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Love Letters

de Arnold Adoff

Altres autors: Lisa Desimini (Il·lustrador)

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799265,508 (4.35)2
A collection of twenty poems written by kids and klutzes, secret admirers and detractors, friends, enemies, and skeptics to the objects of their affection--or aversion.
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This book is basically a collection of different love poems. The poems are not only for Valentines day but also for any day of the year. The poems are also for animals and humans alike and the poems and weather and numbers.

Reaction: I thought it would have rhymed more for it to be a child's book, but I thought the illustrations were weird but interesting.

1.Study different types of poems.
2. Have students write their own poems in a certain style of poetry.
  FrancisWills | Jul 25, 2016 |
This book is one of my favorite collection of short poems. I love this book for three main reasons. First of all, the actual physical structure of the words incorporates the aspect of time into the stories and emphasis the importance of some words over others. For example, in one sentence the author states "First: K e e p m o m m i n g. Second: I'm really thanking you. Third: I'm serious. This makes the reader have to pause before they read the next part which enhances the entire poem. I also really like how the author incorporates a lot of rhythm in the writing as well. For example, in one page it says, "I love you more than peanut butter cookies crumble. I love you more than yellow b e e s bumble. I also love you more than dark thunder clouds rumble." This kind of writing creates a sort of jazzy feel. I also really enjoy the illustrations throughout the novel. Even though they are done by the same person, they are all really different and fit the story they are meant for. For instance, on a couple pages are photographs of real people and on others there are just cartoons. The main idea of this story is appreciating the value and tradition of valentines and love notes. ( )
  CSoude3 | Apr 17, 2016 |
Summary: "Love Letters" is a collection of poems (20) about love! Each poem is written in the form of a letter, whether it be a schoolboy to schoolgirl, or Grandson to Grandma. There are lovers, secret lovers, friends, and enemies to be found in this collection.
Review: So far, this has been my favorite read. The poems in this book all relate to love (hence the title). What separates them, however, is the uniqueness of each poem. They are all written in different kinds of directions and provide their own word choice. Put together, any reader of any age will be sucked into this masterpiece. An absolute must read for a lesson on poems! ( )
  cclark37 | Oct 28, 2014 |
"Love Letters” is an interesting poem book. The main message of the book is that love is everywhere. I really did enjoy it. One of the reasons that I liked this book is the writing style of all of the poems. For all of the poems aren’t written in the straight down fashion they are written I across the page, with tabs. I though this was interesting because it allows the reader to see that poetry is written in different styles and shows the reader that all poems don’t follow the conventional style. I also enjoyed the theme of the book because it showed the reader that there are many different types of love for instance there is young love, family love, peer love, teacher love and love that is felt for both people. This theme wasn’t even rushed throughout the book it flowed nicely even though not all of the poems are connected to one another. ( )
  KiTiraShorter | May 5, 2014 |
This book is a humorous collection of "love letter poems"-- poems written in the style of letters, each with strong images and a very particular (often humorous voice). This is an excellent book for introducing poetry to young children-- a great activity is to have students write their own poetry love letter afterwards. Students will also enjoy the different forms of the poems and the "secret names" such as "Ms. Back Row" and "Playground Snow girl." This would work well read with Joyce Sidman's "This is Just to Say." ( )
  DayehSensei | Apr 29, 2012 |
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Desimini, LisaIl·lustradorautor secundaritotes les edicionsconfirmat
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A collection of twenty poems written by kids and klutzes, secret admirers and detractors, friends, enemies, and skeptics to the objects of their affection--or aversion.

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