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The Trident Legacy: Collection One

de Kathryn Le Veque, Sharon Hamilton

Sèrie: The Trident Series (1)

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Afegit fa poc perEileen.Dandashi

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Discover the angst two sons of Poseidon endure by being immortal!

Review of SEAL OF TIME BY Sharon Hamilton

Poseidon’s son, Tay, has his marching orders from his father. He is to protect mankind, in general, and with his supernatural abilities. Discovering a man badly wounded from action as a SEAL, he was able to heal most of his wounds and sent him to the hospital. From that experience he decided he could be of great benefit to the SEALs, therefore he joins up.

I enjoyed the dialogue and camaraderie between the Seal team, the way they protect each other as well as slap each other around. I enjoyed the way Tay does work that is most dangerous. Even though the son of a god, his team are his brothers.

Marney, a woman Tay thinks has the body and voice of a siren, happens to be on part of the beach where Tay has his home, saying goodbye to her life in San Deigo. She’s meets him and each are extremely attracted to the other. Marney gets in a terrible car accident, and Tay is there to work his magic. But can there be an enduring relationship between a mortal and someone who is immortal who doesn’t age?

The story, although short, is a good one, well-written with some hot sex scenes, and a sweet romance. I haven’t read this author before. I’d like to take a look at one of her longer novels.

Review of The Immortal Sea by Kathryn Le Veque

This novella takes us from 1269 A.D. when Sir Kerk LeSander, a son of Poseidon, finds himself in a bit of a pickle. Through the Ages he has many lives because he doesn’t age and people question why. He’s fought many battles. Now, his life is threatened because the locals think he's committing witchcraft. A mob comes after him. He has to leave his life behind and start again. That sure would be irksome, don't you think?

He dare not love a woman, for if he does he would lose his immortality. So as much as he loves life, he doesn’t live it fully. To not love is to not live, in my opinion.

Kerk’s power is the ability to command or even be the elements. He can also heal himself, but not others.

Presently, he is in the San Diego, California area. He finds work with the SEALs is the best place for his abilities. While having some downtime, he meets a cop who captures his attention. Karia has given up on men and pushes them away. Karia is intrigues by Kerk because what she knows of him just doesn’t add up.

The relationship which builds between them is fun to watch. Lots of bantering and chuckles await you. Karia’s internal dialogue:

"The wet tee-shirt and wet shorts were giving her an eyeful because the guy was built like a brick shithouse."

Kerk, however, can’t let her get too close. He can’t lose his heart to her—he’s never felt like this before. And there's the conundrum, dear reader. ( )
  Eileen.Dandashi | Mar 29, 2017 |
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Hamilton, Sharonautor principaltotes les edicionsconfirmat
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