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Indecision (Follow Your Heart Book 1) de…
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Indecision (Follow Your Heart Book 1) (edició 2018)

de Caragh Bell (Autor)

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1181,416,870 (3.67)No n'hi ha cap
Títol:Indecision (Follow Your Heart Book 1)
Autors:Caragh Bell (Autor)
Informació:Poolbeg Press (2018), Edition: 1, 465 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Detalls de l'obra

Indecision de Caragh Bell

No n'hi ha cap
S'està carregant…

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Ressenya escrita per a Crítics Matiners de LibraryThing .
Lydia loves her boyfriend Dominic with whom she's been quite a long time already. When she moves away to do a Master's degree, the separation isn't easy to take. Plus, there's Luca right there beside her: gorgeous, flirty, American, he is as intriguing to her as he is off-limits. But the effect he has on her makes her start to question her life's decisions so far.

Indecision, unfortunately, didn't work for me. It was badly written and full of unlikable and/or clichéd characters. I found it an exhausting read.

Read more on my blog: ( )
  kalafudra | Sep 1, 2019 |
Ressenya escrita per a Crítics Matiners de LibraryThing .
Indecision seems to be an apt title for this novel. Lydia leaves behind her French studies to get a master's in English because she wants to be a journalist or write a book when she graduates. Her dream destination is France, but her boyfriend of three years, Dominic who lives in Dublin and is learning to be a surgeon while she lives in Cork want to move to New York City after he's done. She tells herself that she can be like Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in the City and live a glamorous life in New York with him.

Lydia lives with her best friend since childhood, Samantha who is a first-year teacher. She meets a cute guy named Craig when she goes out dancing one night without Lydia. Craig's cousin, Luca, who is half French, half Irish and from New York City is in some of Lydia's classes and has been flirting shamelessly with her even knowing that she has a boyfriend. He keeps asking her out for coffee and she keeps saying "no" until her gay cousin Collin without knowing any of this accepts the invite from him and invites Lydia along. Samantha comes along and the group decides that a ski trip over Christmas break in Austria would be just the thing for all of them, including Collin's new boyfriend Val, Dom, Craig, and Lucus's sort of girlfriend Jessica.

Jessica is a hot model but is rather empty-headed and her talking bores Lucus. He'd rather listen to Lydia who has agreed to be his friend, but no more than that. The more time they spend together the more Lydia spends thinking about Luca. She enjoys the flattery and the attention, but she knows that he is a player and besides she has Dom whom she loves and who is honestly the best guy ever. You just can't hate this guy.

Then when the ski trip happens, Dom's great aunt dies midway through the trip and he is forced to go home to the funeral. When Collin and Lydia are going down the mountain they have just closed the slope due to bad conditions and the two become separated in the fog. Lydia can't find her way down the mountain and picks a trail that leads to a huge pile of snow that she crash lands in and knocks her out. Collin calls Luca who is still at the top of the slope at the cafe to see if he's seen her and he immediately takes off down the barred slope looking for her and when he finds her they enjoy a searing kiss. Later that night after partying late, everyone else is ready to go to bed, but Luca and Lydia aren't ready to go to bed and head back out again to go dancing and drinking. The dancing is quite dirty and the drinking is quite heavy and when they come back to the chalet they head to Lydia's room where they make love. The next morning Lydia is kicking him out the door telling him that this was a mistake and to forget about it.

But Luca, who thought if he could just sleep with her once he'd get her out of his system can't forget about her, can't. And Lydia feels an enormous amount of guilt over what she did, but can't stop thinking of Luca. Lydia's whole life is one great big indecision. She doesn't know which guy to be with or what to do with her life after college. But like most romance novels this one will end with her having figured it all out, though, maybe not how you'd expect, however, all lose strings will be tied I loved the character of Collin with his OCD and his fabulous cooking and drink mixing skills and his ability to figure Lydia out without her saying a word. Not much gets past him. And Samantha is the best friend we all wish we could have. Who will go to bat for us and be there when we are in a jam and not judge. Overall I really enjoyed this book and as it ended with a to be continued I look forward to the further adventures of Lydia and her group of friends as they get into and out of trouble. I greatly recommend this book. ( )
  nicolewbrown | Sep 19, 2018 |
Ressenya escrita per a Crítics Matiners de LibraryThing .
I normally breeze through romance stories but this one I took my time. Bell has made interesting characters and a story that flows pretty smoothly. It follows the romance novel formula but doesn't feel pat or tired. A solid story that focuses on the development of Lydia, not just her romantic affairs. ( )
  abanmally | Apr 23, 2018 |
Ressenya escrita per a Crítics Matiners de LibraryThing .
I won a free kindle edition of Indecision by Caragh Bell from Library Thing in exchange for an honest review. To be honest, I entered this giveaway by mistake. I do not read e-books and I do not care for most romances. So I cannot review it. Sorry about that. ( )
  myrnagottlieb | Feb 5, 2018 |
Ressenya escrita per a Crítics Matiners de LibraryThing .
Caragh Bell's novel "Indecision" is everything a romance novel should be. It has a beautiful female character whose heart is torn between two lovers, two devastatingly handsome men who are devoted to winning and keeping her heart, some very steamy sexy-time descriptions, and several supporting characters that either entertain and / or convict the characters and shed light their actions. But just because it has the typical design of a typical romance novel, Bell does a wonderful job in adding some twists and turns to keep the story interesting, likeable, and unique. In all, I enjoyed meeting the characters and was interested in what would happen next, which is a feat since I do not usually like the typical romance novels. I might even be interested enough to read the following sequel! ( )
  la.anita | Feb 3, 2018 |
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