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Jungle Bullies de Steven Kroll
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Jungle Bullies (edició 2010)

de Steven Kroll, Vincent Nguyen (Il·lustrador)

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257578,155 (4)No n'hi ha cap
To get what they want, the larger jungle animals bully the smaller ones until Mama Monkey shows them all the benefits of sharing.
Títol:Jungle Bullies
Autors:Steven Kroll
Altres autors:Vincent Nguyen (Il·lustrador)
Informació:Amazon Children's Publishing (2010), Edition: Reprint, Paperback
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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Jungle Bullies de Steven Kroll

No n'hi ha cap
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When Elephant comes upon Hippo at his favorite bathing spot, he intimidates the smaller animal into leaving, setting off a chain reaction of jungle bullying. Hippo displaces Lion, Lion displaces Leopard, Leopard displaces Monkey. It only stops when Monkey goes to his mama, and receives some wise words about standing up for yourself, leading to a chain reaction in the other direction...

Recommended to me by the children's librarian at my public library, Jungle Bullies addresses an all-too-common childhood problem: dealing with bullying and social intimidation. Although I have difficulty believing that simply telling the bully that they're being mean and should share will work, in most cases, I did really appreciate the idea that both bullying and standing up to bullying can have ripple effects. For good or for ill, our actions can have a profound effect on the world around us, precisely because they have this ripple effect, setting off a chain of further actions. This is an important lessons to learn, so kudos to author Steven Kroll for highlighting it in his story. The accompanying artwork from Vincent Nguyen, although not exactly to my taste, is colorful and cute. Recommended to picture-book readers looking for stories about bullying, and the effect bullying has on those around us. ( )
  AbigailAdams26 | Sep 11, 2020 |
This book is about bullying and how the bigger animal gets what he wants by telling the smaller animal to move out of their space. Each smaller animal moves out of the way and eventually bullies another smaller animal. Once the monkey is told to move, he goes to find his mom and his mom gives him a strategy to tell the animal that they can share the space. Soon, all animals are playing together.

I think this is a great book for smaller kids to introduce to bullying and to give them strategies to get along.

The illustrations go well with the text. ( )
  KarlaMyatt | Oct 4, 2014 |
(this book is for personal reference)
Fighting against bullying ( )
  AmyLim | Nov 22, 2013 |
Jungle Bullies, by Steven Kroll. I have seen this book before, but never read it, so I bought it for my Bullying text set and I love it! Children need to be read books like this in grade school so they can not only see how crappy it feels to be bullied, but how it can affect everyone. The big picture of this story is bullying doesn't only affect the person being bullied. My favorite part of this story is the plot. The story starts in one place and ends in the same place which is a huge part of huge story, showing how bullying has a round robin affect. Also the story goes from character to character till the story flips and goes back down the same path. A truly powerful storyline. Another part of this book I liked was the language used. When reading this book one thing I noticed was how perfect this book was for a shared reading activity. The line "Don't you tell me what to do, this spots big enough for two. Share it with me as a friend, and don't be mean to me again," is said several times and students could easily be taught to read this along with you. Teaching students to read this along with you can get the point across that bullying is wrong and here is so how you can say to stop a bully. The language in this book really helps show the affect of bullying on others as well. The last part of the story I liked was the characters. The monkey is the last animal to be bullied and he won't take it anymore so he goes up to the animal that bullied him and tells him to share. The bullied characters feel bad for bullying others and realize they shouldn't do it. The characters in the story learn how hurtful bullying is a child being read this book would see the same feelings. This was an amazing book and I think every classroom should read this book at the start of every year. ( )
  babshe1 | Nov 4, 2013 |
Bullies. It’s a tough topic for kids, parents, and teachers. Everyone is negatively affected, including the bully. It’s hard to know what to tell a child who is being bullied. And it’s also hard to find the right time to talk to the child who is being bullied. Right after an incident, emotions are running high, and parental advice may not really be heard, much less accepted. As parents, we know it’s best to begin conversations about tough topics before the inevitable incident occurs, but the when and how to bring it up sometimes eludes us. And that’s where a good book can be helpful, especially with little children.

Jungle Bullies, authored by Steven Kroll and illustrated by Vincent Nguyen is a book that can build an opportunity for a lesson. And it’s so well written that even without a follow-up conversation, the message may gently get into a little one’s mind. The story addresses the problem of bigger animals bullying smaller ones. The story line follows a succession of animals that, after being bullied, turn right around and bully someone smaller or weaker than themselves. Elephant begins by going to the pond for his bath, but he finds Hippo already in the pond. Elephant insists that Hippo get out of the water and move on. As hippo heads down a path, he finds Lion asleep in his path, and Hippo makes lion move out of the way. Lion heads off to the tall grass, but he finds Leopard in Lion’s favorite napping spot. After Lion insists that Leopard move, Leopard decides to go up to a branch of the tree. Leopard then finds little Monkey relaxing on that branch in the cool breeze, and, of course, Leopard makes Monkey leave. Monkey wisely heads home and tells Mama Monkey about Leopard wanting the branch all to himself, and Mama tells little Monkey that “you have to stand up to bullies” and that little Monkey needs to go back and tell Leopard that they need to share the branch. Little Monkey is too scared to go alone so Mama goes with him to lend moral support.

This is point at which Jungle Bullies becomes a special book because Mama tells little Monkey specifically what to do and say. Little Monkey takes a deep breath and says to Leopard, “Don’t you tell me what to do. This tree’s big enough for two. Share it with me as a friend, and don’t be mean to me again.” The abstract concept of standing up to bullies is made concrete with a specific action and specific words. The adult reader has the opportunity to read the lines with a calm, firm voice that addresses the problem without the “bullied” party becoming the “bullier.” The story continues with each animal who has been bullied going back to his bullier with the support of Mama Monkey, little Monkey, Leopard, Lion, and Hippo, and repeating the mantra, “Don’t you tell me…Don’t be mean to me again” In the end, all of the animals end up sharing a romp in the pond.

Illustrator Vincent Nguyen supports the simple, strong language with child friendly art work. There is no guessing as to what the animal is, where the animal is, or what the animal is feeling. Very subtle body language of the animals supports the text. Nguyen has a BFA from New Your City’s School of Visual Arts, has illustrated other children’s books, and has worked as an artist for several animated feature films including Robots and Ice Age 2. The personification he lends to non-human characters in feature films, he also brings to the animals in Jungle Bullies.

Granted, Jungle Bullies is only a story, and real life is seldom clear cut, but sharing this story with a very young child opens the door for conversation about concrete options and actions. Through sharing a story, the adult reader builds an opportunity for proactive discussion before mean words, and maybe fists, take over.

Jungle Bullies is located in the juvenile department of the Three Rivers Public Library with call number PICTURE BOOK KROLL.

Reviewed by Jen :) ( )
  3RiversLibrary | Apr 26, 2007 |
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To get what they want, the larger jungle animals bully the smaller ones until Mama Monkey shows them all the benefits of sharing.

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