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Out of Tupelo de Mark Gilleo
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Out of Tupelo (edició 2018)

de Mark Gilleo (Autor)

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Man's attempt to locate his missing wife is thwarted by local sheriff's office.
Títol:Out of Tupelo
Autors:Mark Gilleo (Autor)
Informació:2020 Press (2018), 422 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

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Out of Tupelo de Mark Gilleo

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Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (10/18)

Once again author Mark Gilleo has provided readers with an over-the-top read involving murder, grief, secrets and lies in “Out of Tupelo.”

Edward Winston, the main character, finds his wife Holly missing after he returns from his office at Fujita Automotive where he works as an IT engineer. It seems rather peculiar that she would leave her purse, keys and wallet are on the sofa, and her car is parked in front of the house. Calling 911, Edward finds that even though his statement is taken, and he is assured the local law enforcement will look for her, he soon finds some discrepancies in their findings. Given that Edward is not a sit-back-and-let-others-do-it-their-way kind of guy, he begins his own investigation.

Like most of us in a situation like this, we want action done yesterday and have difficulty waiting on someone else’s time frame. I know for me I am very hyper and anxious when it comes crisis that occurs involving my family and feel I can do it better myself. Little does Edward realize that he has opened “Pandora's box.” At his last rope, Edward calls in a favor from a past acquaintance. In doing so he puts many others in harm's way, or worse.

I found Gilleo’s story to be engaging, and the characters to be well developed and relatable. The plot was amazing, crafty and the author was able to take multiple characters and scenarios to provide a glued-to-your-seat mystery. Many of the characters such as Pervis Wade the local sleaze bag and town criminal, made me want to shoot him myself.

The author did a great job in researching and relating information about the underground groups in Japan and their loyalty to their leader and job. And, just when I thought Edward had solved the murder, the author threw in a twist that stunned me.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story within a story; it was thought-provoking, suspenseful and very entertaining. I highly recommend “Out of Tupelo” by Mark Gilleo for all who love great suspense read that will leave you saying “What?” ( )
  Reader_Views | Oct 20, 2020 |
When I saw a mystery/thriller set in Tupelo, Mississippi, I knew I must read it. I grew up in a town about a half hour's distance from Tupelo, and Tupelo was the large town where we did all our shopping. Even after I moved from north Mississippi to other parts of the country, I spent a great deal of time there on extended trips to visit my parents and other family. In other words, I was intimately acquainted with the book's setting.

Edward who works for a Japanese plant supplying parts to the Blue Springs Toyota plant distrusts the Lee County Sheriff's Department's investigation into his wife's murder. Circumstantial evidence points to a window contractor from a Verona window firm doing work on his home. The sheriff's department names Edward their chief suspect in a press conference. Edward takes his concerns to the FBI. When it seems even the FBI isn't seriously concerned with its investigation, Edward takes matters into his own hands by calling in a favor to a Japanese mafia leader.

From this point the book is action-packed but leaves the reader questioning the probability of things playing out the way they did. I enjoyed the many references to places mentioned. It is, however, sad one of those places, The Tupelo Automobile Museum, is closing at the end of the month. The author seems to not like the area very much and portrays cronyism in law enforcement. While I know this exists to some extent in some departments in the northeast Mississippi area particularly at the county level due to the politics of sheriff elections, the author overplayed its depth. After reading descriptions of the author's previous works, I wonder why he chose a Tupelo rather than District of Columbia setting. His biography mentions no connection to the Tupelo area. It seems authors decide to go to Mississippi when they want to portray cronyism or incompetence even though the same things occur everywhere. This Mississippi native thinks it is time for outsiders to quit giving the state a bad name. ( )
  thornton37814 | Mar 15, 2019 |
Es mostren totes 2
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Man's attempt to locate his missing wife is thwarted by local sheriff's office.

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