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A Week at the Shore: A Novel de Barbara…
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A Week at the Shore: A Novel (edició 2020)

de Barbara Delinsky (Autor)

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13911149,158 (3.67)1
Títol:A Week at the Shore: A Novel
Autors:Barbara Delinsky (Autor)
Informació:St. Martin's Press (2020), 416 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
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Detalls de l'obra

A Week at the Shore de Barbara Delinsky

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No n'hi ha cap.

No n'hi ha cap
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I struggled with this book a lot. I was close to finishing but I was getting more and more depressed and had to let it go. ( )
  bcrowl399 | Aug 31, 2020 |
Nothing like family to screw things up and this family has a lot of screw ups. The author takes readers on a romp or multiple problems and challenges before providing the usual happy ending. ( )
  bemislibrary | Jul 5, 2020 |
A Week at the Shore is relationship fiction at its best, as only Barbara Delinsky can write it. This novel covers a period of only seven days but, by the end of that time, you will feel like you know the Aldiss family very well. Mallory Aldiss returns with her teenage daughter to the small town in Rhode Island where she grew up with her two sisters. All is not well with the family and the troubles from twenty years ago are many: a disappearance that was never resolved, divorce, adultery, paternity, a love affair gone wrong, and many more issues. Like all families, the ups and downs dominate the reunion bringing joy, peace of mind, sorrow, life and death and love. This is a perfect summer book. Highly recommended. Thank you to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. ( )
  carole888fort | Jul 4, 2020 |

Not much to say about this one. This was a slow (very slow) book and you don't even get what is going on and then the book focuses on a mystery of a missing woman. I didn't really care for the hero (Jack) in this one (he was verbally abusive I found and just a jerk) and I thought the heroine (Mallory) could do better. I honestly think this whole thing read like a very bad soap opera with a lot of misconceptions that could have been fixed if all characters had a honest talk. I didn't like the resolution to the mystery (it was lame) and I think that not all characters were very developed.

"A Week at the Shore" follows Mallory Aldiss who after an irate phone call from a long-time ex family friend Jack Sabathian, returns to her family's home in Rhode Island. Jack calls Mallory accusing her father of threatening him with a gun and telling her she needs to return home and stop leaving things to her younger sister. Mallory is a photographer living in New York with her daughter Joy and has not been home in 20 years. Mallory is partially estranged from both of her sisters, one that still lives in Rhode Island, and her father Tom who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Mallory's family fell apart after their neighbor Elizabeth Sabathian disappeared after taking a boat trip with her father 20 years earlier. Many people thought that Tom and Elizabeth were having an affair. Jack accused him of murdering his mother and Jack and Mallory fell apart. The story just follows Jack and Mallory and the sisters with them talking through memories and the truth of their family.

I can just say that I compared this to other Delinsky books I loved and this just didn't hit the sweet spot for me. Mallory was a pushover and I really didn't like her hemming and hawing over everything. She let her 13 year old daughter push her around. She let Jack push her around. I just thought the reveals she tried to get to about her family fell flat.

The other characters were underdeveloped. Jack was a jerk IMHO. The two sisters were barely in this it felt like. I didn't really like Joy. The other characters who were in this just felt like ghosts. Usually Delinsky novels have some really well grounded characters with issues that feel very true to life.

The writing at times though was really good (why I gave this a 2). When Delinsky focuses on how memory shapes thing, Mallory's childhood memories, the beach, the smells and locations around Mallory things really work. This book made me think about my childhood and playing in the woods near a creek on summer days and the smell of the creek and the green of the woods. How I could hear bees buzzing and hear the birds chirping with the occasional noise from an animal in the underbrush. If Delinsky had more of that I would have loved this book.

The flow of this book was just terrible. I think other reviewers noted how slow this is, and it is really slow. You don't start to see resolutions to anything until the last 20 percent of the book. Things just felt rushed at that point and I was just glad to be done with this one. ( )
  ObsidianBlue | Jul 1, 2020 |
A Week at the Shore chronicles the tale of three sisters who grew up at the beach in Rhode Island. They all loved living in their resort town a family scandal drove two of them far away. It’s only when a neighbor and former lover Jack calls Mallory that she decides it might be time to go back home. Her father is suffering from early dementia and Mallory’s daughter has never met her grandfather.

Many, many years ago Mallory’s father went out in a boat with Jack’s mother and only one of them came back. The investigation that followed was never able to answer whether Jack’s mother jumped, was pushed or simply fell out of the boat. Or even why they went out in the first place. Jack is desperate to know what happened and with the dementia taking hold he fears he will never find out what happened to his mother.

Mallory decides to spend a week at the shore to give her daughter the family she never had. So, so much happens during that week it seems like much longer. Questions are asked, some are answered others are left hanging. In the tradition of these types of books romance blossoms, is lost and is presumed to be settled. I don’t think I’m giving anything away with that statement. Other plot points I’ll leave in the book as there are a few twists here and there but most you see coming. It’s a light, diversionary read perfect for this time of year and these times. No real thinking is required and the story floats away on the waves of the ocean as soon as you are done. ( )
  BooksCooksLooks | Jun 25, 2020 |
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