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The Midnight Library: A Novel de Matt Haig
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The Midnight Library: A Novel (edició 2020)

de Matt Haig (Autor)

MembresRessenyesPopularitatValoració mitjanaMencions
2,9671643,515 (3.88)130
Títol:The Midnight Library: A Novel
Autors:Matt Haig (Autor)
Informació:Viking (2020), 304 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Detalls de l'obra

The Midnight Library de Matt Haig

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    The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August de Claire North (sparemethecensor)
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    Oona Out of Order de Margarita Montimore (LDVoorberg)
    LDVoorberg: These two books take different approaches at looking who we are versus how events shape us. Oona lives one life in different times, Nora sees her life at the same moment in different trajectories. Side by side they make for an interesting juxtaposition of our perceptions of our own life.… (més)
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Nora Seed has been having a life in which it seems every important choice she makes is bad. She lets everyone down, or so it seems the people she cares most about have always told her. Her mother, for whom even the slight asymmetry of her ears is unacceptable. Her father, whose own athletic career died due to an injury. Her brother, when she quit their band for which she was the real songwriter and the best singer. Herself, perhaps, when she quit university, and didn't pursue a career in either philosophy, or glaciology.

Now she's 35, living alone, and is estranged from both her brother and her bestS friend. She's just been let go from a dubiously adequate job at a music shop called String Theory. And then an occasional customer at String Theory knocks on her door to tell her, very kindly, that he's found her cat, dead by the side of the road. She decides to kill herself. Yes, this is just the very start of the book.

Nora takes a fatal dose of her antidepressants, and finds herself walk towards what she discovers to be a library, the Midnight Library. She enters to find an enormous library filled with books of various lengths, all entitled "My Life," and the school librarian, Mrs. Elm, who was a source of kindness and stability during her school years. Mrs. Elm will guide her through what the library offers her--a chance to examine her regrets, visit alternate lives, and, if she finds one that truly fits her, the chance to remain in that life permanently.

Nora enters lives where she became a rock star, an Olympic medalist, a glaciologist. Lives where she married her fiancé, went to Australia with her best friend, went to the US and married a vintner in California.

Each of these lives is unsatisfying and ultimately she fades out of it and returns to the library.

Is there no possible life where she can be happy? Is the problem her, rather than any particular wrong choice she made? Is she doomed to just die, as she intended, because of character rather than mistakes?

Or is she not quite getting how this process works, and the kind of new choices she needs to make?

The first part of this books was quite rough for me to listen to. I've had serious depression problems of my own, and I honestly am glad this audiobook wasn't around for me to listen to when my depression was worse than it is now. Yet I didn't stop listening, because it's very good, very thoughtful, and Nora and her problems and choices are so easy for me to relate to.

So--recommended with caution.

I bought this audiobook. ( )
  LisCarey | Sep 26, 2021 |
“This library is yours. It is here for you. You see, everyone’s lives could have ended up an infinite number of ways. These books on the shelves are your life, all starting from the same point in time. Right now. Midnight. Tuesday the twenty-eighth of April. But these midnight possibilities aren’t the same. Some are similar, some are very different.”

After attempting suicide, Nora ends up at the Midnight Library, where each book is another life based on a decision made (big or small). She may now read any book she so chooses and if that life truly makes her happy, she may stay there to live out the rest of her life. But upon trying life after life, Nora is slowly figuring out what it truly means to live and to be human.

This is one of those that really makes you think, especially about philosophy and the reason for living. In other words, it hit me hard. As someone who has battled with depression for most of her life, I found myself setting aside the book for a few moments to really think about what Nora was going through.

This is the first novel I’ve read of Matt Haig and I love how he stitches together magic, emotions, quantum physics, philosophy, and literature. What a crazy premise to have a book of regrets that, at what could be the end of your life, you get to read and possibly erase.

Haig also wrote Nora beautifully. I felt all of her emotions, good, bad, dark, and light. She’s desperately fragile, adventurous, talented, a loving sister and friend, and a good teacher. And, in the end, she’s a strong survivor.

At the end of reading this book, it almost felt like a small weight was lifted off my shoulders. Nora really found out what it meant for her to live and all the potential she still had left in her, no matter where she’s at in her life. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of that.

“Never underestimate the big importance of small things.” ( )
  oldandnewbooksmell | Sep 24, 2021 |
I pick up almost any book with "library/librarian" in the title.
I was expecting fantasy, but got some lovely magical realism.

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig reminds me of Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, but on a smaller, more personal scale: No world-changing historical effects from experiencing different lives, but rather smaller, but no less important, ripples in one woman's surrounding life.

I can't claim to totally understand all of the philosophical underpinning in the story, but I enjoyed the introduction and found the ideas surround the multiverse intriguing.

Hope. That's the emotion I was left with after reading this novel. Open-ended hopefulness. ( )
  deslivres5 | Sep 23, 2021 |
3.5 stars to be exact. It’s a strong concept but certain comparisons of a few characters made me uncomfortable and turned off. ( )
  violetbaleine | Sep 22, 2021 |
A mash of Quantum Leap and Sliders, to teach one person on the brink of death the value of living life, even the bad bits. The philosophical themes reminded me of other works such as Sophie's World and just about any existential work you can think of.

The library (which was the reason I picked up this book) is merely a connecting theme (other "sliders", for example, see a video store), so the read offers little in the way of insight in the merits of books and libraries. ( )
  dono421846 | Sep 19, 2021 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 163 (següent | mostra-les totes)
If you’ve never pondered life’s contingencies—like what might’ve happened if you’d skipped the party where you met your spouse—then Matt Haig’s novel The Midnight Library will be an eye-opening experience. This gentle but never cloying fable offers us a chance to weigh our regret over missed opportunities against our gratitude for the life we have.... [Haig's] allusions to multiverses, string theory and Erwin Schrödinger never detract from the emotional heart of this alluring novel.... Haig brings her story to a conclusion that’s both enlightening and deeply satisfying.
Few fantasies are more enduring than the idea that there might be a second chance at a life already lived, some sort of magical reset in which mistakes can be erased, regrets addressed, choices altered.... The narrative throughout has a slightly old-fashioned feel, like a bedtime story. It’s an absorbing but comfortable read, imaginative in the details if familiar in its outline. The invention of the library as the machinery through which different lives can be accessed is sure to please readers and has the advantage of being both magical and factual. Every library is a liminal space; the Midnight Library is different in scale, but not kind. And a vision of limitless possibility, of new roads taken, of new lives lived, of a whole different world available to us somehow, somewhere, might be exactly what’s wanted in these troubled and troubling times.
afegit per LondonLori76 | editaNew York Times, Karen Joy Fowler (Web de pagament) (Sep 29, 2020)
...“between life and death there is a midnight library,” a library that contains multiple volumes of the lives she could have had if she had made different choices.... Haig’s latest (after the nonfiction collection Notes on a Nervous Planet, 2019) is a stunning contemporary story that explores the choices that make up a life, and the regrets that can stifle it. A compelling novel that will resonate with readers.
afegit per LondonLori76 | editaBooklist, LynnDee Wathen (Aug 1, 2020)
An unhappy woman who tries to commit suicide finds herself in a mysterious library that allows her to explore new lives.... This book isn't heavy on hows; you won’t need an advanced degree in quantum physics or string theory to follow its simple yet fantastical logic. Predicting the path Nora will ultimately choose isn’t difficult, either. Haig treats the subject of suicide with a light touch, and the book’s playful tone will be welcome to readers who like their fantasies sweet if a little too forgettable. A whimsical fantasy about learning what’s important in life.
afegit per LondonLori76 | editaKirkus Reviews (Jul 14, 2020)

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I can never be all the people I want and live all the lives I want. I can never train myself in all the skills I want. And why do I want? I want to live and feel all the shades, tones, and variations of mental and physical experience possible in my life.
--Sylvia Plath
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To all the health workers. And the care workers. Thank you.
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Nineteen years before she decided to die, Nora Seed sat in the warmth of the small library at Hazeldene School in the town of Bedford.
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She knew she should be experiencing pity and despair for her feline friend – and she was – but she had to acknowledge something else. As she stared at Voltaire’s still and peaceful expression – that total absence of pain – there was an inescapable feeling brewing in the darkness. Envy.
The universe tended towards chaos and entropy. That was basic thermodynamics. Maybe it was basic existence too.
Bertrand Russell wrote that ‘To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three-parts dead’. Maybe that was her problem. Maybe she was just scared of living. But Bertrand Russell had more marriages and affairs than hot dinners, so perhaps he was no one to give advice.
A person was like a city. You couldn’t let a few less desirable parts put you off the whole. There may be bits you don’t like, a few dodgy side streets and suburbs, but the good stuff makes it worthwhile.
‘Want,’ she told her, in a measured tone, ‘is an interesting word. It means lack. Sometimes if we fill that lack with something else the original want disappears entirely. Maybe you have a lack problem rather than a want problem. Maybe there is a life that you really want to live.’
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