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    Iron & Velvet de Alexis Hall (amaranthe)
    amaranthe: After a long wait, there is now a third book in this series.
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I find myself in the enviable position of not being able to come up with enough words of praise for this series. The first series I read by Alexis Hall was on the opposite end of the literary spectrum to this one. I read the Spires series. It's firmly rooted in the contemporary world we are familiar with and its primary characters are men. What I loved immediately was the way that Hall writes characters.

The Kate Kane Paranormal Investigator books have some of the best characters I've read in the genre. I love Kate! She's a bit of a train wreck I'll grant you. She drinks too much, she can't be assed to dress up for anything. She certainly seems to have bad taste in terms of her relationships because she has a string of exes who provide nothing but complications and flat-out trouble.

But. Kate cares about her friends and even those troublesome exes. What's clear throughout this series is that every time she makes a connection with someone... good or bad ... she sticks with it. Oddly enough, she seems to just want peace and quiet. It's odd because when she's got it, she doesn't seem to know what to do with it!

So, in this book which I think maybe the final installment, Kate is hired to chase down one of the magical bits she has run into before. The problem is that this item has sparked an all-out battle between two factions of the supernatural world. Nim is on one side, and if you've read the rest of the series then you know that Kate has a magical oath binding her fealty to Nim. Of course, this causes Kate lots of problems!

There's no end of well-written fight scenes in this book. I do enjoy myself a strong female lead! But it's Kate's snark and wit that always get me. Let me explain to you about Alexis Hall's writing. When my husband asks me what I'm reading and I happen to be reading one of Hall's books then I simply respond with, "riding a pissed-off unicorn backward." Just that one phrase and he knows whose books I'm reading.

Hall has a talent. Yes, Hall is a good writer. This series has a great plot, it's well-paced and the characters are solid. What has always stood out for me the most is Hall's wit and humor. These books are hilarious! I have read very few books in my life that have made me laugh out loud, TJ Klune does it... and Alexis Hall does it. In fact, I'm actually aloud to read parts of Hall's books to Joel without him shooing me away.

I'm not giving any of this away as you're probably like me and have been reading the series. No need for spoilers. I can say what I want about this book without revealing anything about the plot really. Suffice to say that this is typical of Hall's writing. It's witty, smart, full of action, has lots of nasty things lurking around trying to kill Kate (probably half of which she had a relationship with in the past), and it's entertaining!

You'll enjoy this series if you love paranormal fun with a bit of mystery and a fantastic female lead. ( )
  KinzieThings | Jun 16, 2020 |
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