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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway

de Jeff Kinney

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Sèrie: Diari del Greg (12)

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2,00777,404 (4.11)3
Greg Heffley and his family escape to a tropical island resort for some much-needed rest and relaxation, but sun poisoning, stomach troubles, and venemous creatures all threaten their vacation.
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  lcslibrarian | Aug 13, 2020 |
  lcslibrarian | Aug 13, 2020 |
This story is revolves around Greg Heffley, a 12 year old boy and a middle child in a family of 5. To Greg’s displeasures his family decides to skip Christmas and go on a vacation. This upsets Greg because he wanted to stay home and play video games,and instead he was put on a plane to Isla De Corales in reminder of his parents’ honeymoon.On top of not wanting to go, his family had problems at the airport. They almost missed their flight, causing Greg to act bratty. After he sees a flyer of the water park on the plane for the resort they would be staying at Greg gets antsy to go to the water park. A minor tragedy occurs when they realize the airline lost their luggage. Even though the family is stressed they try to make the best by going into the water park. They then find out that the resort is split onto two sections, the wild side and the mild side. The wild side is focused mainly on the childrens’ play area. The mild side, a calmer side aimed toward adults. His parents were overwhelmed by the wild side and tried to go onto the mild side. Unfortunately they couldn’t get access into the mild side because the Hefflys didn’t have any other clothes besides their swimsuits. There was no way to get into the mild side, so they tried to sneak in. They all got caught and unfortunately got kicked out.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was one of my favorite book in the series because I could relate to it easily. One thing I liked about this book is that it’s climax started in the beginning so the story wasn’t slow. Usually I don’t like graphic novels in the exception of this book. ( )
  SophiaA.G1 | Oct 24, 2018 |
It is about this boy name Greg who wanted to spend christmas break at home but his mom wanted family time and a vacation picture. So Greg's mom thought they should go to the place where his mom and dad had there honeymoon. Greg didn't want to go but the rest of his family was on board, so they all went to an island where the honeymoon is. For the plane ride Greg had to sit in the middle of a family with three and there was only three sits, the dad wanted to sit in the outside because he always had to use the restroom and the mother wanted to sit near the window. Greg's family was on the other side (the third person was the baby who was sitting in the moms lap). When they got there they went to go check in and the island looked pretty good to Greg's eyes. They found out that there was to parts on the side mild side for the family and for the couples it was called wild side so they had to be on the mild side. Greg's mom thought there was nobody gonna be here but that is what all the other family's thought too. Well if we go later on in the story they were kicked out for wearing other peoples clothes sense they wanted to go a restaurant but they said the men have to have a suit on and the women has to have a dress and there Greg's little brother Minny found other peoples luggage and thought it was there's so when the other family saw them wearing there clothes they told security and they were kicked out. They went back to get a picture and almost got caught but didn't. that is my summary of the getaway.

My opinion about this book is why didn't he just go the teen spot with his older brother Rodrick and maybe he could have had a better time or just try to get on the other side. I thought the book was good but not long enough. Most of his books aren't really cliff hanging it just ends the book at the weirdest place that is the most worst thing about it other then that i think this book is really good. It always had an intresting topic and went to the next topic and always ended the topic with the rest of the information you needed. Another thing bad thing about this book is they are always unhappy bout things that should be good ! That's my opinion about this book so i give it a four. ( )
  JahydaB.B4 | Sep 13, 2018 |
Los Heffley deciden escapar del frío y de las tensiones navideñas con una escapada a una isla tropical en busca de un buen merecido descanso. ¡Están convencidos de que unos cuantos días en un lugar de ensueño les sentarán de maravilla! Pero la familia de Greg no tardará

en descubrir que eso del paraíso tampoco era para tanto... Las insolaciones, las indigestiones y las picaduras de bichos de todo tipo amenazan con echar a perder el viaje familiar. ¿Podrán salvar sus vacaciones o su escapada a la isla terminará en desastre?
  bibliotecayamaguchi | Mar 2, 2018 |
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Greg Heffley and his family escape to a tropical island resort for some much-needed rest and relaxation, but sun poisoning, stomach troubles, and venemous creatures all threaten their vacation.

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