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Sorcerous Rivalry: The Mage-Born Chronicles…
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Sorcerous Rivalry: The Mage-Born Chronicles (edició 2019)

de Kayleigh Nicol (Autor)

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1431,145,976 (3.83)2
Títol:Sorcerous Rivalry: The Mage-Born Chronicles
Autors:Kayleigh Nicol (Autor)
Informació:Blue Feather Publishing (2019)
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Sorcerous Rivalry (The Mage-Born Chronicles) de Kayleigh Nicol

No n'hi ha cap
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Great cast well written

The plot evolves quickly and continues at a fast pace. The characters are engaging and at times it is difficult to decide who to root for. ( )
  Saraishelafs | Nov 4, 2020 |
--I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Sorcerous Rivalry is a picaresque road novel, a buddy comedy, and a rom-com. It’s a tale of action, adventure, family, and love. It’s all charm and wit and feats of daring do. It’s really a rather lovely book.

We start with Reshi, the youngest love child of the King and his mistress. When said mistress was found to be a sorceress she was imprisoned and her seven, mage born children are scattered throughout the kingdom for their own protection. Some end up as nobles while others as warriors or monks but it’s poor Reshi who ends up in an orphanage.

But that’s all in the past. Now, Reshi lives in a small, idyllic village where he spends his time carousing with the tavern patrons, seducing the locals, and using his mage born shapeshifting powers to get both in and out of trouble. He is small and flirtatious with the kind of roguish, devil may care attitude that is immediately endearing. His easy smile and quick tongue ensure that everybody loves Reshi.

But when a bounty is placed on the heads of the seven siblings it ignites a fire under every would be mage hunter in the kingdom and puts Reshi on the defense. So when an ex-soldier comes to town Reshi is understandably cautious. But not cautious enough to keep him too far away from the handsome, brooding young mage hunter.

Kestral is in a lot of ways the opposite of Reshi. He cuts an imposing figure, he’s stoic, and so serious that there is a game made of making the mage hunter laugh. He seems uninterested in romance and completely resistant to Reshi’s charms. His threadbare clothes and worn boots bely a determination of purpose as much as a need for coin.

Kestral’s intentions are clear so when Reshi receives an offer of protection from his long lost sister he takes the chance to get out of harm’s way only the mage hunter is hot in pursuit. But when a violent encounter with Reshi’s eldest brother, who seeks the throne by way of siblicide, an uneasy alliance is formed. Reshi and Kestral will travel together finding the remaining siblings before Eagan has a chance to kill them.

From there we follow Kestral and Reshi as they do their odd couple routine across the land, bickering and bantering and trying to figure each other out as they look for and avoid the rest of the seven. This adds an episodic nature to the story that usually means each stop results in an encounter of some sort and Nicol never skimps on the action. Every battle is written fluidly and with great care given to establishing rules that help balance magic vs might. So even as each confrontation escalates and more and more magic gets involved the combat feels both unrestrained and grounded all at once. It’s easy to draw comparisons to something like The Last Airbender where different magic styles are pit against each other in a sort of balancing act and here even Reshi’s growing shapeshifting powers feel like they could be a challenge to a pyromancer.

Even when the duo picks up a third for a chapter or two this is very much a two hander. We’re following the relationship of Reshi and Kestral as it slowly turns from one of animosity to respect to something more. While the action is going to be a draw for some this is where the book really shines. Their back and forth and their Sam & Diane style will-they-won’t-they is what’s going to keep you flipping pages.

There are some mysteries thrown in there to keep you intrigued but I don’t know the the reveals are worth the wait and had they and their aftermath come earlier I think some of the decisions made at the end wouldn’t have felt as jarring as they do. I understand their purpose in helping set up part two but it feels like you can see the sausage being made.

But it’s a small thing and as far as I am concerned the mysteries and the plot are only there to facilitate the relationship between the two disparate characters who have been put into this situation where they have to rely on each other to survive. I would have happily followed these two through a novel length trip to the market or their journey to a friends wedding. They are what kept me reading and even if I felt that the decisions at the end were a little forced I am excited to see how it all plays out.

So if you’re looking for a fun Xena style road trip story punctuated with bouts of spirited action or have ever been embroiled in an intra-family battle royale I would recommend checking out Kayleigh Nicol’s Sorcerous Rivalry. ( )
  ZJB | Sep 4, 2019 |
Okay. Here's the thing. I'm not a huge of medieval-ish fantasy stories. Or I'm just very selective about liking them. But DAMN. Sorcerous Rivalry shook me to my very core. It was beautiful, it was unique, it was magical, it was frustrating, and I loved every second of it.

Sorcerous Rivalry takes place in a world of magic, of sorcerers and mages. After giving birth to seven children, the king's mistress is revealed as a sorceress, and she is locked away. The children scattered, becoming the kingdom's most wanted. Mage hunters travel far and wide, hoping to kill the king's illegitimate children and gain money and glory. Reshi is the youngest of the seven; after growing up in an orphanage, he learns to hide his magic to live peacefully amongst others. But then a mage-hunter comes to town, and Reshi is forced to run. But when the stakes are so high, your own flesh and blood can turn against you.

This was absolutely delightful. The plot was twisted and wild, crazy enough to keep me on my toes, and yet still with an intentional energy that kept me anticipative. But the book was also dotted with scenes that were cozy and warm, pacing the book in a way that was authentic to the adventure and comfortable for the reader.

The characters were great. I absolutely love how the reader gets to know the characters through dialogue and actions, in real time, and their backstories are revealed later. You learn to love the characters for who they are, not where they've been or what they've done. The characters have great chemistry with one another, and I absolutely love the authenticity of relationship dynamics between friends, between siblings, and between lovers. A little sidenote - this book has a dash of M/M romance, and I love the fact that it's not highlighted as that. It's just love.

And the writing style was great. As mentioned before, there was a great balance between plot-driven action and more domestic scenes, and as a result not only do we get to understand the characters in different settings and situations, but the author truly succeeded with her writing in creating different settings with visual imagery and atmosphere.

Overall, I would definitely read this book to any lovers of young adult fantasy, and I think fans of books like The Grisha Trilogy or The Young Elites would like this as well. I would love to continue reading this series to find out where Reshi's adventure leads him. ( )
  CatherineHsu | May 23, 2018 |
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