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The Beautiful de Renée Ahdieh
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The Beautiful (edició 2019)

de Renée Ahdieh (Autor)

Sèrie: The Beautiful (1)

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5592033,144 (3.63)No n'hi ha cap
"In 19th century New Orleans, Celine, a dressmaker from Paris, becomes embroiled in a murder mystery that's connected to a glamorous supernatural cohort"--
Títol:The Beautiful
Autors:Renée Ahdieh (Autor)
Informació:G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers (2019), 440 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Detalls de l'obra

The Beautiful de Renée Ahdieh

S'està carregant…

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I received a copy of this book for free from he publisher for promotional purposes.

First off, this is not your typical YA vampire book. It’s a very subtle vampire book. The word vampire isn’t even used until way late in the book.

This book is a slow burn, which I liked. It definitely takes a while to get into the story. I found that the slower pace worked well in creating the mystery and intrigue. This is the first book in a series that is projected to have 4 books, so a lot of this book is likely setting the stage for the rest of the series. The slower pace is to be expected.

The book has a lot of interesting supporting characters. My favorite was Odette. She was awesome. I can’t wait to see how her character progresses in the coming books. There’s a lot to explore with her. I also loved Pippa because she’s quite the mystery. This book didn’t delve much into her past or background so I am intrigued to find that out in the coming books.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I am very curious to see how the rest of the series pans out. I recommend this book if you are interested in a more historical fiction take on vampires and also if you want to read a YA vampire series that isn’t Twilight (no shade against Twilight, I just know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea). ( )
  oddandbookish | Jul 31, 2021 |
Fast and furious fantasy. The Beautiful was all about people with all sorts of secrets and there really were a lot of people to remember. I liked the cliffhanger/reveal at the end since I had kind of predicted it, but didn't know how the author would pull it off. This might sound dumb, but I was excited to hear this book had otherworldly creatures and I was hoping for more vampires and necromancers. It focused most of the time on humans and demons.

Another thing that surprised me about this book was how it had a few books it stood in direct comparison of. Both [b:House of Earth and Blood|44778083|House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City, #1)|Sarah J. Maas||46924772] and [b:House of the Rising Sun|18453118|House of the Rising Sun (Crescent City, #1)|Kristen Painter||26098033] take place in New Orleans and have fantasy elements. It was honestly kind of confusing being forced to see the setting differently after having recently read the other two. ( )
  Emma.June.Lyon | Feb 23, 2021 |
Audiobook-First: (2.5 stars) The narrator was horrible. My dislike in this book may all steam from the narration. The big evil and the vampires she gave them this weird drunk teenageer woble slow drawl it was so offputting. The evils all had the same voice, male and female, and the bad guy never shuts up yes that drunken teenager with endless inner dialog so I got an earful.
Now let's talk about my pet peeve in books, inner dialog marathons. This big bad never shut up, it felt like it drawled on for days, he loved to dwell in his own drama. Pet Peeve #2 Drama Queens, I think you get who I'm talking about.
The story moves about in a pretty predictable way, you can see the "love" interests from the beginning. I liked the supporting characters much more than the main ones. Celine was too puffed up ready to prove what an independant badass she was too often, she made stupid choices. She makes deals that are stupid. I wanted to slap her more than once to use her head. I wouldn't read more in this series if I wasn't interested in the future of one character that had a bad ending and one love interest that just isn't right ! I've already got book 2 anyway so off I go. ( )
  TheYodamom | Dec 27, 2020 |
Interesting read. Flowed well. Looking forward to seeing how the story line continues in the next one ( )
  RavinScarface | Dec 13, 2020 |
I have mixed feelings having just finished this book. On the one hand, I loved the atmospheric feel that the author created surrounding 19th century New Orleans. The descriptions of the smells, sights and sounds brought the city alive and it was easy to imagine the vibrancy and colour of the carnival and masquerade. I also really liked Celine, the main female protagonist. She had an interesting back story and I found her both strong and stubborn.

However, the story dragged in many places that there was a love triangle - arghhh! Bastien was surrounded in mystery which made it difficult to know him and I found him bland and excruciatingly dull. I never felt the chemistry between him and Celine and their insta-love was totally unbelievable as it was based solely on physical attraction.

I have read other novels by Renée Ahdieh which I thoroughly enjoyed but "The Beautiful" was not one of them. ( )
  HeatherLINC | Sep 21, 2020 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 20 (següent | mostra-les totes)
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No n'hi ha cap

"In 19th century New Orleans, Celine, a dressmaker from Paris, becomes embroiled in a murder mystery that's connected to a glamorous supernatural cohort"--

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