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The Case of the Baited Hook: A Perry Mason…
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The Case of the Baited Hook: A Perry Mason Mystery (1940 original; edició 2020)

de Erle Stanley Gardner (Autor), Otto Penzler (Autor)

Sèrie: Perry Mason (Book 16)

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213696,533 (3.82)5
Perry Mason lives on in the perennially popular courtroom classics that put legal thrillers on the map. Case closed!
Títol:The Case of the Baited Hook: A Perry Mason Mystery
Autors:Erle Stanley Gardner (Autor)
Altres autors:Otto Penzler (Autor)
Informació:American Mystery Classics (2020), Edition: Reprint, 316 pages
Col·leccions:Have Read
Etiquetes:Classic Mysteries/Detectives, Perry Mason, Erle Stanley Gardner

Detalls de l'obra

The Case of the Baited Hook de Erle Stanley Gardner (1940)

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"I christened her Cleopatra Circe Tump. I guess it embarrassed her to death, but at least she wasn't chained to a life of mediocrity by having names that were a millstone of conventional respectability around her neck." ( )
  Jon_Hansen | Aug 29, 2020 |
Original price: $0.35 ( )
  ME_Dictionary | Mar 20, 2020 |
Perry Mason gets a call on his private home phone, late in the night. The man on the phone is demanding Perry meets him at Perry's office as soon as possible. The man needs Perry's services immediately, and to entice Perry he is offering payment in the form of two thousand dollar bills for a retainer. The follow-up is $10,000 if Perry is required to go to court.

When the man shows up at Perry's office, he is accompanied by a female. She was dressed in a voluminous raincoat, buttoned from neck to bottom, a close fitting hat and a mask. Her identity completely hidden. The man wanted Perry to defend the woman if she were to be involved in murder. At that time Perry would be told who she was.

This offer is hard to refuse, so Perry takes it. During this case there are times where he regrets that he did take the offer, but knows that he must see it through.

He also has a second case that involves an illegal adoption. There is a big question whether the child was of Russian parentage, as presented by one of the parties, or something else. A hugh trust fund is the weight behind the question.

Between Perry, Della Street and Paul Drake, the cases get solved; but there are quite a number of jogs in the path to the solution, along with some dodges of the police getting the information first and getting it wrong.

I always enjoy Perry Mason. ( )
  ChazziFrazz | May 16, 2019 |
Like many of Gardner's Perry Mason novels, Baited Hook begins with an unusual introduction to a client. In fact, the client is so mysterious that she is covered up and wearing a mask and doesn't even speak to Mason. And to top it off, although a large sum of money is dangled, Mason isn't told what the case is about or what he's expected to do. The case from there gets even more convoluted with Mason getting involved in a questionable stock trade, stumbling on corpses, and stands accused of being a pursesnatcher.

Gardner's Perry Mason stories are mysteries centered around a lawyer not a detective. Although this one is bereft of courtroom scenes, it has plenty of deductions and antics. ( )
  DaveWilde | Sep 22, 2017 |
And back to the normal order of the series.

A middle of the night call ends up with Perry being hired to defend a woman... and he has no idea who she is. So when a man is killed, the main mystery is not who killed him really - it is who the client really is. It is a little hard for Mason to pull his usual tricks when he never knows who he needs to protect.

And just to make sure that it is more complicated than it should have been - a girl that had inherited money even though she is not part of high society, a high society girl with no money, an old woman with an extraordinary story, a wife, even Della Street - it could be any of them. And if one of them is to be protected, another needs to be thrown to the wolves. And herein lies the problem for our lawyer - so he ends up maneuvering to protect everyone.

Mix all that with a story of a Russian heiress, a sunken boat, a home when mothers can leave their children until they can get them back (or stop paying after which the kids can be adopted) and corruption in one of those homes and the story gets even more complicated.

And unlike most of the cases, here Occam's razor works perfectly - you need to look for the real story under all the red herrings.

I liked that book a lot more than I expected to - for at least half of the book I was finding some of the turns phony - until they turned out to be invented and not real. And having a straight mystery in the series was a nice break. ( )
  AnnieMod | Sep 17, 2016 |
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Perry Mason lives on in the perennially popular courtroom classics that put legal thrillers on the map. Case closed!

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