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Beachside Beginnings: A Moonlight Harbor…
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Beachside Beginnings: A Moonlight Harbor Novel (A Moonlight Harbor Novel,… (edició 2020)

de Sheila Roberts (Autor)

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262716,917 (4)No n'hi ha cap
Títol:Beachside Beginnings: A Moonlight Harbor Novel (A Moonlight Harbor Novel, 4)
Autors:Sheila Roberts (Autor)
Informació:MIRA (2020), Edition: Original, 313 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Detalls de l'obra

Beachside Beginnings: A Moonlight Harbor Novel de Sheila Roberts

No n'hi ha cap
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Es mostren totes 2
Terrific book. The main character is Moira, a stylist with a knack for finding just the right cut and color for her clients. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the same knack in her personal life. Though her boyfriend seemed perfect at first, the abuse has worsened over the five years they've been together. She could take it herself, but the last straw came when he kicked her cat. With the help of her boss, she found a haven in the tiny town of Moonlight Harbor. Michael sent Moira to his friend Pearl, the owner of Waves Salon. Pearl isn't too sure she needs another stylist, but she also realizes that if she doesn't bring in some younger customers, her salon will be toast. Moira is young, hip, and enthusiastic, and Pearl quickly realizes what a treasure Moira is.

I loved watching the people of this small town, especially the women, embrace Moira and help restore the confidence that her life with Lang had ripped from her. Enough of the ladies had experienced troubles of their own that they recognized what she was going through. It isn't a one-way street, as Moira also helps her new friends on their own journeys. I loved Pearl and Edie, the older ladies who became like grandmothers to Moira. Pearl experienced some heartbreaking losses in her life and has been merely going through the motions of living. Moira is like a breath of fresh air blowing through the salon, reinvigorating Pearl's joy in what she does. It was fun to see how the salon's makeover paralleled Pearl's. Edie is the owner of the local hotel, in her eighties, and with a heart as big as the ocean. I loved seeing her pull Moira into her family's life, treating her like another niece. I loved the cooking scenes that gave Moira a taste of the life she'd always wanted and another boost of self-confidence.

I also enjoyed seeing the other friendships that Moira built, reminding her of what she'd given up thanks to Lang. She used her talent with color and style to help other women make changes in their lives. I especially enjoyed seeing Annie's journey, which was somewhat like Moira's. Just like Moira, Annie is in a toxic relationship. Her husband's drinking is so out-of-control that she feels she has no choice but to take their daughter and leave him. I loved how her friends gave her the support she needed and the encouragement to follow her dreams. There are many wonderful scenes of the way that the women back each other up with support, advice, or just listening when someone needs to vent.

When Moira arrived in Moonlight Beach, she had every intention of staying away from any romantic entanglements. She doesn't trust her judgment any longer. But when local cop Victor King stops her for speeding, her heart speeds up too. Victor is terrific. He takes pride in his efforts to care for the people of his town. He is friendly and sweet and adorably tongue-tied around women. I loved watching the relationship between them develop. Victor makes no secret of his interest in Moira, but she is wary. She is interested in him, too, but it is difficult for her to trust her judgment. I liked how she explained her fears to Victor and that he cared enough to be patient while she worked through her fears. They ran into a snag when Moira discovered that her new friend Courtney is also interested in Victor. I ached for him when Moira seemed to pull away for no reason. I also wanted to shake Moira, but I understood her reasons. The resolution of that triangle was emotional and also showed the strength of true friendship. Things finally looked up for Victor and Moira, until her past made an unwelcome appearance. I loved seeing Moira's new strength and confidence as she confronted Lang and feared for her life at his reaction. I cheered at the unexpected help she received and loved the final resolution. Victor's big moment at the end was sweet and romantic.

This was the first Moonlight Harbor book that I have read, but it worked well as a stand-alone. That said, I want to go back and read the earlier books to learn the stories of the other residents of the town. I am especially interested in reading more about Jenna and her relationships with Brody and Seth. I'd also like to know more about Hyacinth and the story leading up to her interference in the preacher's wedding. ( )
  scoutmomskf | Apr 23, 2020 |
This is the second book I have read in this series. Just like the prior novel, I enjoyed this one a lot. I can guarantee that this will not be the last book I read in this series.

Everyone was great in this book. Yet, my favorites were Moira as well as her boss, Pearl, co-worker, Courtney, and love interest, Victor. Pearl is like a Chihuahua. She is small but ferocious. The way she protected Moira was sweet. Then there is Courtney. She was the friend that Moira needed. Finally, there is Victor as if I really need to say anything about him. He is the knight in shining armor that Moira needed. He was kind to move at a slow pace while letting Moira grow with confidence.

Fans of Sheila Roberts will really enjoy this latest offering. Beachside Beginnings is sure to be a best seller. ( )
  Cherylk | Apr 14, 2020 |
Es mostren totes 2
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