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All of This Is True: A Novel de Lygia Day…
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All of This Is True: A Novel (edició 2018)

de Lygia Day Peñaflor (Autor)

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893237,353 (2.86)1
When Long Island teens Miri, Soleil, Penny, and Jonah befriend a bestselling YA novelist, they find their deepest, darkest secrets in the pages of her next novel, with devastating consequences. Told from different perspectives as interviews, journal entries, and book excerpts.
Títol:All of This Is True: A Novel
Autors:Lygia Day Peñaflor (Autor)
Informació:HarperTeen (2018), 432 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca, Per llegir
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Detalls de l'obra

All of This Is True: A Novel de Lygia Day Penaflor

No n'hi ha cap
S'està carregant…

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Es mostren totes 3
Three best friends are big fans of Fatima Ro, the author of their favorite book "The Drowning." When the author herself befriends them and invites them to hang out at her house, it is beyond a dream come true for them. But it turns out that perhaps Fatima was using them and their confidences to write her next YA bestseller, which leads to the severe beating of their new friend Jonah who himself has a secret to hide. The documentary style of TV interviews, book excerpts, texts, emails and magazine articles all toss out the pieces of an intriguing mystery. The reader is compelled to follow along and put the pieces together. Did Fatima take advantage of the girls? What was Jonah's secret? Which of the girls' perspectives was the closest to the truth? Great candidate for beach reading although given that Fatima's "The Drowning" was such a lauded book, the excerpts from her "The Absolution of Brady Stevenson" come off somewhat weak. Or maybe that's the point: Fatima had run out of ideas and used the girls to write her next book. ( )
  Salsabrarian | Feb 26, 2020 |
Woo boy, what an absolute disappointment book this was. When this was first announced, I sort of lost my shit. Seriously, a book about fanatical YA fans being used by an author was pretty much right up my alley... especially with all the seedy things that are actually happening in KidLit and YA. I was a little concerned about the multi-POVs and the formatting (interviews/emails/texts) because all of those things are really hard to pull off correctly. And I suppose I had every right to be concerned because the author butchered what should have been an amazing book.

All of the characters sound, act, and feel the same. I enjoy multi-POVs where I can recognize the character's voice without having to be explicitly told who it is... that's how you write good, fleshed out characters. Even with the title heading of who was speaking above every chapter, I really couldn't keep the four girls straight.

I was really concerned that the author tried to force us to have sympathy for someone who sexually assaulted a younger student. How it kept coming up that he "wasn't a bad person"... but honestly, he was. ( )
  DearRosieDear | May 18, 2018 |
“‘What’s more powerful than words?’ Thora had asked the four of them once. They couldn’t come up with an answer.”I don’t really know how I feel about this book but I almost think that’s the point? All of This is True is one big unreliable story about friendship, boundaries, and truth and it was pure entertainment. We follow 4 teens who befriend a YA author and their lives become more complicated than they could have possibly imagined.

Things I Liked
I really loved the mixed media format that was used to tell the story. There are interviews, emails, newspaper excerpts, book excerpts that all create this vivid picture of Fatima Ro and the friendship that developed between her and Miri, Penny, Soleil, and Jonah. And I loved how the excerpts from Fatima’s book was woven into the story to show what was happening.

I also love that this story is so personal for the characters and that makes everything they’re saying unreliable. It’s impossible for their perspective to not be biased and that made the reading experience fun for me, because I could see what my views were and who they aligned with. Even though there are 3 main POVs- Miri, Penny, and Soleil - they all have distinct personalities that came across and were easy to differentiate.

This premise is just so captivating and creepy and just everything you want to read about in a dramatic contemporary story. It really explored the boundaries that are pushed and broken when we develop friendship with people you look up too.

Things I Didn’t Like
I’m not going to lie, the story was a bit confusing at times. I think mostly because I didn’t have all of the information (or it was biased) - but again that’s the point so I can’t really fault it, but it did keep me removed from the story at time.

There were some characters that I just didn’t connect with. I found Penny to be super annoying and I just didn't like her at all. I also didn’t really care for Jonah, we don’t get his POV in the story really, but he is a central character. He mostly just felt kinda removed from it all. Which again, probably works great for the story, but not exactly what I was looking for.

All of This is True was an truly unique read that so easy to devour. I like that I don’t know whose side I’m on and that I wanted to keep reading, but I just wasn’t as invested as I wanted to be. But I still think it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the mood to be captivated by a story.

I received a copy of the book as a part of the blog tour hosted by Alice from @ArcticBooks ( )
  LifeofaLiteraryNerd | Apr 27, 2018 |
Es mostren totes 3
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No n'hi ha cap

When Long Island teens Miri, Soleil, Penny, and Jonah befriend a bestselling YA novelist, they find their deepest, darkest secrets in the pages of her next novel, with devastating consequences. Told from different perspectives as interviews, journal entries, and book excerpts.

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