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A Lie for a Lie (All In) de Helena Hunting
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A Lie for a Lie (All In) (edició 2019)

de Helena Hunting (Autor)

Sèrie: All In (1)

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698315,186 (3.72)Cap
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2.5 stars

Unfortunately, I just really didn't like this one. It had a surprise pregnancy, which is a trope I really don't like. I didn't like how naive our main character Lainey seemed to be. She just seemed like the very stereotypical character that has a lot of book smarts but no social skills which is so overdone. Rook felt like the very stereotypical bro-y hockey guy and I thought he had a very flat personality. I felt no chemistry between them whatsoever. Their time spent in Alaska wasn't a strong enough buildup for me to believe that they fell in love there and never got over each other. I thought the sex scenes in this book were really poorly written. I listened to this one partially with the audiobook and those scenes were genuinely hard to listen to. The way characters talked about sex and the bodies of the other characters just felt so immature. There was one scene in the aquarium early in the book that had me just shaking my head.
A lot of other reviews I read said they were disappointed with this book because it ended up being nothing like the synopsis. I actually knew absolutely nothing going into this book. I wanted to read some of the most anticipated romances of 2020 and this one was really high on the goodreads list for January releases. However, I did go back and read the synopsis and it does make it seem like a lot more of this book would be set in Alaska when really, most of it takes place in Chicago.
I will not be continuing on with this series and I will probably not pick up anything else by this author. Her writing style was a part of the reason I didn't like this book so I think her books and I probably just don't match. ( )
  AKBouterse | Oct 14, 2021 |
When RJ Bowman needs time away from the crowds and lifestyle of an NHL hockey player, he visits his cabin in Alaska for some quiet fishing. On the way there, he meet Lainey who is on her third masters' degree, this time in marine biology. She is headed to Alaska to study local wildlife. They end up spending a few magical weeks together, but when the real world calls, they separate and lose track of each other until fate brings the two of them back together at an aquarium birthday party.

A Lie for a Lie is a cute, fun romance filled with humor and sweet moments. The dialogue, while being quirky at times, is realistic and believable. Although the children in the story are typical toddlers, they are also adorable and add to the enjoyment of the book. Even though, the conflict in this story is minimal, the adult characters are extremely likable and deal with real life issues such as anxiety and trauma. Overall, A Lie for A Lie fits the mold of a light and entertaining romance. ( )
  ftbooklover | Oct 12, 2021 |
This is a spin off of the Pucked series so couples from that book appear here.
The writing is good and there are some very funny moments.
We start off in present day then flashback to the couples holiday romance.
Dual POV.

In the flashback we see the Hero was in his past a stereotypical sports Hero that is common in sports romance. This is before he meets the heroine.
"I’m embarrassed to admit that in the time I’ve been playing professional hockey in Chicago, there were a couple of years where I did a lot of fucking around. Literally. I screwed pretty much any bunny who dropped into my lap. Until the shit hit the fan."
He has changed his ways due to some bad experiences.
I liked he had those bad experiences, so many Hero's have this kind of behaviour with no consequences but this is more realistic.

The secret baby is plausible as to why she couldn't tell him, due to his failings and her own issues.

During separation.

The heroine has just started dating someone else but it's very new.

The Hero this is said.
“Why not? When was the last time you went out with someone, Rook?” Violet looks like she’s about to start in on me about dating. It wouldn’t be the first time in the past year.
At one point Violet and the rest of the girls mentioned setting me up with one of Poppy’s massage therapist friends I’d been interested in back when I first came to Chicago. But I wasn’t in the right headspace, and I didn’t want to make things awkward or mess up a friendship if things didn’t work out.
“Nerdy tour guide is the Alaska girl from last summer.” Alex passes me the flask behind her back."
I didn't notice any mention of other women for him, he does think about her often, she's the one that got away.

There are no intimate details of anyone other than the Hero and heroine.
Small other woman drama at the start, Hero is not interested.
Epilogue. ( )
  izzied | Oct 29, 2020 |
3.5! ( )
  firesbrigan | Sep 13, 2020 |
4.6 stars

This spinoff series from Pucked is, dare I say it, better than the predecessor. The story felt more polished and authentic. There weren't moments of forced shocked factor. Even though the infamous Violet made an appearance, she was tame.

I loved Rook and Lainey and the premise of a lie for a lie. My heart hurt for something that Lainey went through, especially, as it going to start to be something "normal" due to recent times. I cannot wait for the next book in this series. ( )
  MagicalRi | Dec 22, 2019 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 8 (següent | mostra-les totes)
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