endures hardship, something that we all can learn from no matter if we find ourselves in the technology camp or otherwise. ( )
  JaredOrlando | Oct 3, 2017 |
I received an Advanced readers copy of this book. An easy, funny, fairly short read. I really enjoyed Erin's stories about her life and truthfully I was jealous of Erin's friendships - to have friends who are loyal, adventurous, and a good time to be around is something rare. ( )
  Kenzer24123 | Aug 18, 2017 |
I received a free copy of this book from First to Read.
I can definitely see how fans of Jenny Lawson will enjoy this book. Erin Chack has a very easy to read style and a lot of her stories were funny. I did skip a few stories that I felt might lean too far toward "gross" instead of funny, but overall this was an enjoyable read. ( )
  sarahy531 | Aug 16, 2017 |
From cancer to boyfriends to menstruation (THAT OF WHICH WE WHO ARE MALES MUST NOT SPEAK!!!) BuzzFeed writer Erin Chack generally shies away from Too Much Information (TMI) except for the essay on the curse (THAT OF WHICH WE WHO ARE MALES MUST NOT SPEAK!!!) and even that essay was still a nugget of warmth and humor and insight.

There's no way I would have predicted how much I would have loved this book. It's just not in my wheelhouse. But describing it can't do it justice. The author's first officially pulp based product was one of the most enjoyable reads for me ever. Ever. That's "enjoyable" and not earth shattering or Pulitzer or Nobel Literature prize brilliant. It's a little better than that in the personal and personable introspective essays.

Ms. Chack writes for BuzzFeed. I don't care. I don't read BuzzFeed. But they've got a great writer on their hands. I'm not falling in love with Ms. Chack because I don't know her. But I HAVE fallen in love with her writing through this true gem of a collection of personal essays. Number one take away: Ms. Chack is an outstanding writer. Her prose is direct, clear, interesting, funny, bitter-sweet, insightful, and gosh darn well done.

These eleven essays are personal forays into the life and mind of a young woman. The kind of young woman who might look askance at this 60 year old overweight white guy - nothing personal, just the probable demographics. But even though we live in different universes, all of these essays connected immediately. The opening essay on surviving cancer (the good kind, you know, like curable?) is probably the most depressing, but at the same time (cliche warning) also uplifting. My favorite essay was probably "Find Your Carrot" which has helped me to understand why I've been married for 32 years. Reviewers aren't supposed to quote from advanced reader's copies of books, but if the editors delete the phrase "I've been walking around with a very fragile dried flower in my pocket, and sometimes I just can't believe it hasn't been crushed to dust yet." I will hunt them down and tell them what a stupid editor they are.

Thanks for sharing your life with us, Ms. Chack. May you write long and well.

P.S. Sorry I used the word "but" too many times in my review. But this IS a good book!

Disclaimer: I received a free Advance Reader's Copy (ARC) via the Amazon Vine program. ( )
  fugitive | Jun 22, 2017 |
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The Buzzfeed senior editor reflects on the highs and lows of the millennial experience, sharing such stories as escaping a bear attack and her battle with cancer at nineteen.

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