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The Red Scrolls of Magic (1) (The Eldest…
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The Red Scrolls of Magic (1) (The Eldest Curses) (edició 2019)

de Cassandra Clare (Autor), Wesley Chu (Autor)

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6941625,559 (4.25)2
High Warlock Magnus Bane learns that a demon-worshipping cult, the Crimson Hand, is wreaking havoc across Europe, threatening more than just his romantic getaway with new boyfriend, Alec Lightwood.
Títol:The Red Scrolls of Magic (1) (The Eldest Curses)
Autors:Cassandra Clare (Autor)
Altres autors:Wesley Chu (Autor)
Informació:Margaret K. McElderry Books (2019), 368 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

The Red Scrolls of Magic de Cassandra Clare

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alternatively: malec and the cockblocking cult leader. thats. thats about it really, thats the actual plot.

ok no, im being dramatic, but it IS a recurring theme. and all in all, im both pleased and confused. its no secret that, as a philosophy, i am of the belief that cassandra clase Should Simply Stop. i think the shadowhunter world has been sufficiently exploited and we're ready for new things. HOWEVER. malec is an exception to every rule. heres why: they matter. they hold a very special place in the hearts of people who've been reading YA for what, a decade? because back then the lgbt rep was scarce and frankly mediocre. and i LOVE. and by that i mean LOVE love, seeing them go from minions to main characters. its what they deserve. so, actually, this is okay.

what isn't as okay is how this book threw me back at the period between city of glass and city of fallen angels because my dude,,,, i remember nothing. its been so long. this is criminal. also, explain alec being so progressive and accepting here and still going slutshaming and trying to rob mag of his immortality later on. unless im getting the timeline wrong (which is, admittedly, entire possible). something just dont match.

also! this reads kind of like satire. every character is so,,, overdone. it literally reads like satire and i mean this knowingly because i do read satire and this is how it is. the main characters not so much, but the more minor the character, the more it feels like a caricature (aside from magnus, except excess is expected when it comes to mag). who co wrote this, christopher moore? (actually, can we get that? shadowhunters x christopher moore? pls and thank you). raphael feels like what raphael would be if i wrote fanfiction. you know what i mean? its just a lot. and dont get me wrong -its fun. i almost like it better this way. its just not coehesive with the rest of the series,,, saga,,, universe,, whatever.

but also: its fun. and its highly quotable. and i think if i hadnt spoiled the twist for myself by reading a review (i swear to god people who dont tag spoilers have a special place in hell waiting for them) i think i would have been quite surprised, and i liked that even knowing what the twist WAS, i still got a bunch of lil surprises here and there. at the very end it throws a curveball i was really very not expecting and now im confused and sad and confused.

and of course: alec and magnus, and magnus and alec. and also: helen and aline, so, wlw/mlm solidarity, which is the thing of dreams, as we all know. aline is an absolute gem, where is HER book? (honestly there might be one and id be none the wiser, i got lost about five series ago). also: i would die for malec, i really would. theres a bit where alec cant decide between saving the world or getting laid and he goes physically back and forth no less than five times. absolutely iconic behavior on his part. also, magnus gets my whole heart.

my closing statement is as follows: alec lightwood is a pillow princess, pass it on. ( )
  ssuprnova | Nov 3, 2021 |
Cassandra Clare is an author whose books I do not exactly enjoy but who I cannot seem to stop reading. Everything about her stories, characters, and writing style should appeal to me and yet something about it just doesn't work. I have tried them as physical books, e-books, and audios and they don't really hold my interest but still I soldier on hoping I will enjoy them... ( )
  KateKat11 | Sep 24, 2021 |
Súper fácil de leer y muy entretenido, como todos los libros de este mundo de fantasía. No es una obra maestra pero sí un libro divertido, en especial si amas a Magnus y/o Alec. ( )
  Saraiest | Sep 17, 2021 |
So, let me just begin by prefacing that this is one of those books where I can’t be expected to be objective, I already loved the characters too much before I began and there’s nothing that can make me not like this book. And as I thought, this book entertained me and made me very very happy, so let me try to gush less and maybe write some coherent sentences below. Also, there might be spoilers for all the previous Shadowhunters books, so please read at your own risk.

I thought I knew all about these two dearest characters of mine, but Cassie and Wesley managed to surprise me, so that was wonderful. Magnus has been the one fixture in every book in this universe but the beauty of him being a warlock is that we get to know new things about him all the time. And this book gives us a different Magnus - slightly insecure and uncertain, scared of loving another mortal again, regretting a lot of his past actions and unsure how Alec will react on knowing about them, and particularly terrified about telling Alec about his father. He has always been the one who is helping everyone and trying to make light of serious situations, but he is challenged and surprised every step of the way by Alec.

And wow was Alec a revelation. From a shy shadowhunter boy growing up in a homophobic society, he has grown into this wonderful person who is ready to live his truth and find his happiness despite the obstacles that threaten him. He may sometimes feel intimidated by Magnus’s unknown past or immortality and find himself not worthy of his dearest warlock, but one thing he is sure of is his love for Magnus. His whole character arc of deciding that he won’t follow a law that won’t protect Magnus and others like him, and deciding that he will work to change the laws is just so admirable and I was in awe of him many times in this book. And knowing that he will become Consul of the Clave in the future, it shows just how much he has worked towards this goal of his to change the world for the better.

Their relationship is also so adorable. To tell the truth, I don’t remember anything that happened in TMI except what’s happening in the TV show and the glimpses we got of them in TDA and the short story collections. So, reading about them in their initial days of dating, trying to get to know each other, wanting to have a fun vacation and just navigating the road of new love was very sweet. Every time Alec tried to protect Magnus during an attack and Magnus was surprised by it, I just couldn’t stop smiling. They are just too perfect for each other and I’m so glad we have a book featuring them as the main couple because they are my favorite in this universe. And it was especially beautiful to read the beginning of their story considering their wedding scene in Queen of Air and Darkness was one of my absolute favorite parts of that book.

The other amazing part of this book were the numerous cameos. All the little ones from Johnny Rook, Lily Chen, Hypatia Vex, Malcom Fade, Raphael Santiago etc were fun and nostalgic to read, especially because we already know what happens to most of them in the future. It’s always fun to see Tessa and Magnus reminisce about their past and I loved seeing her again. But the best part was the introduction of Aline and Helen - to each other. It’s the most adorable and true Shadowhunter style initial meeting and attempt at flirtation. And they made me sad too because I know the trials and tribulations they have to face in the coming days. Most of these characters are also unapologetically queer and it’s nice to see that all of them who have been mostly side characters in the previous books get to be the prominent ones in this book.

This world is obviously very familiar because it’s been a long journey, but it’s always fun to get to know about more types of demons. However, the highlight of this book was the European vacation itself. Magnus and Alec embark on a journey through Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome, and every single description of the Eiffel Tower or the canals of Venice or Boboli Gardens or the Colosseum completely blew me away. All I wanted to do was jump through a portal myself and join them. All the action sequences are also very thrillingly written and I could completely feel the emotions going through the minds of the characters while trying to save each other.

The themes in Cassie’s books are always special because she manages to write great parallels to our real world. We see the bigotry even more now because Alec and Magnus are dating, which is unimaginable for so many in their society. The mistrust with which Magnus’s friends treat him makes Alec realize how Downworlders have been mistreated till date and he really wants to do a better job. But he also knows he can’t do it by being defiant but by trying to change the system from within. And his trying to show solidarity to Aline and Helen and encouraging them to also do the same felt very touching.

The other major theme here was about not judging oneself or others based only on their past actions. Through Magnus and Shinyun’s stories, we realize that everyone has done bad things in their past due to circumstances or foolishness but one should always get the chance to redeem themselves and work to be a better person, and maybe even try to undo the consequences of the past actions. And Alec plays such a crucial role in trying to make Magnus forgive himself and show him that he has always been a kind and amazing person. Everyone deserves a second chance and Alec embodying this message made my heart warm.

Well, what can I say... if you are already a fan of the Shadowhunter universe, then you should read this book. If you are a Malec fan, then please go pick this up right now and be ready for the thrilling ride. This book should work fine if you have just read TMI, but if you have also read TDA, you’ll definitely appreciate the cameos more. This is a fun, entertaining adventure novel with the most adorable couple ever, the best European vacation spots and some fantastic fight sequences. I promise you will not be disappointed. ( )
  ksahitya1987 | Aug 20, 2021 |
The Red Scrolls of Magic takes you back in time. For fans of The Mortal Instruments, this is a chance to see the vacation that Magnus and Alec took during the series when the characters were seen via postcards and phone calls. The book can be read without the other books set in the world, but fans can spot several Easter eggs from cameo appearances to all of the fun references that Clare and Chu supply. This is the first book in the series and it's a great addition that delves right into the fun from the first page. As a longtime reader of Clare's books, this was a great treat and added a new layer to the characters.

Magnus and Alec are one of the favorite couples in the Shadowhunters world and the tone is an upbeat romantic comedy with a swashbuckling adventure splashed in. The plot of the story goes back in time to the beginning of their relationship where readers only caught glimpses of before. Now, we're getting a chance to see how they began and how they first took those steps toward the loving couple we know today. New readers will love this even without knowing where the couple is heading. The romantic comedy tone is a fun genre exploration for this world. Each of the Shadowhunters books has a romantic plot within all the demon-fighting action, but Red Scrolls kicks off with the couple already together and has all the chaos of a romantic comedy with an action twist.

While most romcoms have hijinks that foil the couple and the romance between them, Clare and Chu create a dazzling amount of chaos for the couple through the use of demons and an insane cult that Magnus started years ago. The romantic catastrophes add to the humor and the fun that make this an action-packed delight from beginning to end. The chaotic elements are what make the story so light, and upbeat with just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek and nerdy dialogue. You'll find yourself busting out laughing one minute at the couple crashing a hot air balloon, and swooning over the romance the next.

The story also takes a deeper look into the Downworlder reality through the perspective of a Downworlder. Most of the characters in the Shadowhunters books are Shadowhunters so the Downworld and those that live within it are typically from their perspective, or in the case of Mortal Instruments' Simon, a human new to the world. The plot offers an engaging look into Magnus' history and the flippant way he has shrugged off some "minor" chaos he caused for amusement or boredom. In the case of this book, he started a cult back in the day that (without his knowledge) has carried into this present day.

Each of the books within this world contains familiar faces and Red Scrolls is no exception. Throughout the course of their vacation, they experience one chaos after another, but they also run into a variety of familiar faces. Fans will have fun catching all the familiar faces with Tessa, Raphael, Kit, and Malcolm Fade. Magnus and Alec have a fun team up with Aline and Helen which leads to a few delightful sparks between the two. Red Scrolls is a can't miss, charming, funny, action-packed, and fast-paced thrill that blends the joys of romantic comedy with adventure.
  InfinitySisters | May 11, 2021 |
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High Warlock Magnus Bane learns that a demon-worshipping cult, the Crimson Hand, is wreaking havoc across Europe, threatening more than just his romantic getaway with new boyfriend, Alec Lightwood.

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