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A Season of Angels de Debbie Macomber
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A Season of Angels (1993 original; edició 2011)

de Debbie Macomber (Autor)

Sèrie: Angelic Intervention (book 1)

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254381,162 (3.98)2
Three willing but wacky Christmas angels, Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy, must answer a Yuletide prayer request--to teach one young woman a memorable lesson about life and love.
Títol:A Season of Angels
Autors:Debbie Macomber (Autor)
Informació:Avon (2011), 376 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
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A Season of Angels de Debbie Macomber (1993)

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A Season of Angels is the first book in Debbie Macomber’s Angels Everywhere, a Christmas-themed series about Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy, three good-hearted but wayward angels, who can sometimes become sidetracked by human inventions, but who do their very best to try to answer the prayers of the people they are sent to help. There was just enough romance to categorize this book as such, but it’s a little different, because it follows three different couples with one of the angels on each case. The angels must teach each of the three women they’re sent to help an important lesson before their hearts will be open enough to accept the Christmas gifts God has in store for them. Due to some mild profanities and some moderate sexual tension, the book isn’t quite squeaky clean enough to categorize it as inspirational romance. However, it does include a fairly overt faith element, not only in the form of the three angels, but also, most of the main characters seem to believe in God, pray, and/or attend church, some with regularity, so readers who are averse to mentions of God or angels, might want to steer clear. I happen to find such elements in more secular-type literature to be refreshing, so for me, this was a fun, albeit sometimes predictable, holiday read that I mostly enjoyed.

Shirley is sent to answer a letter that a little boy named Timmy wrote to God asking for a father in time for Christmas. His mother, Jody, is a widow, who has never really gotten over losing her husband, even though he’s been gone for eight years. She just can’t stop loving him, so her heart isn’t really open to the possibility of loving again, even though an attorney at the law firm where she works expresses an interest in dating her. Jody must learn to let go of the past, before she can move into the future. Glen is a very nice man who’s more than ready for a family, so he’s very fatherly toward Timmy. He’s also incredibly understanding of how difficult it is for Jody to date someone new and is sensitive toward her feelings for her dead husband, never pushing her to let go and only asking that she make room for him too. I liked both Jody and Glen, but felt like their relationship moved a little too quickly to be believable. They eventually figure this out in preparation for a plot twist, which I correctly predicted a little while before it was revealed. There could have been a little more development to their storyline, but overall it was nice with a heartwarming ending.

Goodness is sent to answer the prayer of a young woman named Monica, who desperately wants a husband. The only problem is that Monica is pretty self-absorbed. She’s a preacher’s daughter and the classic type of Christian who thinks she has everything figured out and who lives by a rigid set of rules and regulations. As such, she tends to think she’s better than everyone else who isn’t living “right.” She must learn to lighten up and stop judging others, before she can accept love with the man God has chosen for her. That man happens to be Monica’s exact opposite. Chet is a hard-living private detective who used to be a cop, but left the force when he was shot and his partner was killed. Chet lives with a lot of guilt over the past, and when he really starts falling for Monica, he doesn’t believe he’s good enough for her. I didn’t exactly like Monica in the beginning, but I very much appreciated the growth she experienced throughout her part of the story. I think more Christians need to learn the lessons Monica did. As for Chet, I’m kind of on the fence. I liked his more vulnerable moments and the fact that he seemed to respect Monica for the most part. However, at the very beginning of their relationship, there’s a scene where he tells her he’s going to kiss her, she says no, but he does it anyway. Of course, she ends up liking it a whole lot more than she thought she would, but it still made me a little uncomfortable that he went against her clearly expressed feelings. I think that could have been written in a different way, so as to not imply non-consent. Also, although he does have some decent reasons for his behavior, Chet sometimes acts like a bit of jerk, so he’s not really my favorite type of hero. Like with Jody and Glen’s storyline, Monica and Chet’s romance develops pretty quickly too, especially since they don’t appear to have anything in common and constantly rub each other the wrong way. But I’m willing to give them a pass, since angels were involved, bringing a little magic to the romance.

Last but not least, Mercy is sent to answer the prayer of Leah, a labor and delivery nurse, who longs for a child, but who’s barren. She and her husband, Andrew, have been unsuccessfully trying to have a child for ten years, but according to fertility specialists, there’s no medical reason why they shouldn’t be able to conceive. Having a child has become something of an obsession for Leah, who’s unwittingly gotten to the point that she can’t even make love to her husband without the purpose of attempting to get pregnant. She also harbors the pain deep in her heart as she watches the women she cares for give birth every day while she can’t. Leah must find her joy again and learn to let go of her pain before she can be blessed with the child she so desperately wants. I liked Leah and Andrew. Despite the lack of a child causing some friction between them, they’re a couple who’s love for one another is obvious. It’s equally apparent that they’d make amazing parents. Again, there came a point in their part of the story, when things became a little predictable, but it was no less heartwarming in the end, so I still enjoyed it.

Overall, A Season of Angels was a nice little wrap-up to my holiday reading. Other than a bit of predictability, there was nothing wrong with the stories per se. I guess I just wanted to be eager to get back to it when I had to put it down, but the book didn’t quite reach that level for me. I’m not really used to romance (or any fiction story for that matter) where three different couples share the limelight. Perhaps if the book had focused in on just one couple or perhaps if the three stories had intersected in unexpected ways, I might have been more draw into it, but it was still a very pleasant read. Anyone who loves Hallmark channel sweetness with a few small twists and turns along the way, but where everything is wrapped up in a neat little bow at the end, will probably really enjoy it. ( )
  mom2lnb | Jan 27, 2017 |
A Season for Angels is one of Debbie Macomber's earlier works and is the first in the Angels Everywhere Series. There are three separate storylines and I liked some better than others.
I found the storyline with little Timmy rather annoying. I have no patients for bad parenting and Timmy's mother is an idiot. This woman starts seeking a husband when her son wants a father and stops when the kid changes his mind. Gags.
My favorite storyline was Leah who was praying for a baby. I found her story heartwarming and emotional. ( )
  StephLaymon | Jan 26, 2016 |
Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy are three sincere but mischievous angels sent down to earth to answer three different sets of prayers. Shirley is to help nine year old Timmy Potter who wants a new father. His mother Jody has been a widow for many years but still loves her late husband and is not sure she is ready to start dating again. Goodness is to help Monica Fischer, a preacher’s daughter who wants to get married. The problem is Monica is a bit too prim and proper and the man she has fallen for, Chet Costello, is the exact opposite. Mercy is to help Leah Lundberg, a maternity nurse who longs for a child of her own. Unfortunately, she’s not been able to conceive and her attempts to get pregnant are putting a strain on her marriage. The three angels have just a short period of time to fulfill their missions but will they be successful?

First released in 1993, “A Season of Angels” is a very cute if somewhat dated novel. The story is set at Christmas time and author Debbie Macomber does an excellent job of capturing the magic of the season and the three angels, who mean well but sometimes succumb to the pull of earthly items like televisions, forklifts, and church organs, are a nice touch. The three stories within the book (this is one novel not three separate stories) are all interesting although I liked some better than others. I thought the Timmy and Jody story was the weakest one. The plot was a sad one – a wife trying to move on after the death of her husband – but Macomber puts in an unbelievable twist, which, while it guarantees a happy ending, never quite worked for me. I liked the Monica/Chet storyline a bit better. Monica was a bit unlikable at the start of the story, a bit of a prig, but the romance between her and Chet sizzled and I loved reading the encounters between the two. They are such opposites that sparks fly each time the two go together. Macomber is not a “spicy” author yet the romance between the two was “hot”. Leah’s story was my favorite – it was the most developed and realistic and her anguish over not being able to have a baby was very real. There is a wonderfully done scene when Leah wants to take her temperature before making love with her husband – his reaction is totally believable and shows how much the childless issue also affects him. Like Jody’s storyline, Leah’s is wrapped up a bit too tidily but the novel, after all, is set during the magic of Christmas.

The one complaint I have about “A Season of Angels” is that it has been reissued and sold as new without any updating. A lot has happened since 1993 and the book could use some modernization. This is especially true in Jody’s storyline which partially deals with a historical event and there are some things that happen in that plot line that probably could not take place in a post 9/11 world. Macomber is a busy and prolific author but she should have taken the time to update the book for her faithful readers. ( )
  drebbles | Aug 9, 2011 |
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Three willing but wacky Christmas angels, Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy, must answer a Yuletide prayer request--to teach one young woman a memorable lesson about life and love.

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