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Misunderstood Shark de Ame Dyckman
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Misunderstood Shark (edició 2018)

de Ame Dyckman (Autor), Scott Magoon (Il·lustrador)

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1495141,571 (3.91)No n'hi ha cap
Shark interrupts the filming of Underwater World With Bob, scattering the other creatures (and the audience), but he claims it is all a terrible misunderstanding--that he would never think of eating the fish, the squid, the audience...or Bob.
Títol:Misunderstood Shark
Autors:Ame Dyckman (Autor)
Altres autors:Scott Magoon (Il·lustrador)
Informació:Scholastic Inc.
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:sharks, misconceptions

Detalls de l'obra

Misunderstood Shark de Ame Dyckman

No n'hi ha cap
S'està carregant…

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Lots of fun to be had in this book. Jellyfish is the reporter and today’s assignment is to talk to a shark. This shark is so misunderstood. He doesn’t want to eat people. He wants to help. He wants to be loved. And he wants to play hide and seek. But I would suggest not playing hide and seek , you might not like the hiding places. ( )
  LibrarianRyan | Aug 30, 2019 |
Misunderstood Shark by Ame Dyckman
Illustrations by Scott Magoon
Orchard Books (an imprint of Scholastic Inc)
Review by Debra L Scott, 12/5/2018

Gaslighting for Children?

This is a cute book, funny, a little scary, great illustrations sort of like an undersea Richard Scarry book. Each incident is accompanied by fun facts about sharks, who are undoubtedly highly misunderstood. Most children will find this a lot of fun to read or have read to them.

But there are a lot of other messages going on here.
1- Overt positive message: a scary thing might be just misunderstood. It’s important to not jump to conclusions about someone because of their looks or general prejudice about who they are.
2- Overt negative message: They really are what you’d heard they are.
3- Undercurrents:
A. Shark behavior is bad. A shark is a natural predator to many sea creatures. Acting naturally in the animal kingdom is not bad behavior. A shark that attacks a human often just mistakes it for a seal or other food source.
B. As long as you don’t get caught- Several times Bob yells at the shark ‘Not in front of the people!’ So it’s ok to do something others consider bad, as long as they don’t see you do it.
C. Gaslighting- the shark is convincing Bob that what Bob thinks is going to happen, isn’t really happening. Until it does. The shark eats Bob then quips ‘You misunderstood again! I didn’t eat you! I’m just... playing hide-and-seek with you!’ (while he rubs his full tummy)
D. Abuse behavior and victim response- Bob knows how dangerous the shark is. He anticipates it with terror whenever the shark even seems like he might do something, while looking cheerful and unconcerned in between attacks. Anyone who’s ever been through an abuse scenario will instantly recognize this pattern. It may well trigger anxiety in children or the person reading to the child.

Bottom line, the feeling I got reading it was confusing. I wanted to like it, because I like sharks (and all creatures). Being a geeky person I love kid books with interesting facts. But as someone who has experienced abuse and gaslighting, both as a child and as an adult, I can’t recommend it. I fear even children in normal homes will have confusing feelings.

(Advanced Review Copy) ( )
  theblindlibrarian | Dec 5, 2018 |
A jellyfish is doing a news broadcast and a shark appears. Through this book, we learn facts about sharks alongside of Shark, who shares misconceptions about shark, that might not actually be misconceptions. ( )
  mckennalandry | Nov 12, 2018 |
This is about a misunderstood shark. All the sea creatures think he is going to eat them, but each time he interacts, it's only to help! By the end of the story everyone realizes they shouldn't judge someone without know them. I think this would be a good book to read in the beginning of the year, when everyone is getting to know each other. ( )
  MorganneLloyd | Sep 21, 2018 |
As Bob the jellyfish attempts to begin the filming of his live maritime documentary, Underwater World, he finds himself interrupted by the appearance of a shark. His initial panic is soothed by Shark's assurance that he has no intention of eating that fish... or that seal... or those people. Shark is just misunderstood! Or is he? Bob is about to find out firsthand...

Talented children's book author Ame Dyckman, the writing force behind such winners as You Don't Want a Unicorn!, Boy + Bot and Read the Book, Lemmings! teams up with equally talented illustrator Scott Magoon (Spoon, Ugly Fish, I Will Not Eat You) in this latest picture-book. The result is a distinctly amusing treat. Children will enjoy the humorous "will he, wont't he?" tension in this one, as Shark seems perpetually poised to eat the other cast members, while adults with a fondness for Jon Klassen style endings will appreciate the conclusion. Recommended to Dyckman and/or Magoon fans, and to anyone who enjoys picture-books with a somewhat zany sense of humor. ( )
  AbigailAdams26 | Apr 28, 2018 |
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Ame Dyckmanautor primaritotes les edicionscalculat
Magoon, ScottIl·lustradorautor secundaritotes les edicionsconfirmat

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No n'hi ha cap

Shark interrupts the filming of Underwater World With Bob, scattering the other creatures (and the audience), but he claims it is all a terrible misunderstanding--that he would never think of eating the fish, the squid, the audience...or Bob.

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