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de Gordon Korman

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Twelve-year-old Cooper Vega and his military family has moved so often that he is used to new schoolmates not knowing his name, but at the moment he has a bigger problem--his new phone is haunted by the ghost of Roderick Northrop, a boy from the sixteenth-century, who needs his help to finish a quest, which is somehow tied up in the Stratford Middle School production of Romeo and Juliet.… (més)
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As the younger child in a military family, Cooper Vega is used to moving a lot and trying to fit in at new schools constantly. His latest school is in a town practically run by its billionaire resident, who is devoted to all things Shakespeare. The kids here haven't bothered to learn Cooper's name, resorting to calling him "Whatshisface" all the time, and things don't look any more promising when all seventh graders are required to try out for the annual Shakespeare production, this year's play being Romeo and Juliet with the girl Cooper has a crush on practically a shoe-in for the titular role. But Cooper has a strange advantage on his side; his new smartphone is haunted by a ghost from the 16th century -- and not just any ghost, but the real author of the world-famous love story!

This book seemed like it was going to be another school story about fitting in and overcoming bullying, which is perfectly fine, especially in the hands of a talented and popular author like Korman. The device of a haunted smart phone seemed a bit cheesy at first, but it actually ended up working out really well. I found the friendship that developed between Cooper and 16th-century Roddy to be quite heart-warming. Their relationship was also rather humorous at times, especially with Roddy being fascinated by all the changes that had occurred in the hundreds of years since his death. The various Shakespeare references were spot-on (including the rumors that perhaps Shakespeare didn't really pen all the famous works attributed to him), although I'm not 100 percent sure all middle-grade readers will get them, especially if their school hasn't introduced them to the Bard yet.

The book lacks any real diversity; it might be that the title character is Latino based on his last name, but there are no other indicators this could be true. Likewise, the other characters are not described in detail, and their names are fairly bland Anglo-American ones. There aren't many female characters either, just Cooper's mother (barely present), his sister (not much characterization, other than someone who always fits in as a foil to Cooper), and Jolie (who is really just there to be a love interest, although at least she has some personality). For Jolie's role, Cooper does make a point of saying she has a choice, but the plot does lean a *tad* too much into the battle between Cooper and his nemesis Brock to 'win' her affections. That's my only real big issue with this book; otherwise it's a solid and entertaining read for middle-grade students. ( )
  sweetiegherkin | Nov 12, 2019 |
This is an adorable, quick read, young adult book. Cooper is a 7th grader, who has now been to so many schools, he has lost count due to his father being a captain in the military. In exchange, his parents buy him the top of the line phone, however, there are several issues that start occurring that are out of the ordinary. It ends up that a phantom from the past, Roderick Northrop, has been stuck into his phone. Turns out that this old English boy died of the Black Plague and knew of the famous William Shakespeare before he was a big shot play-write. This book is cute and filled with relatable instances for teenagers and anyone who has struggled with making new friends, and finding their place in a school. It also is unexpected and filled with mystery at different times. I definitely recommend this book! ( )
  SWONroyal | May 9, 2019 |
Cooper moves often with his dad in the military and sometimes his new school is okay; his new school is not so much. He's totally invisible with classmates just calling him "What's his face." But when his dad gives him a very expensive new cell phone, unusual things begin to happen. He finds out a ghost is living in it- specifically, the ghost of a 13-year old Elizabethan print shop apprentice named Roddy. Roddy is flabberghasted at today's wondrous world, but also has all kinds of advice on how to get a "maiden's" attention. Cooper really likes Jolie who is not only really sweet and pretty, and into Shakespeare but also extreme sports. This is a perfectly funny ghost story for middle school students. ( )
  sgrame | Jul 31, 2018 |
Cooper is a seventh grader starting a new school….AGAIN! His father has been transferred so many times, he has been at three different schools in five years. In his new school, he is known as Whatshisface. To help with the transition, and to help him to keep in touch with old friends, Cooper’s parents give him a state-of-the-art cell phone. Sadly, the thing just doesn’t work right. In addition, all the photographs he tries to take have a glimmer of shadow on them. Eventually, the glimmer starts to take the shape of a boy about his own age. Soon, they start talking, and Cooper realizes he is a ghost named Roddy who talks funny. He is from Shakespeare’s time!

This is a very funny and entertaining story. It is well written, and reads smoothly, as if the reader is watching an effortless movie. The modern characters are sure to charm any middle schooler. Roddy will appeal to any kid, as he tries to use modern-day lingo to be cool. This one is a winner!

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. ( )
  Sandralovesbooks | Mar 30, 2018 |
Es mostren totes 4
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Twelve-year-old Cooper Vega and his military family has moved so often that he is used to new schoolmates not knowing his name, but at the moment he has a bigger problem--his new phone is haunted by the ghost of Roderick Northrop, a boy from the sixteenth-century, who needs his help to finish a quest, which is somehow tied up in the Stratford Middle School production of Romeo and Juliet.

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