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The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle de Leslie…
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The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle (edició 2020)

de Leslie Connor (Autor)

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As he grieves his best friend Benny's death, Mason and his friend Calvin, who are targeted by the neighborhood bullies, create an underground haven for themselves, but when Calvin goes missing Mason finds himself in trouble.
Títol:The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle
Autors:Leslie Connor (Autor)
Informació:Katherine Tegen Books (2020), Edition: Reprint, 352 pages
Etiquetes:BODIES & ABILITIES, grades 3 - 7, MIDDLE GRADES, learning differences, dyslexia, synesthesia, death, grief, ages 9 - 14

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The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle de Leslie Connor

S'està carregant…

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Mason Buttle is cursed by a body larger than normal, and he sweats a lot!
Despite his size, a group of school mates are bulliles. After getting off the bus, his classmates torment him by throwing apples from the trees that Mason's family once owned.

Now, his best friend is dead, and the local police and trying to figure out if Mason did this, or if not, who did kill Benny Kilmartin.

When small Calvin Chumsky moves in the area, he chooses Mason for a friend. The unite and are allies against the terrible feel of a hard apple at the back.

But, when Calvin Chumsky is missing, as well as Benny, Mason must find a way to unlock his mid that has a very big problem in remembering details. It is imperative to find Calvin before he is blamed for what may have happened to him.

This is a wonderful book. ( )
  Whisper1 | Dec 28, 2020 |
Mason Buttle is 12 Yeats old and an underdog. He is very large for his age and has a pesky perspiration problem, which is why he takes a clean shirt to school everyday. He changes just before lunch, otherwise, he is pretty gross. His Mom was killed by a drunk driver and Dad is long gone. You see , life has not been an easy ride so far for Mason. He lives with his uncle and his grandmother in a house that is messy and and crumbling down and the adults are not far behind.

Despite his immense size for his age,Mason is tormented daily by bullies.
And then there is the police detective that Mason sees waiting in his driveway on too many days. Mason's best friend, Benny Kilmartin died tragically and Mason was the last person to see Benny. The two of them had been playing in their tree house together and this policeman, Lieutenant Baird, is dead sure that Mason knows how it happened and isn't telling.

On top of all this Mason struggles with language and is dyslexic.

One day, he meets Calvin Chumsky, also an underdog, and a friendship is born. These two guys start hanging out together after school and being adventurous types, they discover a fantastic cellar near Mason's house which they transform into a hideaway. The relationship reminds me of “Freak the Mighty.”

Now the bullies have two victims to target.

How does one boy stand up against so many people who are trying to bring him down?

Lucky for both of these boys there is a teacher who reaches out with compassion, love, empathy and sees beyond the surface of her struggling students. She is a true hero!

While a good one, I found the story slow until about halfway when it all breaks wide open!

You will fall in love with many of the characters and will feel extreme frustration with others. After Mason, Moonie was my favorite.
  jothebookgirl | Feb 5, 2020 |
Mason Buttle is the butt of jokes at school. He's the biggest in his 7th grade class, he's always sweating and he can hardly read or write with his dyslexia. Bad luck seems to follow him and his family- his grandpa died, then his mom and then his best friend Benny who Mason found at the foot of the apple tree where their tree fort was in the orchard. If life wasn't rough enough, now he is met when he gets off the bus with either a barage of lacrosse balls or apples from his neighbor Matt and his teammates. But then he meets little Calvin Chumpsky, stands up for him when he runs into trouble with the guys and they are instant friends. Mason and Calvin both spend time in the Swoof (social worker's room) at school where there is a very supportive teacher that hooks Mason up with a dictating machine that really helps him get his thoughts out. Maybe with this, he'll have the written story the policeman wants from Mason about what happened the day Benny died. This is an excellent story that brings in many themes for discussion- great for grades 4-6. ( )
  sgrame | Sep 24, 2019 |
Mason Buttle isn't your typical kid. He's big and sweaty, and he can't read. So, of course, he's a target for bullies. His family lives on an apple orchard, but they had to sell off parts of it when they had some bad crops, and new housing was built nearby. When Mason gets off the bus every day, boys from the new neighborhood harass him, bombarding him with fallen apples.
Mason has other problems. His best friend had died in the apple orchard and was found at the foot of the tree house where the boys had played. The Lieutenant obviously suspects Mason, but he is too naive to realize it.
Life gets a little better when he makes friends with Calvin...until...
This is a mystery, so I won't give away too much. It explores ideas about family, friendship, bullying, learning differences and people's prejudices about those differences. ( )
  YAbookfest | Aug 19, 2019 |
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As he grieves his best friend Benny's death, Mason and his friend Calvin, who are targeted by the neighborhood bullies, create an underground haven for themselves, but when Calvin goes missing Mason finds himself in trouble.

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