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The Flash : hocus pocus de Barry Lyga
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The Flash : hocus pocus (edició 2017)

de Barry Lyga

Sèrie: The Flash [Middle Grade Novels] (1), CW The Flash (MG Novel), Arrowverse (Flash MG novel)

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322597,145 (4.25)No n'hi ha cap
"This first installment in the Flash middle-grade series follows Barry Allen as he continues his mission to protect Central City"--
Títol:The Flash : hocus pocus
Autors:Barry Lyga
Informació:New York : Amulet Books, 2017.
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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The Flash: Hocus Pocus de Barry Lyga

No n'hi ha cap
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So, this seems like it’s the first in an in between children’s and YA chapter book series about The Flash and possibly also Supergirl (and more? I’d love to see a Legends of Tomorrow book in this format, oh the zany things that could happen in that) based on the TV shows of the same names, and honestly, while I think that the Flash TV show is okay, this book was amazing compared to the show.

They even made it so that this book will never collide with the show itself either. Basically, instead of Barry creating Flashpoint as he did in the show, he went back inside with Iris (which I will have you know I was screaming at him to do at the time during the show), and from there is where the story goes.

The big bad for this book is a guy calling himself Hocus Pocus who can control, well, anything with his ‘magic’. And, so Flash and everyone have to figure out what it is, and then how to make it so Flash can’t be controlled anymore. There’s also a secondary Barry Allen story that is quite intriguing and provided a pretty cool cliffhanger at the end.

But, onto why I liked it so much more than the show. There were a couple of reasons. I think that Lyga got the characters almost perfectly from the screen to the page. And I think that he managed to get them even more than the show. On the show they seem to forget that Barry is more than just a speedster, he’s a freaking brilliant scientist too. Lygat gets this, and the book is so much more integrated, it seems, into DC, not just the DCTV, unlike on the show. Just the bad guy and one of the helpful ‘allies’ that are in this made me feel like I was somewhere in the DC Multiverse, and not just in the Supergirl/Legends of Tomorrow/Flash/Arrow bubble.

Honestly, if Jo Whittemore’s Supergirl: Age of Atlantis is half as good as this one I cannot wait to read it. ( )
  DanieXJ | Aug 18, 2018 |
Set post season 2, in a Central City in which Flashpoint never happened. This was very nicely done. It felt like an episode of the show, and the author had a good handle on the characters' voices. (Plus H.R. was in it!) ( )
  stellar_raven | Jun 11, 2018 |
Es mostren totes 2
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No n'hi ha cap

"This first installment in the Flash middle-grade series follows Barry Allen as he continues his mission to protect Central City"--

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