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Dark Rise (Dark Rise, 1) de C. S. Pacat
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Dark Rise (Dark Rise, 1) (edició 2021)

de C. S. Pacat (Autor)

Sèrie: Dark Rise (1)

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1073206,947 (3.8)1
Títol:Dark Rise (Dark Rise, 1)
Autors:C. S. Pacat (Autor)
Informació:Quill Tree Books (2021), 464 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

Dark Rise de C. S. Pacat

S'està carregant…

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Es mostren totes 3
This book was very… frustrating.

There were a lot of aspects I really liked about it, namely the characters and the Meaningful and Intense relationships between them. Also, the theme of how preordained your fate actually is and how (or if) you can fight it was not lost on me. I’m not a huge fan of Western fantasy and its obsession with knights and battles between good and evil, but I can see the appeal.

My main problem though is that it feels like a huge prologue, never quite getting to the meat of the story. It’s incredibly verbose too, which is so weird, considering the tightly-wound Captive Prince books. It really felt like the text was going in circles, repeating itself, to the point where I started thinking, “Okay, get on with it”. Is it a YA thing? I don’t seem to encounter quite as much explaining in the adult literature. The uneven pacing and the jarring effect of jumping between POVs didn’t make the reading experience smoother. Why does it feel like a debut novel? I know Pacat is an amazing writer, but the whole thing feels stymied and not developed enough for me to really sink my teeth into.

Anyway, I’ll be continuing with the series, since the possibilities it dangles feel intriguing, but overall I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. ( )
  tetiana.90 | Oct 8, 2021 |
"I think what people were is less important than what they are. And what people are is less important than what they could be."

An actual, proper, redemptive, light-and-darkness romantic plot? In MY young adult genre? (Could it be? Lord, I can only hope).

Darklina but make it gay. And good.


This…this is some good shit.

The first half or so seemed so hackneyed that it had me tugging my hair in frustration. The opening chapters are a real greatest-hits parade of the mid-late 20th century fantasy I grew up on: Orphaned protagonist, mysterious mother who went to the grave with a secret (my personal favourite cliche, but still), plucky girl co-protagonist dressed in boy’s clothes, the resurrection of dastardly ancient evils, a savagely destructive sword that is totally-not-Stormbringer...

None of it bad, per se, but just…lacking a certain spark.

Dramatic Proper Nouns abound (The Dark King; The Lions; The Remnants; The Reborn) as though this were some kind of off-brand “Build Your Own Fantasy Epic” kit, rather than a passion project from an individual creative mind. An ancient language of magic does exist in the setting, so more inspired titles for the major players would have added some welcome flavour.

In fact, a great deal of the basic plot is derived from Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising, which Pacat has stated was the reference for the title (in an act of deliberate iconoclasm), (and there are quite a few jabs at Cooper's genre descendants, including Rowling and Bardugo). To my eventual delight, just about every moment that seemed like inconsistent characterisation, foreshadowing with the subtlety of a blackjack in the face, or some other kind of slip that should have been caught by the editing, turned out to be red herrings or deliberate misdirection which makes delightful sense once the plot (finally) accelerates into convoluted, manic intensity in the second half.

My worst criticism is that the prose is very bland and unmemorable for the most part, which is a great shame when the imagery is dominated by light and darkness, flames and stars. (I’ve not read Pacat’s other adult novels, so I don’t know whether this is her usual style, or whether she’s tried to make it easy on a younger audience).

The idea that “epic” fantasy requires an outsized cast is a nonsense and a trap for writers, I think – a couple of the characters or subplots might’ve been trimmed without too great a loss; Violet in particular seems to exist mostly for the sake of diversity, being the primary female and mixed-race character, but unfortunately her storyline (at least in this book) is the least original, least compelling, and seemingly least important with regard to the grand scope of events that happened in ancient times.

The only thing I’d heard about this heading into it was that it had a queer romance, and that wasn’t well established early on either; it had me worried that it was going to hastily tacked-on, or else wholly relegated to subtext (that being said, it was some fucking glorious subtext, but still); happily, it did pull together very nicely in the end, and the novel finishes on a brutal cliffhanger which made me scream out loud with frustration and thwarted catharsis when I turned over to the acknowledgements page, and now I’m slavering for book 2.

Edit: Upgraded from 4 to 5 stars because I'm still buzzed about this after a week. ( )
1 vota TillyWiz | Sep 29, 2021 |
Will is on the run from Simon, a magician of some kind who killed his mother and wants to kill him. Will is the descendant of the Lady, who defeated the Dark King, and he’s supposed to fight the reborn/resurrected Dark King, but can’t figure out how to do it. Violet is the illegitimate daughter of a merchant who works for Simon; she shares her half brother’s unnatural strength and wants to follow in his footsteps, but a chance encounter with Will changes her course. It starts as a fairly standard “chosen one” narrative, but takes some interesting turns along the way. Decent YA; violence but not sexualized (there is a bit of close-to-chaste consensual kissing). ( )
  rivkat | Sep 20, 2021 |
Es mostren totes 3
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