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You: On A Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management

de Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz

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Sèrie: YOU: The Owner's Manual (2)

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1,629168,466 (3.72)16
The authors provide advice, an eating plan, and exercises to help listeners achieve a sustained loss of abdominal fat and live a healthier life.
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This is a great book. It is full of what seems to me to be solid scientific information. The authors break the information down into layman's terms and explain the importance of everything thoroughly. There were several corny jokes sprinkled throughout the book which may be distracting to some, but I personally found that it kept me interested and more involved with the reading. Without the jokes, this would probably have read like a text book. Great book! I feel much more informed and less intimidated after reading it. ( )
  Borrows-N-Wants | Sep 22, 2018 |
This book is alright I suppose, but it was a bit boring to me. I was mistaken in what I thought it would contain. I thought it explained everything in much more detail than I was interested in. If you're looking for something that will inspire you during your dieting, you won't find it in here. If you're looking for clinical descriptions and how your body processes food, this is the book for you. ( )
  dorie.craig | Jun 22, 2017 |
I am on Weight Watchers and wanted to use this book as supplement to that program. The book has good suggestions but does not mention Weight Watchers at all. The book emphasizes exercise and right eating as most diet books do. The problem of weight loss lies with the individual and their choices. ( )
  Cataloger623 | Nov 23, 2016 |
Good info in the first half -- didn't read the second half yet.
  emblue | Jan 3, 2016 |
May or may not be for YOU: I have mixed feelings about this book. Even though we are all hoping to open up a weight loss book and find an effortless way to lose those unwanted pounds, we all know that the only way to lose weight is by eating less, exercising more, or both. Hence, if you strip away all the elf pictures and humor, 'You: On a Diet' really has nothing more to offer than that. So if you're looking for a new slant to things, or some cutting edge weight loss plan, you'll probably be disappointed. For example, one of the exercises the book tells you to do to lose weight is to walk. But I guess that might be good advice for readers who never thought of doing that to lose weight?

Having said that however, for what it is- a quite entertaining weight loss book that explains in plain language how your body gains/loses weight and details a sensible diet and exercise plan- it is well worth your time and money. Also recommend 'The Sixty-Second Motivator' because dieting and exercise are useless unless you're motivated to stick with them.
  lonepalm | Feb 5, 2014 |
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Can popping a pill be a shortcut to weight loss? If so, how do you know what's safe to swallow?
We spend millions on slimming pills and diet aids. Our expert put top brands to the test... and was surprised by what she found.
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Nom de l'autorCàrrecTipus d'autorObra?Estat
Roizen, Michael F.autor primaritotes les edicionsconfirmat
Oz, Mehmetautor principaltotes les edicionsconfirmat
Hallgren, GaryIl·lustradorautor secundarialgunes edicionsconfirmat

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The authors provide advice, an eating plan, and exercises to help listeners achieve a sustained loss of abdominal fat and live a healthier life.

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