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A Golden Fury: A Novel de Samantha Cohoe
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A Golden Fury: A Novel (edició 2020)

de Samantha Cohoe (Autor)

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7512279,228 (3.89)No n'hi ha cap
No n'hi ha cap
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Disclosure: I received a copy for review.

I expected to like this, because of the time period and the alchemy. And I certainly did. It's fast-paced and kept me turning pages- it took me only two days to finish because I couldn't put it down. But I think what gripped me the most were the relationships. None of them are binary: good mother/bad mother, in love/not in love. Instead you get a mother the protagonist resents, but also longs to be close to; a father who tries to accept her, but whom she refuses to rely on; and a love interest who- well, I don't want to spoil that part, but it turned out to be not as simple as I expected! The ending, too, isn't tidy, but I still found myself satisfied. ( )
  jennelikejennay | Dec 31, 2020 |
On the surface, there should be much to enjoy about A Golden Fury by Samantha Cohoe. It has female alchemists in a time period where women did not do such a thing. Plus, it shows alchemy being successful and explains why no one was able to create the Philosopher’s Stone before Thea/Bee. A Golden Fury is a story full of possibilities.

Sadly, A Golden Fury does not live up to those possibilities. While the idea of women flouting the conventions of the time to do something they love that just happens to be in a men’s domain is something I always enjoy, I feel that Ms. Cohoe takes it a bit too far in that her heroine faces little opposition in chasing her dreams. She travels by herself without any repercussions. Even worse, she lives with an unmarried man who is not a relative. In general, she acts like a twenty-first-century woman even though the story takes place right before the French Revolution. I am all for woman power, but it has to make sense when placing your story into a historical period.

To make the situation even worse, there is nothing about A Golden Fury that is not predictable. Whether it is her ability to create the Philosopher’s Stone to her childish infatuation with Will to her relationship with her mother and father, Thea’s story follows in the exact directions you expect it to. Not only does this make the story boring, but it is also disappointing as well. After all, no one wants to read a story that holds no surprises.

There were many directions in which Ms. Cohoe could take her story. Unfortunately, the paths she chose were the most obvious ones available. Add to that a character whose behavior does not even remotely fit the social boundaries of the time and whose alchemical skill is beyond any other alchemist in the known world, and you have a story that is not only predictable to the point of boredom but also requires more suspension of disbelief than a reader wants to give. Simply, A Golden Fury is one big disappointment from start to finish. ( )
  jmchshannon | Dec 4, 2020 |
Is losing yourself worth the price of power and everything you’ve ever wished for? If so, be careful what it is you wish for! Although a science fiction novel, so many elements of right v wrong, societal inequalities and longing to be a part of things is evident throughout. The plot was engaging with characters and events that kept the story flowing seamlessly and me on the edge of my seat. The climax could not have unfolded any differently, yet it was unexpected at the same time. Such a well written, exciting journey!
*I received an arc from the publisher through NetGalley for an honest review ( )
  KimMcReads | Nov 5, 2020 |
Thea Hope is a heroine one is sure to like immediately! She’s smart, strong, and unexpectedly honest. This makes her vulnerable. She also wants to be an alchemist which adds to the fact that she’s pretty cool 😉
“A Golden Fury” is in a sense a self-discovery story. It’s about a girl who has had her life molded by the choices of others. And still, in these flawed human beings who might be accused of having failed her, Thea discovers her calling and greatest love — alchemy. And like any great alchemist, Thea knows she must pursue the discovery of the Philosopher Stone.

But when she discovers the true meaning of this journey, she will face her greatest challenge yet— admit who she really wants to be. I'm looking forward to reading whatever this author comes out next with :)

*I received a review copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own. ( )
  mclara9 | Oct 26, 2020 |
Thea has been a virtual hostage to her mother for as long as she can remember. She doesn't know much if anything about her father and has tried to please her alchemist obsessed mother throughout numerous moves and patrons. In the process, she has become as skilled, possibly even more in the alchemical process as her parent. When her mother goes insane, just before creating the elusive Philosopher's Stone and destroys what might have been the thing everyone involved in alchemy has been seeking, Thea flees with the remaining ingredients and her mother's notes. She hopes to find her elusive father in England, as well as reuniting with Will, the young apprentice her mother drove away when she found them together.
What happens, once she finds her father, is a series of scary events involving revenge, brutality and a series of bargains Thea feels she must make in order to survive and succeed. It's a dark and at times, bleak tale that ends as well as possible. It's a great book and one many school and public libraries should purchase. ( )
  sennebec | Oct 19, 2020 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 12 (següent | mostra-les totes)
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