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Dream Snow de Eric Carle
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Dream Snow (edició 2000)

de Eric Carle (Autor)

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In this musical and sound effects book, a farmer celebrates Christmas after the first snowfall.
Títol:Dream Snow
Autors:Eric Carle (Autor)
Informació:Scholastic (2000), Edition: 1st, 28 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

Dream Snow de Eric Carle

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A farmer celebrates the first snowfall on his ranch. He puts on his red suit and puts gifts under the tree for his animals and presses a button for a special musical surprise for children everywhere. ( )
  cms143 | Nov 20, 2018 |
I enjoyed Dream Snow. I like the consistent pattern that run throughout the book having each animal in the barn get covered in a blanket of snow. The farmer is worried because there is no snow on Christmas. He dreams that all the animals get covered in a blanket of snow. The overall idea is that your dreams can become reality. I enjoyed physically reading the book because it has flappable plastic covers that you can place over each animal to make it "covered" in snow. I also liked the illustrations done by Eric Carle which really bring the book to life. ( )
  KyleWashington | Mar 4, 2018 |
Cool book showing snow on every page, but then you can list the thin clear layer of snow off of the page, so you can see the page with snow and without snow. Shows santa claus going through the night
  Jennamg123 | Oct 13, 2016 |
Dream Snow - Eric Carle

Published in 2000, this book came out just in time for my then 5 year-old son to enjoy it. He still asks where this book is at Christmas time. Dream Snow is a simple story about a farmer who greatly resembles both Santa Claus and Eric Carle himself. The simple repetitive text reinforces early counting skills while the plastic snow overlays create a captivating guessing game before revealing which animal is concealed behind the dream snow. The final gimmick of the book is a button to push to make a magical Christmas chime. In my opinion the art work in this book rivals anything else Carle has done, including the hungry caterpillar.
( )
  msjudy | May 30, 2016 |
I liked Dream Snow by Eric Carle for three reasons. First, I liked the writing style. The writing style of this story was engaging and unique. It followed a pattern where the dialogue was written in a different font and style than the storyline describing the snow covering the animals. For example, “The farmer felt very cozy and a bit tired. “Heavens!” he said, yawning. ‘It’s almost Christmas and it hasn’t snowed yet.” With that he fell asleep. / Soon he dreamed of falling snowflakes. They gently covered him with a white blanket.” The differing fonts and styles between the two texts made for an engaging and unique read as it emphasized the snowfall that covered each animal. Second, I liked the illustrations. Each illustration was interactive and creative with vibrant colors and details. For example, “The snowflakes gently covered One with a white blanket.” The illustration following this text was made with watercolor adding an aesthetic appeal to the overall illustration itself. The illustration included a lot of vibrant colors and shading as well as detail to emphasize the horse’s structure. Not only that, but the author included a white blanket sheet before the illustration that when put down covered the horse with a ‘white snow blanket’ like described in the text. Lastly, I liked the plot. I thought the plot of this story was perfect for young readers and for the Christmas season. For example, “The farmer woke up from his dream, looked out of his window and saw snow. It was not dream snow. It was real snow.” The farmer had wished for snow before falling asleep and while dreaming that when he woke up, there was actual snow. I think in conjunction with the writing style and language used that this story would be perfect for young readers especially around the Christmas season. I think the big idea of the story is to never give up, even when you least expect something to happen. ( )
  sgoshe2 | Apr 4, 2016 |
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In this musical and sound effects book, a farmer celebrates Christmas after the first snowfall.

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