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White bird a wonder story de R. J. Palacio
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White bird a wonder story (edició 2019)

de R. J. Palacio

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Tells the story of Julian's Grandmére's childhood as she, a Jewish girl, was hidden by a family in a Nazi-occupied French village during World War II and how the boy she once shunned became her savior and best friend.
Títol:White bird a wonder story
Autors:R. J. Palacio
Informació:New York Alfred A. Knopf [2019]
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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White Bird: A Wonder Story de R. J. Palacio

No n'hi ha cap
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Wish the author had used a real life story instead of a fictional one as I think it would have made more of an impact. ( )
  RachellErnst | Jan 5, 2021 |
This book describes World War 2 in a very different way, by in a comic. This book is a wonderful way for students to learn and engage with stories of the past without having to explore throughout a big textbook. The story is detailed and engaging to the reader the entirety of the story. Though this may be telling a story through a comic, it is well written and beneficial to the reader to take a look at this book for new knowledge to gain. ( )
  JShowket | Nov 15, 2020 |
Palacio has such a gift for story-telling, with a wide range of characters and situations, but all focus on our humanity and finding what is best in each other. This graphic novel is framed by Julian, a contemporary teen, Face-timing his grandmere for a school project. She recounts to him her experience in WWII in Nazi-occupied France and this becomes the main story line. As a young teen, Grandmere (Sara) was rounded up with other Jews from her school on a random April morning. She escaped by chance and was taken in by the family of the most bullied boy in her school, Tourteau (crab in French)so-called because he was crippled by polio and walked with crutches. His real name, Julien, will have a legacy of kindness and doing the right thing that will pass down generations. Sara's parents were also captured and sent to camps and it takes at least 5 years until the war is over to learn what becomes of them. Meanwhile, Julien's parents become like her own and Sara is hidden in a nearby barn that she may not leave for fear of Nazi sympathizers and supporters. Her friendship with Julien deepens as they grow - he visits her daily and teaches her the lessons she is missing, and staves off the boredom with games and play. The pictures are gorgeous and the colors provide hope and beauty in a crushed world. The bird motif is also hopeful and underlines the premise that it is possible to retain humanity despite the forces that want to destroy it. " always takes courage to be kind. But in those days when such kindness could cost you everything - your freedom, your life - kindness becomes a miracle. It becomes that light in the darkness....the very essence of our humanity. It is hope." A good Holocaust introduction for middle readers - grades 4 and up - it has rich resources and explanations at the end, and quotes from Muriel Rukeyser interspersed throughout which remind us that we have the power to fight evil. It joins the ranks of Maus, Art Spiegelman's definitive classic graphic novel of the Holocaust, but for a younger audience and slightly different purpose. Both highlight the power of an image to address issues and convey what words cannot. ( )
  CarrieWuj | Oct 24, 2020 |
Excellent and very moving graphic novel that ties into the Wonder story by espousing the same values of acceptance of people no matter who they are or what they look like. In this novel, Julian, the bully from Wonder, interviews his grandmother about her life in Europe during World War 2. Grandmere then goes on to explain her persecution as a Jewish child in Occupied France and how she eventually has to flee school when the Nazi soldiers come to take her and the other children away. The tolerance factor comes in when she is hidden in the barn of a boy who has polio; a boy she has never spoken to at school because he is different. This novel will make you cry. ( )
  nicsreads | Jul 14, 2020 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 16 (següent | mostra-les totes)
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No n'hi ha cap

Tells the story of Julian's Grandmére's childhood as she, a Jewish girl, was hidden by a family in a Nazi-occupied French village during World War II and how the boy she once shunned became her savior and best friend.

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