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The Season of Styx Malone de Kekla Magoon
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The Season of Styx Malone (edició 2019)

de Kekla Magoon (Autor)

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3921162,334 (4.2)1
Caleb Franklin and his younger brother, Bobby Gene, spend an extraordinary summer their new, older neighbor, Styx Malone, a foster boy from the city.
Títol:The Season of Styx Malone
Autors:Kekla Magoon (Autor)
Informació:Yearling (2019), Edition: Reprint, 304 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

The Season of Styx Malone de Kekla Magoon

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I just loved it. I could tell from early on how things were going to end, but the journey to getting there was great. There's a hidden dual perspective here, you definitely see from the kids' perspective, Caleb in particular, but also from the parents' when they realize Styx needs love but guidance. I thought the boys trying to sell their sister to the neighborhood used-to-be bully was super funny too. The foreshadowing is well-thought-out here, and it cooks until the bread of the finale is fully-baked.

Also, I enjoyed the whole cast of characters, especially Caleb. He wants to be more, to be special and cool. His dad is fine with constricting his sons to their little town and not letting them explore. When Caleb meets Styx, the older boy immediately becomes like his idol.

My only nitpick is the slang. Fo shizzle, off the hook, etc are used, and it left me thinking what time period is this? But the book references Steven Universe which is fairly recent. I know the boys are country and Styx favors old-timey talk, but the slang was too dated.

I loved the Mr. Pike and Styx revelation. Styx is hardheaded, but he secretly cared about Mr. Pike and even remembered how much he loved to collect lunchboxes. Mr. Pike loved Styx too but thought when he ran away that CPS had took him. ;__; ( )
  DestDest | Nov 26, 2023 |
Great read -- all the boy summer adventures, a new friend with a hard past, and the tween testing of defiance. I feel like the lessons learned were good ones, on all sides. The characters were solid and engaging. Good stuff. ( )
  jennybeast | Apr 14, 2022 |
This story is quite adventure filled with humor and life lessons involved. This is about three little African American boys who decides to exchange their little sister for a bag of fireworks. They meet this other boy Styx who deep down is struggling with family and home life drama and needs supportive people with him. This book is fun and adventurous but deep down is sentimental and deals with lots of hard issues. It's a great read for middle to early high school as it explores the tough realities of loss, wanting to fit in and friendship. I would use it to help portray some serious situations some people have to go through and it would be great for discussions. ( )
  AliyaChin | Apr 9, 2021 |
This charming coming of age story presents two young african-american brothers who befriend an older boy who arrives in their neighborhood with mystery, charisma & the promise of dreams beyond their small (predominately white) town. The boys engage on an extended adventure where they begin to "trade up" a series of items to win a moped & the promise of getting beyond the towns borders which their dad has set as a limit for them. ( )
  Rachael_SJSU | Jul 11, 2020 |
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Caleb Franklin and his younger brother, Bobby Gene, spend an extraordinary summer their new, older neighbor, Styx Malone, a foster boy from the city.

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