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Across the Green Grass Fields (Wayward…
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Across the Green Grass Fields (Wayward Children Book 6) (2021 original; edició 2021)

de Seanan McGuire (Autor)

Sèrie: Wayward Children (6)

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3032569,111 (3.94)24
Títol:Across the Green Grass Fields (Wayward Children Book 6)
Autors:Seanan McGuire (Autor)
Informació:Tordotcom (2021), Edition: 1, 166 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

Across the Green Grass Fields de Seanan McGuire (2021)

S'està carregant…

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I won’t lie, @seananmcguire’s Across the Green Grass Fields from @tordotcompub, the sixth book in her Wayward Children series, is my least favorite of the series. Perhaps it’s because this is a complete standalone novella, not attached to any of the previous narrative. Perhaps it’s because I feel McGuire hits the inclusiveness nail a little too firmly on the head this time, making it feel less natural in the telling than her previous books (at the same time, an intersex MC for the win!). Perhaps it’s a little too much middle school love for all-things-horse. Perhaps it’s just me, and this story simply doesn’t resonate with me the way the others have, and that’s ok. Not every book is for every person. It still says something that even with a book that I feel is the weakest in the series, it’s message and telling are still powerful, even if it’s not for me. ( )
  tapestry100 | Jan 18, 2022 |
audio fiction; fantasy horse-themed world with intersex child/teen protagonist

I love this series and love that this one had an Intersex character but this one wasn't my favorite. Still, I'll keep reading--another book is coming out next year! ( )
  reader1009 | Dec 13, 2021 |
Another fascinating story for this series. I was sad not to see any familiar characters, but understand how they didn't fit here. The ending was a bit too abrupt for me and I am left feeling unsatisfied and with many question about what happens to Regan. Otherwise, it was a delightful read. ( )
  ChelseaVK | Dec 10, 2021 |
I really loved starting from the beginning with someone going through their door the first time. I really loved this new doorway world. I loved our main character Regan. I loved that McGuire is tackling issues that so many young people experience alone.

What I did not like was this book being marketed as YA, when really it read like a middle school book. *sigh* Can't have everything, I guess. ( )
  JBroda | Sep 24, 2021 |
Regan lives in fear of being different, and is willing to do whatever it takes to fit into her best friend Laurel's rigid version of girlhood - but when Regan doesn't start puberty when her friends do, her parents reveal that she is intersex. Regan, unwisely, trusts Laurel with her secret, and ends up running away from school in tears - and never making it home, as she discovers a door in the woods, with the (familiar-to-readers) words "Be Sure" over it. Regan steps through and finds herself in the Hooflands, where all creatures have hooves and humans are exceedingly rare - and expected to be heroes. Regan falls in with a family of unicorn-herding centaurs, with whom she lives for the next six years - five of them in hiding from the Queen. But at last destiny comes calling, and Regan rides off to be a hero.

Read this in one great, satisfying gulp. As usual with most of the Wayward Children series, there's little in the way of denouement.


It was like [adults had] drawn a veil of fellow-feeling and good intentions over their own childhoods as soon as they crossed the magic line into adulthood, and left all the strange feuds, unexpected betrayals, and arbitrary shunnings behind them. (10)

"When a human shows up in the Hooflands, it means something bad's about to happen." (Pansy the centaur to Regan, 58)

It was an amazing change from home, where she was sometimes catered to but never really listened to about important decisions. (75)

Humans were heroes and lightning rods for disaster, and none of the stories she'd heard about them...had ended gently for them, or for the people around them. (Daisy, 79)

"You understand this was for your own good."
"I understand you think this was for my own good." (the faun and Regan, 105)

...who didn't think she was weird or try to shove her into boxes she'd had nothing to do with building. This was her home. (129)

It takes so long to reach the inevitable (chapter title, 154) ( )
  JennyArch | Aug 20, 2021 |
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Nom de l'autorCàrrecTipus d'autorObra?Estat
Seanan McGuireautor primaritotes les edicionscalculat
Cai, RovinaIl·lustradorautor secundarialgunes edicionsconfirmat
Carlson, AnnamarieNarradorautor secundarialgunes edicionsconfirmat
FORTDissenyador de la cobertaautor secundarialgunes edicionsconfirmat
Hunt, RobertAutor de la cobertaautor secundarialgunes edicionsconfirmat

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For Seri and Cayce.
Everybody needs a herd.
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At seven, Regan Lewis was perfectly normal according to every measurement she knew, which meant she was normal in every way that counted.
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