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The Shadows Between Us de Tricia Levenseller
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The Shadows Between Us (edició 2020)

de Tricia Levenseller (Autor)

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4471543,066 (4.15)3
Tricia Levenseller, author ofDaughter of the Pirate King, is back with an epic YA tale of ambition and love,The Shadows Between Us...
Títol:The Shadows Between Us
Autors:Tricia Levenseller (Autor)
Informació:Feiwel & Friends (2020), 336 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Detalls de l'obra

The Shadows Between Us de Tricia Levenseller

S'està carregant…

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I try to express only my most honest opinion in a spoiler-free way. Unfortunately, there is still always a risk of slight spoilers despite my best efforts. If you feel something in my review is a spoiler please let me know. Thank you.

Alessandra plans to win the kings heart and his trust, marry him, and then kill him so that she can have the kingdom for her own. What she doesn't expect is the friends she makes at court, or how hard he makes things for her. But least of all how he makes her feel.

~Original and unique character and plot
~Likeable characters
~Villain main characters
~An amazing romance
~Fun plot twists
~The feminist views in the story

~I don't think they deserve the happy ending that they got.

I loved this book so much. It is so different from anything I've ever really read before. The main character is this evil, manipulative woman, but she's also strong, brave, and big on equality. I've never cheered so hard for the villain before. And yes she is a villain, but a very likeable one. The king is unique as well and I don't just mean his shadow powers. While I wouldn't call him ruthless. He isn't a kind king who cares for his people.

This book had me back and forth about what I wanted to happen. Every time it seemed something was going to mess with either the king or Alessandra, I was anxious for them. I had to keep checking myself. If they had not been the main characters I probably would have been waiting for the moment when they both get whats coming to them. But you just can't help but love them. I loved this book and while I thought it sounded good to begin with, I didn't expect to love it so much. ( )
  starslight86 | Jul 20, 2021 |
"I'm a sexually empowered woman, and there is nothing wrong with that."

Alessandra is a stone cold badass, and I very much want to be her friend (if only so I can ensure I don't end up killed by her). ( )
  thinktink93 | Jul 5, 2021 |
This was an ok book. It has absolutely glowing reviews, but it was just ok. So many people liken it to the From Blood and Ash series, but I don't see it. They aren't alike at all. I was constantly waiting for something to happen here, and when it finally did, I was disappointed with how little content there was.

Of the 2 twists one was meh and one was unexpected but good, but, it was like 3 pages of content. I don't put spoilers in my reviews, so I won't name the people that were involved. The first incident was cheesy af and they didn't even make an effort to stop the thing from happening!!! Lame! The second incident, I knew there was something sus about the person involved part way through the book, but didn't have an inkling that it could be anything close to this. I definitely didn't see this one coming. Sad that she dedicated so few pages to it, it was a real let down, because I feel like she could have gone deeper.

All of the characters were very one dimensional, except Alessandra. The author spent so much wasted time telling us about her clothes when she could have helped us get to know the other characters better. I literally know nothing else about other characters but I know details about almost every outfit Alessandra wore throughout her time at the palace. IMO it shouldn't be like this.

Even though I came away knowing basically nothing about Kallias, since again, the only person we got to know is Alessandra, I do like the fact that the author made him look different. It seems like all the male characters nowadays have black/dark brown hair with black or almost black eyes. When I read that he at least had green eyes I was like thank you baby Jesus, something different.

I've definitely read worse books, and this wasn't a bad book, but with all of the hype, I was expecting more and was just let down. ( )
  choirchik | Jun 11, 2021 |
Okay, this book had like zero depth, and the magic system and curse or whatever on the male love interest was not even a little interesting, but the complete lack of conscience or concern and just the general sense of evil joie de vivre on the part of the main character, Allessandra, was fun as hell. ( )
  bibliovermis | Jun 7, 2021 |

First things first, do not read this book if you can't handle black characters......not grey....or morally grey....but as the blackest thing you can think of.

I hadn't expected a lot of romance from this, but it seriously delivered on that front. Yes, there's a bit of unnecessary angst, yes, they are keeping secrets (at least one of them is), but boy oh boy, it has been a while since I read such a good romance book, that is also a fantasy. (I loved Six Of Crows, and Crooked Kingdom, but I liked them more for their heistiness)

The plot in this was pretty good! Aside from The bandit....that was underwhelming . This was very well written, with the plot keeping you hooked. You start having doubts about everyone, except maybe the person actually responsible. Though I should tell you, I guessed it probably a chapter before it was revealed. So not that much of an achievement, when you think about it. I did not guess that he was the dead brother, but only that he was responsible for the life attempts.

The characters were really well written, especially Alessandra, and her scrambling to keep her secrets secret. That reminds me I was really surprised, but not a lot, when Kallias just laughed? I mean I loved that that didn't contribute to the angst after that, and that he was equally as bloodthirsty as her, but really!?!?!? His reaction was to laugh?!?!?! And not worry about his own fate!?!?

The ending was just perfect. That bit where she expects him to just kill her, and he was definitely not thinking of that? It's not like I need my heart anyway, why don't you just go and break it into tinier pieces, Tricia Levenseller. I like that it wasn't drawn out, and resolved mostly quickly.

I just loved it, and will most likely reread this one (highest honour I can award you, book). I recommend this to anyone who likes romance, fantasy, romance with fantasy, bloodthirsty heroines and heroes, morally BLACK characters, and badass female characters who go about killing people (I seriously need a word for this). ( )
  trisha_tomy | Jun 1, 2021 |
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Tricia Levenseller, author ofDaughter of the Pirate King, is back with an epic YA tale of ambition and love,The Shadows Between Us...

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